Five Days in Tokyo by Tamysan


"Feh! What's WRONG with you woman!" Inuyasha spat as he glanced at Kagome who was walking behind him. Sango, Miroku and Shippo were back at Kaede's village.

Kagome sighed patiently where at one time she would have yelled at Inuyasha. In two years here things hadn't changed much at all. Although the Shikon no Tama had been completed and they had fought Naraku, the Shikon no Tama was in pieces again - no thanks to Kikyou.

~Kikyou..~ Kagome thought. She had stopped being jealous of her and Inuyasha quite awhile back. Inuyasha still loved Kikyou and Kagome had no idea if Kikyou loved Inuyasha, but the not-quite-dead miko certainly hated her. Now, at seventeen, Kagome regarded Inuyasha as more of a friend than a potential boyfriend or lover. Inuyasha was more of a habit than anything else and to be honest, aside from collecting Shikon shards once more, Kagome really enjoyed this time better.

But not today. Inuyasha's bitching was getting to her. He, as usual didn't want her go back home. He wanted her to stay so that they could go looking for Shikon shards. Again Kagome wondered if that's what she was - just a Shikon shard detector.

"I said, what's the matter, wench!" Inuyasha had leaped in front of Kagome.

"That's IT!" Kagome suddenly lost her temper. "I am going home!"

"What?" Inuyasha looked shocked as if this were the first time she had ever suggested it!

"You heard me, dog-boy.." Kagome crossed her arms across the pastel sleeveless blouse she wore which matched the knee high skirt she wore. Flats completed her outfit and all in all she looked very cute. She no longer had to wear a uniform as she had back in junior high since the high school allowed their students to wear their own clothing as long as it was conservative. In this feudal time however, it was considered downright indecent. But Kagome was considered a powerful miko and so could escape any shallow criticism on that point.

"You're NOT going home!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Watch me.." Kagome started to walk a little more briskly. Inuyasha of course could more than keep up.

"Look, if you stay here ALL the time, we can collect the shards faster and then you can stay home all the time!" Inuyasha said.

"No. I have to study." Kagome replied coolly.

"Feh! Women don't need to study, study, study all the time!" Inuyasha scowled.

"They DO if they want to get into a good college, baka!" Kagome spat. Damn but he was stomping on her last nerve!

"Ay!" Inuyasha yelled. "I'm no baka, bitch!"

"Whatever.." Kagome saw the Bone Eater's Well just beyond the village. Just a little more and then she'd get away from all this crap for awhile. Then she could just come back ready for anything.

"Kagome..I'm sorry.." Inuyasha said. "You don't really have to go do you?"

"Yes I do. Mama, Sota and Grandpa are leaving for a week on vacation and I told them that I'd watch the house and take care of the shrine for Grandpa."

"So you don't have to study, right?" Inuyasha said.

"I still have to GO!" Kagome couldn't believe Inuyasha sometimes!

"No you don't. You just said you have to watch a house. Feh. It'll stand on it's own."

"You BAKA!" Kagome's temper flared again as she made a run for the Bone Eater's Well, her battered backpack and her quiver full of arrows beating against her back.

"Dammit!" Inuyasha cursed. Kagome had all of the Shikon shards that they had around her neck too!

"Hey, at least leave me the shards!" Inuyasha was catching up to her easily.

"NO!" Kagome yelled.

"Aw, come on Kag - "


"OW!OW!OW!OW! BITCH!" Inuyasha yelled as he crashed head first against the ground several times.

"That's right.." Kagome smirked as the well was now in sight. "I'll be back in a week, Inuyasha!"

She started to climb into the well when she was nearly hit by an arrow..a glowing dark arrow. Kagome gasped, freezing right where she was.

~Kikyou!~ Kagome blanched as she saw the dark-haired miko in front of her, her bow cocked with another arrow.

"Kagome.." Kikyou's dark eyes narrowed, her face a mask of cold hatefulness.

