~Perfect Place~ by Sess+Kog

Garden of the Gods

She walks without a sound throught the trees. Unnoticed by her power covering her scent and strength. Her long silver hair cascading in marvelous waves down to her calves, in the silent cool breeze. In a beautiful kimono of tender blue and silk raped snug around her body, reflecting every curve and shape of her full breasts and hips.Not a sound passes through the forest as she glides with ever a beautiful ease. She reaches the edge of a clearing. The moonlit night reflecting off of her magenta stripes on the sides of her face and the light blue star on the forhead of hersoft, sweer milky skin. She looked like a fallen angel from the most marvelous side of heaven.

As she walked into the clearing she could see the most intrigueing sight of her life. There in the center of the most hidous looking forest ever, was the most beautiful garden she had ever witnessed in all her times of travel (and thats saying something if she travelled alot ^_^)! She had been worried because she could not sense eney pressence of youkai, human, or eneything. But now all thoughts she was thinking about previously were lost. She was so intrigued in this magnifascent garden she didnt care eneymore.

She walked slowly up to the closest flower and bent down to feel it. It was a beautiful white flower with purple triming that felt like silk.

She picked it up and pet it softly in her gentle hands. It was awkward how lovely it felt. She wanted to stay right there forever and just stare at its beauty. She looked up with her pools of blue and silver, to the other flowers.

She was shocked to see all different kinds of beautiful roses, dandylines, daffidiles(sorry if I mis spell eneything), orchards, stuff she didnt even know, and more of the flowers in witch she was holding. It looked like The Garden of the Gods!

As she took a step closer to more of the closer flowers, she was ablivious to the golden rays of eyes turned into her direction.

Out of no where something cold and sharp dug into her throught and sent her flying. The beautiful flower fell out of her hands and landed softly away from her. However she did not land so softly.

"AHHH", the young girl screamed. She looked up to see amber eyes staring at her from a far distance. She looked to the beholder of these pools and found something that cought itcelf in her throught.

There not even standing five feet from her was a large,muscular, beautiful (and I mean beautiful for those of you who know Fluffy ^_^) inu-youkai lord.

She gasped at the tall frame of the beautiful lord. She had never seen eneything like him.'But wait? wasn't he just way over there?', she thought.

Lost in her thoughts, she was rudely awaken from them by the beautiful lord. "What are you doing here you wench?" , the tayokie lord growled.

This made the girl all but go back to her lost thoughts. 'What am I doing here?'

" not ...know?, she answered hesatently. Surprised by her own words.

"How could you of gotten throught my barrier wench!", the lord hissed at the young girl.

"Wha...HEY YOU CALLED ME A WENCH!!!", the girl practically yelled. Getting angrier and angrier while she positioned herself to stand.

"I will call you as I wish, now answer my question wench.", he answered all but to calmly.

She looked at him angrily.'Why does he not show eneything on his face? Why id he so mean? What I do? ...what he say?' "Well I got a name and I will not answer your question until you use it!", she said while putting her arms across her chest and giving him an evil glare.

"What is your name wench?", he snarled out 'How did she get through my forest without getting killed and how did she get through to my mothers secret garden?' he pondered.

"What?" she said in shock. 'He's asking me my name now...huh?'

"I asked your name WENCH!" ,he enphasized the last part.

"Kagome' she answered,' and you are?" she snickered.

"Never mind who I am bitch, answer my question." he answered with a cruel gace on his lips.

"NOT UNTIL YOU USE MY NAME' she growled,'WE CAN SPELL IT IF YOU LIKE!!!" 'Why is he so cruel...damn he's hot! No, bad Kagome he's to mean.'

"I do not have time for this!" he puntured. He ran at Kagome and through her over his left shoulder (oh yeah he has both his arms in my story!) and pushed up off the ground.

"PUT ME DOWN DAMNIT!!!" she yelled.

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