Be My Valentine by K.T.A


Kagome POV:

I was just arrived at my new school, I can't wait to see new friends OR MAYBE new enemies, I didn't hope for that though! I went to the office to pick up my list of classes, my first class is... Math! Oh Great, I wish somehow math vanished out of thin air!

I realized somebody bump into me__

"What it wench!"

"What you called me!!!!!!!" I spat out angrily. "My name is Kagome! Got it!" Man! What is it with this guy?!

"Kikiyo..." He said more softly.

"Didn't you hear me my name is Kagome!" My patient dry out.

"Forgive him, he truly is an idiot, right Inuyasha?" A cold but deeply voice said.

"Sesshomaru!" That "Inu-something" yelled directly to that "Sess-something".

"Look I'm sorry but I am gonna be late!'' I speak slowly plus deadly, finally I stalked away.

Normal POV:

"Pretty isn't it Inuyasha unlike your whore Kikiyo.'' Sesshomaru said with acid cover over the word.

"Kikiyo is...I mean she isn't a whore!" Restore Inuyasha with a fuming face.

" the time she try to get me to my bed?"

"..." Inuyasha silent immediately.

Sesshomaru smirk, "thought so.''

"That Kagome...nice name...she quite a cat yet innocent at the same time...cute__"

"Shut up! Ass hole!" Inuyasha said stupidly.

Sesshomaru POV:

That girl shall be mine! How do you feel right now Inuyasha? I mean she kind of looks like that Kikiyo women only more innocence...

Naraku POV:

Mmmm ...Inuyasha you look delicious today ...someday you shall be mine little Inu ...

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