"What do you want.." Kagome's eyes narrowed as she clutched the Shikon shard on the chain around her neck.

"Why the Shikon shard - which IS mine by the way, and your death.." She smiled.

Inuyasha's eyes were wide as he saw the two and when his paralysis broke, he ran between the two women, branishing the Tetsusaiga.

"Ah, Inuyasha, my love.." Kikyou purred. "Surely you're not going to defend this - this imitation of me are you?"

"Hah! Like I'd want to imitate a woman made of mud and bones.." Kagome said, slowly reaching for her bow.

High above in the trees, a lone figure watched, his gold eyes intent upon the scene below him. He did not care about what happened between the three, because the only thing he really wanted was to wrest the Tetsusaiga away from his hanyou brother and wipe the bastard off the face of the earth.

Sesshoumaru waited for the right moment to strike..

"Don't Kagome.." Kikyou smiled. "Or I'll shoot this arrow through Inuyasha's heart."

Kagome paled. Even though she didn't feel the same for Inuyasha as she used to, he was still her friend and she was quite sure that the cold-hearted Kikyou would do it too.

"K - kikyou.." Inuyasha stood frozen as his eyes widened. Kagome recognized the look immediately and sighed.

"See?" Kikyou laughed. "Inuyasha WOULD die for me, not for you."

~Oh brother..~ Kagome thought

"Give me the Shikon no Tama, Kagome." Kikyou said.

"Go to hell." Kagome raised her chin.

~Well now, the wench has learned some language from the hanyou. ~ Sesshoumaru felt a tug of dark amusement.

"Been there.." Kikyou said nastily. "Now give them to me!"

"NO!" Kagome tensed over the well. She could drop down if she had to but Kikyou was not getting her shards!

Inuyasha suddenly growled. "Dammit! Why didn't I smell him!"

It was then that Sesshoumaru leaped down out of the tree, headed straight for Inuyasha, intent on killing his brother and taking the Tetsusaiga.

Ah the plans made by men and youkai. All hell broke loose as Kikyou angrily fired her arrow at Kagome. Kagome moved at the last minute and the arrow snagged the necklace of Shikon shards instead, snapping the necklace off of Kagome's neck where it embedded itself in a tree. Meanwhile as Sesshoumaru made his downward descent towards Inuyasha, Kagome, losing her balance, flailed her arms and screamed. Her scream threw Sesshoumaru off and as he flew past, his clawed hand got caught in her flying hair and down they tumbled into the Bone Eater's Well!

"KAGOME!!!" Inuyasha screamed as he looked down the well in horror. He couldn't see them!

Kikyou, meanwhile grabbed the Shikon shard that had been on Kagome, and smiled as she regarded the necklace in her hand. Inuyasha looked up in horror at Kikyou, who only smiled.

"Thank you, Inuyasha. You helped to get rid of her. I am forever grateful.." Kikyou smiled and as Inuyasha made a desperate grab for her, the soul-stealing youkai who gathered her souls for her picked her up and they disappeared.

Inuyasha, in a rage, swung the Tetsusaiga into a tree. Kikyou had all their shards and now Kagome was back in her time with no way back!

The worst part of it all was that she was with his brother, Sesshoumaru!

"Dammit! I'm going to have to find a shard on my own - or get the ones from Kikyou back in order to rescue Kagome!" Inuyasha growled.

The hanyou headed back to Kaede's village and then changed his mind and went the opposite way, determined to find Kikyou and retrieve the Shikon shards.


"Ohhhhh.." Kagome rubbed her head as she came to. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness and she realized that she was back home.

~Well at least I got to where I wanted to go..~ She hoped that Inuyasha was -

Wait. There was something heavy on top of her! Kagome felt a sense of alarm, especially when the heavy something started to move.

"Ahhh.." Kagome suddenly saw silvery white hair.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome blinked as the figure raised up and she finally saw his face.

