Forever Mine by Sesshy's Koi

The Heart Shattering Night

Okay, here goes my latest Sess/Kag fanfiction! The beginning is well, kind of, one of the reasons I rated this fanfic R people, so if you don't like rape, yes I said RAPE, then do NOT read this and get me in trouble for deciding to be dumb and reporting me. I don't believe this goes above the R rating at all, so sit back and read. And this is AU. Also, don't forget to review at the end and tell me what you think!!!

Forever Mine

By Sesshy's Koi

Chapter one:

The Heart Shattering Night

Inuyasha walked across the campus of his high school. He was a junior now, meaning no more dealing with idiotic freshman who had no idea what the hell they were doing on the first day, and no more walking to school. Now that he was 16, he was finally able to drive instead of being late to first period everyday since Sesshomaru had refused to give him a ride. But now, all of that changed.

He walked to his brand new BMW, unlocking it and getting inside before starting the engine and driving to the front of the school to pick up Kagome and Kikyo. The girls were waiting at the steps as always, Kikyo always had the same plastic smile when she saw him and Kagome was constantly dreaming off about some guy she'd met earlier on in the day, or at least that's what she'd told people.

Inuyasha and Kikyo had dated a few years back, they were supposedly in love, but at the time had been too young to tell. Then, Kikyo went into a coma and Kagome had moved in next door to Inuyasha. They got along great, until their feelings for each other started to grow into something more akin to love. The two never spent any time apart, until Kikyo woke up again.

After that, Inuyasha had straight up ditched Kagome to date her cousin again, leaving the young girl alone, without anyone to care for her the way he did. Kikyo had become more distant lately, and Inuyasha was starting to fall out of love with her and find himself thinking about Kagome. He'd had his fill of the cold sophomore, and was more then ready to let her go, but he had to have Kagome as his rebound first.

"Oh, hi Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled, jumping into the back seat once she realized he was there. Kikyo slid into the passenger seat and leaned over, kissing him softly on the lips and murmuring a 'hello' in his ear before sitting back in her seat and buckling her seatbelt as Inuyasha sped off.

"How was your day, babe?" Inuyasha asked indifferently as Kikyo reapplied her make up in the mirror located on the visor. "Pretty well, I have some horrible teachers though, and I can't believe they had the nerve to put me onto that damn student council shit, I absolutely can't stand those damn preps." Kikyo all but seethed as she gave him the rest of her schedule.

Kagome leaned back in her seat, not really caring what was going on. Sure, she wanted to know what Kikyo did to Inuyasha, after all, she did love the boy, and it was plain as day to everyone but himself and her cousin. Either that, or Kikyo just didn't care.

Dating Hojo didn't help, but only made Kagome feel bad as she saw Inuyasha whenever she looked at the misunderstood boy. He would never know how she really felt, no matter how hard she tried to relay the fact that she didn't like him. He was just too damn dense. Kouga was supposed to make Inuyasha jealous, but that didn't work either. Whenever Kouga would proclaim his love to Kagome, Kikyo would be there, and Inuyasha would only tell Kouga to leave her along or something would have to be done about it. It never made him leave her cousin.

She realized she could never have him, that he would never be the one to take her first kiss, or to tell her he loved her. He always heard him telling Kikyo he loved her, hoping that maybe one day he would say 'Kagome' instead of Kikyo. But it wasn't meant to be that way.

Of course Inuyasha was badass in school, he could kick the ass of almost anyone there, Naraku, Sesshomaaru, and Kouga being the only exceptions. His enemy, older brother, and best friend's suitor....imagine that.

Kouga had a girlfriend, Ayame, and he loved her with all of his heart, but when it came to Kagome, anything and everything was set aside for her. In short, he'd always choose Kagome over Ayame, no matter how much both girls objected to it.

They turned the corner and stopped in front of a middle class white house. Inuyasha leaned over and pressed his lips to Kikyo's, telling her he loved her as she waved goodbye.

"Bye Gome-chan!" Kikyo yelled. Everyone seemed to be calling her that as of late. Inuyasha, Kikyo, Shippo, and the rest of her inner circle. 'And all because of Rin.' She thought, remembering sesshomaru's daughter figure's name for her. She wasn't really his daughter, but she thought of him as a father. His mother had adopted her before she and his father died, and Sesshomaru had been the one taking care of the young girl ever since then.

Kagome and Sesshomaru didn't hate each other, yet weren't the best of friends either. Every now and then, the senior would take Kagome home when his brother would ditch to spend time with Kikyo.

