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Sesshomaru sighed he was now used to the life he has in modern day Tokyo with his mate Kagome... Sesshomaru didn't hide his emotions anymore it wasn't a weakness in this era... InuYasha and him had made a truce to be nice to each other or at least pretend to be or they would both have to answer to Kagome and that didn't sound to good. He knew Kagome wouldn't hurt him maybe InuYasha but definitely not him... He just loved her too much to disobey!!!

InuYasha and Kikyo had finally found their true feeling for each other and Kikyo stopped hating after Naraku had been killed in battle... Kikyo also had some how come to life and wasn't a clay body anymore!!! She was a regular fleshy person!!! Somehow they believed that Kikyo had been purified when she stopped hating so Kami gave her another chance!!! InuYasha and Kikyo had settled down in the house next door to Kagome but to Sesshomaru's dismay though... The taijiya and the houshii what were their names? Sango and Miroku was it? Yeah those were their names!!!

They were settled in the house in front of them... Kagome and Sesshomaru had adopted Rin and Shippo. If you're wondering what happened to his stripes and crescent moon? Well they're still there but everyone thinks they are tattoos but Sesshomaru doesn't like going outside very much human scents always killed his nose they smelled horrible!! Yes he still wasn't used to it!! InuYasha was because of his wench... I mean his dear mate smelled awful but Kagome smelled nice so he liked staying home where her scent was to always be found..

Sesshomaru went to work yes he was a History teacher (weird huh?) well he practically lived in history for most of his life!!! The kids didn't like him much but some did but it was mostly the girls... Kagome was a pharmacist so she earned most money but she didn't like working a lot so she took the morning shift on the weekdays so that she would be home when Sesshomaru, Rin and Shippo came home.... As for the matter of Kagome's short life Sesshomaru had used a spell that would keep them alive until he died but that would be a while... Shippo of course would live as long as them too but maybe a little longer since he was pretty young already... Rin didn't want because she wanted to live and die with her husband when she grew up

Sesshomaru had begun to care for Shippo after he had gotten used to Shippo's whining... If you're wondering what happened to Kirara she also was wished into this era with them and now lives with Sango... She only stays in her little cat form though... To let you know Miroku, Sango, Kirara, InuYasha, Kikyo had also gotten the spell on them so they would live as long as their good buddies Kagome and well maybe not good buddy if you're talking about Sesshomaru...

Miroku worked as a Motorcycle dealer yeah, riding Kagome's bike had gotten to him... Sango was a pharmacist also so Kagome and her worked together!!! Miroku and Sango had gotten married and had a baby girl named Kaede in remembrance of the old lady who helped them out long ago... Kaede refused to go with them since she had a village to protect.... Their daughter had also refused the spell for the same reason as Rin....

InuYasha worked as a vet somehow he made animals do everything he wanted and he actually made it through the tough training... The secret was InuYasha had learned to make a mind link with any animal he wants and tell them what to do or more like threatened them to but yeah that was... InuYasha!!! Kikyo worked as an owner of a herb store so she makes a good amount... InuYasha's the one who supplies the money for them selves though!!! Well I think you've heard enough about them so on to the story...

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