Lustful Intentions by FoxFireHime

Prologue White Fangs territory

Lustful Intentions

Prologue White Fangs territory

"Rev up your engines boys! Hold on to your hats and lets get this damn thing over with!"

The blonde shouted over the loud 'vrem vrem' of the motorcycles, she held above her head a small checkered handkerchief, seductively smiling at the impatient riders as they once again revved their engines to full throttle. With one swift movement the handkerchief was at her side and over 20 motor racers zooming past her, various ones screeching cat calls as they went by.

It seemed a sheer win for the motorcyclist in the navy blue bike. After all he had the lead and no one ever dared the Blue Diablo, for that was a certain death in its self. But no one told that to the young, reckless rider on the red motor bike, for he passed the antagonist with out a flinch and speed on, causing horrified gasp in the anxious crowd watching.

"What does he think he is doing, the ass fucking hole!?!" Blue Diablo bellowed enraged.

He slammed on the gas petal, ending the bike on its back wheel, he pulled out a long barbed wire pipe, raising it high above his head, he readied for the fatal blow.


The red rider looked behind him, just in time to see..........

"Sesshoumaru! Sesshoumaru! Wake up, wake up!"

Golden eyes slowly opened, a low menacing growl erupted from his lips. Startling the worried woman next to him. He let loose another, still as menacing, growl as she pulled the heavy covers off, and placed a bruising kiss on his lips.

"You were moaning in your sleep, another nightmare?" Kagome said tenderly, her sapphire blue eyes softening with the smile. She watched as her nude husband climbed out of bed and walked to bath room. Giving satirical roll of her eyes before she made her pilgrimage through the trashed room, due to the events of last night, to the bathroom.

Sesshoumaru grumbled out some sinister curses as he turned the shower on. He stepped in, closing his eyes as hot water ran down his body. The best part of his mornings was the hot shower, and kagome's hand trailing down his back in a most wanton way.

"I hope your enjoying you shower, because the rest of your day will be a head ache." Kagome stated she too stepped into the bath, rapping her arms around the muscular figure of Sesshoumaru.

"Hm, I hope you enjoy the rest of your shower kagome because I'm about to make it a little more enjoyable." Sesshoumaru huskily replied he spun the smaller woman so that she stood in front of him. Grinning mischievously down at her, he began his ministrations.


The oh's and the yes's told him that the master and mistress were a bit occupied at the moment. Being that Inuyasha didn't give a two shits, he began pounding on the door, yelling for the two to stop fucking and other such stuff. Causing his older brother to, undoubtedly, put Inuyasha back on his top ten 'must kill' list. Instead of Sesshoumaru answering the door, whom he expected, a very wet and furious Kagome did. A towel just barely wrapped around her petted body. She glared as best her kind hearted self could at the young man for interrupting her um... pleasurable hobbies.

"What in the hell do you want Inuyasha, were busy at the time being!?" Kagome demanded.

"Tell lover boy in there that the leader of the Grim reapers gang is here to visit him, and I don't really think he wants to hear the excuse of what Sesshoumaru is doing. Because I'll tell him the truth!" Inuyasha grounded out, trying to sound serious, which was getting harder and hard as he heard his brother scramble around the room getting cloths on.

Kagome let out a low sigh; of course right at the 'right moment' this happens. She was getting sexually frustrated about this, and no amount of masturbating could fix it.

"Love you Sesshou have fun." Kagome mumbled out as Sesshoumaru rushed past her, but not before fully molesting her mouth.

Slowly and meaningfully she got ready for the sure to be long day. Taking extra care to wear her tight leather pants just for her pleasure of torturing her husband as she walk into the meeting, Kagome set off down the long hallway of her mansion.

"Yo! Kagome Inuyasha says you and Sess man were..." Miroku was cut short by a hand hitting his head.

