Yearning by Vernal Equinox

Chapter One

Emotion coursed through her excited body like a hurricane ripping through an unexpecting village. She moaned softly as

she felt the passion striking relentlessly at her being. Never before had she felt so powerless and submissive to her own

feelings and needs. She had by no means thought that someone could make her feel so good about herself and everything

around her. Especially not this man. Sliding her left hand down the body of her lover, she could feel the raw power of the

muscles on the arms that encircled her waist and pulled her body close to the warmth of his. She felt a slight tug on her

scalp as her lover twisted a silky lock of her jet black hair and intertwined it with a handful of his dove white mane. She

could hardly contain her elation, or her breath, any longer. She wanted to stay there forever, perfectly content. She sighed

once more quietly as she reluctantly pulled back on the reigns of her tongue, broke off the passionate kiss and looked up

at the face of her hero, his golden amber eyes staring back at her face amorously...

She finally opened her eyes and continued to follow the possessive and currently growling figure of Inu-yasha. "What?"

questioned Inu-yasha irritably when he noticed her looking at him. She merely smiled in reply and cast her eyes to the

ground, keeping her favorite daydream to herself.

... "I love you, SesshouMaru," Kagome whispered tenderly and quietly so only she could hear.

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