During those times, Kagome had gotten to know him a little better and had promoted him to a friend rather then just an acquaintance. He never really talked much, and rarely dated. All of the girls after him were high maintenance or simply over obsessed with themselves.

Sesshomaru was hot, every girl in their right mind thought so, Kagome included. And although Naraku was fine too, Sesshomaru always came first when it came to looks. Personality though, needed a lot of help. He was always rude and never gave a second thought to who he put down. He could always beat them up if they had a problem with the way he acted, so he didn't care.

Inuyasha pulled up in front of his house, turning off his car and turning around to face Kagome. "You gonna study with me?" he asked. Kagome shrugged, then nodded and got out of the car, following him up the stairs into his home.

"Where's Sesshomaru and Rin?" Kagome asked, kicking off her shoes at the door and throwing her bag onto the sofa. "His car isn't here either. Since when does he ever go out?" Inuyasha ripped a piece of paper form the fridge, reading it to himself before smirking. Tonight he would test his theory. He would decide if he wanted his girlfriend, or his Kagome.

"He took Rin to the park, then he's heading by Miroku's to drop off Sango's wallet. I guess she left it in his car when you begged him to drive her home yesterday. He's staying for dinner as well and said not to expect him until late." Kagome nodded at Inuyasha. She'd never really been alone in his house before, at least Sesshomaru was always there.

"Hey, Inuyasha, do you want to go to my place instead?" she asked, My mom's making oden tonight!" Kagome pouted when the boy shook his head. He was making her miss out on her favorite meal! "You're no fair," she whined, taking out a pencil and throwing it at his head.

Inuyasha caught it in mid air and glared at her. "That's exactly what I mean, Inuyasha, no fun at all!" Kagome shook her head and sat down on the couch, pulling her books out of her bag. "Let's go study in my room today." Inuyasha offered. "I don't want to be disturbed when Sesshomaru and Rin come home.

"Disturbed from what, Inuyasha? You would usually rather be disturbed then study, what's wrong with you today?" Inuyasha sighed, waving her off before grabbing his binder and books, and ran up the stairs, opening the second door to the left, and throwing his stuff to his bed, motioning for Kagome to come up as well.

Kagome gathered her things into her arms and followed Inuyasha up the stairs, shutting the door behind her and walking over to sit beside him on his bed. "So, what would you like to study first?" she asked, looking through the various sheets she had to work on for each of her classes.

Inuyasha shrugged his shoulders, his mind on other subjects as Kagome threw off her jacket to show the baby blue tee shirt she wore underneath. He had to restrain a possessive growl as he saw the way it clung to her every curve. She leaned against his head board, pulling her biology book onto her legs and flipping through the pages.

Inuyasha watched her deftly, his mind working hard to think of a way to take her. She was stubborn, and she would never let a man touch her if he did not love her. He would not lie to her, he had too much honor to do that, so he would simply take her willing or not. It didn't matter as long as he got what he wanted.

Inuyasha got up to walk to his door, locking it and coming back to sit next to Kagome, all without her realizing what he was doing.

She was sitting their, reading over her questions and copying the answers onto the paper form her book when she felt him slip his arm around her. He did this often, so she didn't think much of it until his arm slipped to her waist and he pulled her closer.

"Inuyasha, what are you doing?" she asked him, clearly annoyed by his advances. 'Advances my ass, he's with Kikyo, so what the hell is he doing this to me for?' Inuyasha's only reply was to press his lips firmly to the skin on her neck. Kagome shuddered before pulling away from him and off of his bed.

"Inuyasha, what the hell do you think you're doing?" she asked as she backed into the wall. Inuyasha stood up and walked towards her, the fear that flashed in her eyes only seeming to entice him further.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Inuyasha asked innocently before adding, "I want you, Gome." Kagome felt his lips press against her own. It was all she'd ever wanted, all she'd ever dreamed of, Inuyasha taking her first kiss. But it wasn't meant to be like this, she wasn't supposed to feel threatened by him when he kissed her, her thoughts were supposed to flee from her mind, as her friends told her had happened when they'd experienced their first kisses. Kagome was frightened out of her mind.

She felt his tongue slide across her lip and gasped. Inuyasha thrust his tongue into her mouth, felling her hands press against his chest as she tried to push him away. He grabbed onto her shoulder with one hand, the other holding her head and pulling her neck back so he could get better access to her mouth.

Kagome tried to move her face to the side, but his firm grasp on her hair made it impossible to do so. Inuyasha backed her body fully against the wall, pinning her small frame with his own body. The hand on her shoulder lowered to grab her breast through her clothing.

