In Arms Of Ice. by Sesshoumaru-Sama


Authors Note:

Alrighty, i thought i should explain my reason of absence, I was grounded literally, i kid you not, for the last 8 monthes. Then my computor started dying and finally i got sick. Sounds like alot of excuses i know but i am dead serious when i say i have the worst luck around here. *laughs*

For those that have sent me reviews, yes i will add more chapters, i am fixing up the first chapter so it'll take time. For those not understanding how shippou is with kagome now and not later you'll see.I work on the spot, as in i dont type everything out, plan and such, i open up the edit /replace chapter thingy and type in there. So whats below is NOT the entire chapter. it wont make complete sense until i'm finished so RELAX. *sighs* i'm happy to get reviews but remember i'm typing this straight from memory.


*Kagome Ran, unable to stay any longer with Inuyasha and the others. She grabbed shippou and her things and just ran,tears in her eyes and Shippou asking every moment " Kagome whats wrong? where are we going?" She just had to leave, she couldnt take it anymore, i was bad enough that Inuyasha didnt want her, and chose Kikyou but she would not stay if she was going to be in the group!

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