Mages and Crystals by Hell Witch

Chapter 1-Explain

InuYasha, and the gang were sitting in Keade's hut around the burning fire that was in the middle. Sesshomaru, Rin, and Souta were among them. All eyes were upon Lord Sesshomaru. He came eariler to tell InuYasha that the rise of the Time Mage would come soon. Within one month, he or she will rise up, and try to destroy the Mages that guarded Gaia for numberless years. Going clockwise sat Sesshomaru, Rin, Shippo, Souta, InuYasha, Sango, Miroku, and last Kagome. They were inside for it was pouring hard outside, and Lord Sesshomaru had to utter the tale that was long ago forgotten.

"Countless years ago, Earth also known as Gaia, gave birth to nine dragons. Each dragon had a different elemant, and power. There was Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Thunder, Non-Elemant, Light, Darkness, and Time. The Time Dragon was the most powerfulest for it could slow, haste, stop his enemy when needed. The dragons became so angry at their brother, they attacked it. Before any of them could touch Time, Gaia sealed them into nine crystals. They were locked away till seventy years ago. Nine people discovered them, and consumed their power. Only eight used it in battle, but the ninth one wanted more then power. The ninth one, the Time Mage, wanted the world, but also to consume the other eight's power so it wouldn't fear anything. However Time Mage's plan didn't go as it seemed. The other eight battled him. In the end, Time Mage was defeated, and the others won. The crystals were again, sealed away. A week ago, my Star Gazer saw in the stars that the Time Mage is about to be revived. We have only one month to discover the other eights resting place before Time Mage's revived," told Lord Sesshomaru. The others were amazed at the story.

"One month is plenty of time. All we have to do is get Dad's, and somehow find the others," blurted out InuYasha. If possible, Sesshomaru would sweatdrop.

"Half-breed. I don't know the location of Dad's Crystal," added the other brother. InuYasha sweatdropped.

"Kagome," said Souta. She looked over to her younger brother. Souta had to stay with her since their Mother, and Grandfather were ill. "What about that scroll that Dad gave you?" Kagome's eyes widen a bit. Putting her hands out as if holding something, an ancient scroll appeared in her hands with an ebon ribbon tied around it. She untied it, putting the ribbon in her lap, and spread it out in front of her.

"You're find the red one where stones are burned, and the Master forged the unknown," said Kagome, reading off the first paragraph. The paper was dull brown with the ink written in a fancy handwriting. InuYasha blinked.

"Kagome...Where did you get that?" asked the kitten-like ear teenager.

"My Dad gave it to me when I was little. He said 'Use it when ready'. I guess this is what he meant by it," explained Kagome. Sesshomaru was secretly surpised at Kagome. He would never have guessed that she would have the only scroll that contained the Crystals location.

'If she has the scroll... could that be that... No.... Impossible...' thought the Lord. Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Rin were quiet till...WHACK! Miroku was on the ground, twitching a bit from the pain with a blush color mark on his face. It was shaped as a handprint. Sango was whispering to herself about 'pervert monk', and 'stupid pervert'. The children laughed at the Monk. Kagome laughed with them, her laughter music to Sesshomaru's ears. He never told anyone that he secretly admired the young woman. No...he loved her. She was perfect in everyway to him. Human or not, he would have her as his mate.

"We should get some sleep. Tomorrow we'll start to search for the Crystals," suggested Kagome. Sesshomaru nodded his head, his emotionless mask on his face still. Throughout his years, he mastered it. The only one who could take it off, and reveal the inner emotions that raged to be let loose was Kagome.

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