Kagome's eyes watered as she felt his hand move from her breast, only to grab the collar of her shirt and rip it forcefully from her body. Her hands beat on his back, scratching and socking him hardly, but he felt nothing as he tore away her bra. Kagome kicked him, running for the door as he fell back a little.

He watched her struggle with the door, too out of it to realize it was locked until his shirt was off and he was behind her. He wrapped his arms around her from behind, flattening her arms against her sides and pulling her flush against him as she cried for him to stop. She kicked him in the shins, hearing him wince as he tightened his grip so she could barely breathe. He leaned back, lifting her feet from the ground as he walked towards his bed.

He let go of her for a split second, turning her around in his arms before lying on top of her. He grabbed her wrists with one hand, pinning them above her head as he spread her legs enough to lie between them.

Her eyes were tightly shut as hot tears ran down the side of her face. She tried struggling harder, only to have him cut off her air until she stopped so she could breathe. He crashed his lips down on hers, lifting off her just enough to get his hand between them.

He grabbed a hold of her zipper, pulling it down and unbuttoning her pants. He ripped a piece from his sheet, tying it around her hands and to the headboard. Once he was satisfied that she wouldn't get away, he moved to straddle her waist, getting his first, full view of her face.

Her eyes were red from crying, choked sobs erupted from her throat as she tried to turn her head away from him. "Please, Inuyasha." She looked him in the eye. "Stop it. I don't want to do this, please." Inuyasha shook his head slowly, watching the tears come back with a fury.

She wasn't nave, she knew what was going to happen, but she also knew that she couldn't prevent it, that she was too weak to stop Inuyasha from getting what he wanted. 'Why?' Was the only thing to run through her mind, how could he do this to her? Why would he even want to? Her thoughts were pushed to the deep recesses of her mind as she felt him slip her pants off her legs too quickly for her to be able to stop him.

Kagome kicked her feet and yanked at her hands, trying to become free of whatever was binding her. Nothing she did seemed to help as he removed her panties and stood up, taking off his pants and boxers as well. Kagome pulled her legs together tightly, knowing that her attempts to keep him away were in vain, after all, he was a few times stronger then her.

Inuyasha climbed on top of her once again, forcing her legs apart. She tried to roll over onto her side, but he forced her to stay put. She opened her mouth to scream, but couldn't as his mouth enclosed over her own, his tongue instantly finding hers. She bit his tongue harshly, screaming when he drew back from her.

Inuyasha'd has enough with that scream, he drove his hard member into her tight folds, her eyes widening as more tears poured out of them. He knew he'd hurt her, and quickly kissed her again before she had another chance to scream. Inuyasha didn't even wait for her to get used to him, he just pulled out and quickly thrust back in, Kagome's chocked sobs ringing through his ears as he derived pleasure from the once pure junior.

It felt so good to be inside her tight walls, her body slack beneath him. He could easily smell her blood as he tore through her vaginal walls. Her breasts bounced slightly with each thrust, and he took one into his mouth, sucking lightly on her nipple. She was still crying, but he didn't care. All he knew was that he was reaching his release and he would not be denied that pleasure.

Kagome's whole body felt numb with pain. Her body ached from the intrusion and not being fully adjusted. Her head hurt from slamming against the headboard, and her hips hurt from his nails digging into them. But most of all, her heart hurt from Inuyasha's betrayal. She never thought she would betray her trust or friendship as bad as he just did, and she would never forgive him from stealing away her purity.

Inuyasha came inside her, her name sweet on his lips as he yelled out his release. He fell on top of her, crushing her body as he reached up and untied her hands. Instantly she curled into a fetal position, moving further away as he tried to put his arm around her. Inuyasha scoffed and just laid there for a few minutes before getting up and dressed.

After Inuyasha left the room, she slowly sat up, wincing at the pain that shot between her legs. She looked down to see blood covering her inner thighs and sheets below her. Walking slowly and carefully to his dresser, pulling out a pair of boxer shorts and an oversized t-shirt before leaving his room and into the bathroom, quickly getting in the shower.


Inuyasha heard the shower start and her wretched crying become even louder. 'She probably saw the damage he'd inflicted upon her. He shook his head, maybe he would stay with Kikyo afterall. It seemed Kagome wasn't much of a rebound anymore.


Well, there ya go. That is the first chapter. Ouch, I know, that's really messed up, but this is just the beginning. Next chapter will be longer and pretty soon, the others will come into play as well.

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