"It's none of your business what Kagome is doing with her husband; at least she's married unlike you!" Sango snapped out, glaring daggers at the 19 year old boy, who lay on the carpeted floor looking up at Sango; though not exactly up at her face.

"Great view from down here!" He chirped, earning him yet another fatal whack to his already battered body.

"Damn pervert!" Sango growled, walking away from the crime scene.

Kagome couldn't help but laugh at what she just saw, it was nothing out of the ordinary, and she could see right through the act sango put on, though she understood why her older friend would put on such a act. With a light smile Kagome hurried after sango, almost having to run to keep up.

"Men I swear there all ass holes, I'm going to rule the world some day and when I do I'll make sure every single man is eradicated from the face of the earth!" Sango announced, flipped her long tassels of hair back.

"Right I'm going to be the mad scientist who makes the artificial sperm so we females can still reproduce!" Kagome chipped in her idea, causing her friend to laugh.

"Now there's a plan we should use!"

They both laughed.


Sesshoumaru was going to kill somebody real fast if they didn't shut the hell up. Why in the shit did it matter to him if they were having some problems with the other gangs and the police tracking them down? They were the fuck ups who couldn't seem to handle just a few guns and some pathetic cops. They were about to find out real fast why no body picked a fight with the White fangs.

"Yeah! I say we kill the cops who come into our territory and then hide the bodies, then, then we kill the members of the gang that's stupid enough to fight against us, heh what ya thinkin' boss it might work!?!" A raggedy man of about 23 spoke up, his accent a mix of street talk and a New Yorken with allergies.

The room erupted with agreements, gruff grunts of approval, and suggestions on how to kill the intended victims.

"Yeah, Yeah! I say we kill that cop, what's his name..." The same man shouted out.

"I know who ya thinkin of, that cop that wears that stupid Marines uniform, he's always on our case about every thing! Dumb Asshole!" Another member of the same gang as the one that suggested the idea of slattering the foes.

Sesshoumaru growled, his patient, which was never really there, was about to go on the negative side.

"Eh Sesshoumaru, what about you, you want ta join in, it'll be fun!" Another, less important, gang member asked the whole room went silent.

"No I don't think I'll involve my self in this, now if you excuse me, and get the hell out of my home, I do believe I have better thing to do other than listen to this. Bye have a nice day." Sesshoumaru left the room, a wicked look in his eyes.

"Dude that was totally a mark off on their fear and obey Sesshoumaru list!" Songi stated, he leaned against one of the many pillars connected to the house, at the front porch.

"Do I look like I could care if they like me or not, they start something they'll all die." Sesshoumaru answered back, giving yet another famous glare and growl combinations at Songi.

Songi on the other hand just laughed, seeing that the threat to his life was not fully meant. When one as old as he served under the White fangs and their leader, Sesshoumaru, for so long, a person gets used to death threats every minute of the day. It was a wonder how someone as softhearted as Kagome could stand the Ice god that stood in front of him.

"She still not pregnant?" Songi asked, glancing at the towering gentleman, well man.

"How in the hell am I suppose to know, if she is, she hasn't told me yet." Sesshoumaru mumbled.

Songi chuckled, he knew the troubles that surrounded the couple. Forbidden as their love was, now the elders of the white fang gang wanted a heir, to keep the gang in the family. It sorta reminded him of the god father, except well altered.

"Why in the fuck are you snickering Songi?" Sesshoumaru snapped.

"Why in the hell are you walking around the yard Sesshou, when I have dinnered made in the kitchen and has had living hell trying to find you to tell you that!" A upset Kagome asked from the door.

Sesshoumaru turned, raising his silver eye brow at the beauty standing before him. He grinned, she was wearing the leather pants he so loved, he let his gaze travel down her length, with another out of character grin he noticed the v-cut shirt as well. Kagome never wore clothing of such 'show' unless it was for his benefit.

Kagome noticed the gaze, and grinned. Dinner would have to be skipped, for much more delicious tastes.

Ja Na !!!!!!!!

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