"S - sesshoumaru!!" Kagome blanched and then realized that the self-same Sesshoumaru was on TOP of her!

"Ahhh! Get off! Get OFF me!!" Kagome beat on Sesshoumaru's back but the youkai only angrily grabbed her wrists as his golden eyes blazed down into her face.

"Bitch! You ruined everything! For that Sesshoumaru will kill you!"

"Eeep!" Kagome's eyes were wide as he extended his clawed hand, intent on ripping her throat out.

"Wait!" Kagome yelled. "It wasn't MY fault! It was Kikyou's! She made me fall into the well and then you fell! Let me up and I can get you back home."

Sesshoumaru blinked. What sort of nonsense was this girl talking about? Still there was something about this place. It smelled - different. Reluctantly he got up off of her but retained a hold on her wrist just in case. He looked around, expecting Inuyasha to be right there, but he wasn't. It was strangely quiet. Sesshoumaru didn't like it.

"Okay.." Kagome glared at Sesshoumaru. "Do you mind not trying to crush my wrist?"

Sesshoumaru shrugged. "Better your wrist than your neck, wench. Now hurry up."

"Yes, oh lord and master.." Kagome said sarcastically.

Humph. It was about time Inuyasha's bitch showed him some respect. He watched as Kagome dipped her hands into her blouse as if she were looking for something, and then he saw the human pale.

"I'm losing patience, wench." Sesshoumaru growled.

"I - I - " Kagome looked sick. "The Shikon no Tama! It's gone!"

"I don't want to hear about the stupid jewel.." Sesshoumaru's eyes looked very dangerous, almost murderous.

"G - gomen!" Kagome kept trying to see if the necklace had fallen down her shirt or whether it was on the ground but she didn't see it at all.

"Sorry?" Sesshoumaru took his free hand and grasped Kagome's neck. "Is that all you have to say before I rip you to shreds woman?"

"No!" Kagome felt her anger returning as she choked out. "The Shikon no Tama is the only way out of this well and back into the feudal age!"

"Explain." Sesshoumaru said, drawing his hand away so that she could speak.

"You're in MY time, not the feudal ages." Kagome still feared what Sesshoumaru would do to her. "I have been traveling back and forth between the future and the past - from my time to your time. The Shikon no Tama makes it possible.." Kagome sighed. "But I don't have it. Somehow during all that, it must of fell off or - " Kagome remembered the arrow that had come close to piercing her neck. "Kikyou! I bet Kikyou has the shards!"

"Quit your prattling woman.." Sesshoumaru shook Kagome. "And tell me just how I get out of here!"

"You - you can't. I can't! We're stuck in my time unless someone from the other side has a Shikon shard. This happened one time before and Shippo was able to find a shard and I was able to come back."

Sesshoumaru thought for a moment as he looked at Kagome. Was she lying? If she was, it was the most fantastic lie he had ever heard. Then too she did not give off any scent that wold detect that she was nervous or lying. The only thing he picked up was anger and a small bit of fear.

"So you are saying that Sesshoumaru is trapped here?"

"Um - yeah." Kagome licked her lips. "You're stuck here."

Sesshoumaru took his sword out and suddenly swung at the wall where Kagome stood. She ducked just in time as she screamed and the sword stuck into the old well's wall. Sesshoumaru pulled it out angrily and glowered down at the cowering girl.

"Tell me WHY I shouldn't kill you here where you are.." Sesshoumaru growled.

Kagome stood up, feeling her courage come back. After all, she wasn't entirely helpless. "Because this is MY world, Sesshoumaru, not yours. I think you'll be surprised."

Sesshoumaru watched as Kagome calmly climbed up the ladder that went upwards from the well and mused that she was either fearless or deranged or both. No one ever walked away from Sesshoumaru! But there she was, in one of her indecent kimonos that showed off her shapely legs, climbing up the ladder. The youkai-lord fumed for but a moment and then he sheathed his sword. Scowling at the girl above him, he started to climb the ladder of the well..

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