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Kagome sighed as she galloped behind her sisters.She was always the last because she was the youngest.Being the youngest was not as good as most thought to be,espesially when your a cowgirl in the 1990's on the great Canadian Plains.Kagome watched her 4 older sisters,included her 30 seconds older twin sister,Kikyou.Kagome's second oldest sister was Rin,thrid oldest was Ayame,older was Kagura,the biggest.Kagome snorted as she thought about her older sister Kikyou.Kikyou was only 30 seconds older than Kagome and already was considered older.Ironic,Kagome thought.

The girls were going to Black Steel,the ranch run by the Taiyoukai family.The Taiyoukai family was the only family close enough to the White Claws Ranch to ride to.To the other girls this was a adventure but to Kagome this was a every day relieve.The works of a 17 year old girl was alot.Since the others were older they get more jobs while Kagome got less but it was still alot of work.Going to the Taiyoukai's family ranch at this hour meant they can stay there for dinner and for the rest of the night which meant NO MORNING WORK!That was a relieve...The Taiyoukai brothers were alike yet different.The oldest was Kagome's best friend,Sesshoumaru Taiyoukai.He was cold most of the times but always ready for a adventure.2nd biggest was Mirouku Taiyoukai,a pervet but also very smart.3rd oldest was Naraku Taiyoukai,who was caring and is obesessed in Kagome,much to Sesshoumaru's disgust.4th youngest was the big mouth Inuyasha,a caring guy however if in the range of 10 meters near Kikyou.Then was Shippou,who was very simple,kind and sweet,simple as that.Kouga was the'whatever I want,I'll get'kind of guy,and used to think Kagome his.

Kagome watched the scenery.There was nothing really,just grass and occasionally a mill or a small creak.Some trees and other plants were beside the dirt path.A few rats and other animals old holes and homes were under the plants and grass.It was simple,yet…bueatiful.This was clean and freash,no smoke,nothing.Cleaness was really enchanting.Mabey that was why so many tourists came and gaped at the bueaty of the Plains.Kagome’s eyes averted to her horse,Patty.Patty was pretty horse,that was for sure.Her muscles were strong and noticeable beneath the shinny cheastnut coloured coat.Patty was tall and her mane a white color.

Silence fell around the girls.The only sounds were the little tap tap tap sounds of hoofs.The silence continued until the five girls saw the big wood house that housed the Taiyoukai family.There house was big because of two reasons.1.The house had lots of people inside and 2.They had lots of money.The house was made with cement and coated with a white coloured paint.The roof was a torques blue and the walls perfectly.This land was probably more grand than any other place in the whole Plains. As the five girls rode closer to the house,the sky turned slightly darker then normal.Rain clouds covered the once bright heaven and the clame breeze turned into wind.Sand blew with the wind and went into Patty's snot causing her to snort.Some of the dirty substance flew into Kagome's eyes making the 17 year old whimper.The girls knew instantly what the signs were.

"Tornato!"Kagura screamed through the roaring winds,"Gallop Kanna!Everyone,try to get to the mansion before the tornato get strong.The Taiyoukai's house is made of cement.We must get there! "The other girls nodded their heads in agreement.They all knew that when The masion was being built,the Taiyoukais made the builder make the house tornato prove from the Canadian tornatos.

"Gallope!"The girls cried in union.The masion was harder to see by the minuit because of the flying sand.All the girls were glad of the roof because the brighter the color,the easier to see.On the front porch something moved and from to white color,it was niether Sesshoumaru or Inuyasha.After getting closer the face indicated Sesshoumaru was that person.

"Hey!I'LL HELP YOU GUYS!BRING THE HORSES INTO THE FARM!IT IS SAFE THERE!"He roared.Sesshoumaru helped of Kagura first and then Ayame.The other girls got down from there own horse pulling the reins.They followed Sesshoumaru into the farm and thorgh the stone passage to the house.

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