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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hello everyone! Recently I've come back to this site and fanfiction.net to re-read some of my favorite authors' works and even some new stories! I've just read RosieB's Once and Future Taiyoukai, as well as a couple of her other SessxKag fanfics and I highly reccomend them. Usually I'm not one for skipping over lemons but she keeps me giggling with a few limey passages!

I've also decided my bio needs a bit of an update, since I'm considering working on some of my fanfics that have been left on hold for years... and even some new ones. My senior year in high school is finally winding down and I sense a lot of free time after graduation! (After my senior trip to Italy in mid June of course XD)

I've been accepted to CU in Boulder, CO and will be attending in the fall-- majoring in Art History. Strange... I know... the great Suki majoring in art history instead of tattooing or writing or something of the sort. But I guess growing up can change things.

A few important things for my readers to note (if I still have any...) :

1. My AU fics will most likely be permanently postponed (those that aren't finished of course). I'm sorry but I would much rather concentrate on CU since it is more relateable to the actual InuYasha show/manga.

2. I will be going to Japan this time next year! Hopefully I will have learned a lot more for you.

3. When I began these fics, I was probably only 13 or 14 yrs old. Now I'm halfway through my 18th year and obviously there will be changes to my writing style... hopefully for the better. Although I haven't REALLY written in quite a long time. Blogging not included.

4. If there are any new fics out there that any of you REALLY would like to reccomend for me, I am so down with suggestions. I don't have time anymore to sift through the authors of this site and find a suitable fic for me to read. I would definately enjoy reading some new stuff!! Not that good ol' Youkai Yume and the gang will ever bore me. Ever. Though I'm sure all the old authors from four years ago have long moved on to bigger and better things.

I plan to pick up on my most recent fic (if you could even call it recent) Soul Stealer Mononoke... even though I have absolutely no clue where I was going with that story. I haven't even read the (what, 2?) chapters I have posted in years. I will be doing that immediately, however.

Thank you for those who read my crazy fanfiction all those years ago!!! I hope to regain as many fans as I had back then.



Hey everybody! Oh man I'm so sorry to have ditched you guys in the last two years... I just happened to be going through my old stories and found a couple of my kagsess fanfics stored in there and instantly thought of this website! I came back and checked out the site (which still looks like good ol' Single Spark!) and noticed a lot of new authors... I was first on this site as the first 300 authors and it has definately grown! Youkai Yume, Sesshomaru, and Kilala81 are some other veteran authors on this site I would reccomend if you're lookin' for a good story! I hope this place is still up and running as a place for authors to flourish and fine their writing style... because that is what it did for me! I used to love to write so much... but I really haven't had any time lately. Which brings me to my next subject:

I will not be updating fanfics anymore. I am so sorry guys, but it's literally been years (I started in 8th grade, and I'm a junior in high school now) and I just don't have the time to sit down and write like I used to! But it's good to know that I definately didn't waste my youth. Nowadays I have a lot of art stuff going on, and am taking college classes that assign homework over the summer, so not is that only taking up my time now, but I also have a job! And a car and a new house and a new man and just everything has changed! I wish so much that I had the time to give you all what you want (finished fics lol)... Please don't be too angry, and try to understand. I greatly appreciate all the new reviews I've gotten (that apparently aren't emailed to you anymore which would explain a lot). It's so nice to know that even after two years, people are still enjoying my fics!

To any new authors on this site, don't let others bring you down about OOC-ness or bad spelling or grammer. You write whatever makes your heart jump and makes your fingers fly on the keyboard. Every chapter you write, the more experienced you will become, and the less mistakes you will make. Maybe someday I will be a famous author (don't worry, my writing has vastly improved in the last two years lol) and you will hear from me then. But since I probably won't be under the alias of Sweet and Sour Suki... here's my real name:

Kelsey M.

Also, I'm an aspiring fashion designer and tattoo artist, planning on going to the University of Hawaii in Honolulu! (That's on Oahu!) It sounds like a diverse combination, but it's all in my dream... and I'm going to make it with the scholarships I'll be getting for taking these college art classes...

Wish me luck everybody! May you live your life in the Now, not the past... and don't worry so much about the future. Mistakes were made to be forgiven.



Suki: Hi everyone! I'm a fifteen-year-old InuYasha nerd with a strange obsession with ramen. I love the Kagome x Sesshoumaru pairing, because it is just so much more believeable. *Grumbles incoherrently - something about dead bitches needing to stay out of alive people's business-* cough - ahem... anyways... I'm here with my muse/best friend, Chika...

Chika: HI!

Suki: ... who supplies me with inspiration and ramen whenever I'm in need of it.

Chika: If she doesn't have her ramen, she gets cranky. You don't want to see Suki get cranky. She has these bitch phases...

Suki: THANKS Chika, I'll take it from here. Anyways, what I was about to say was that usually I am a master at writing humor or parody AU fics, and I have created my own little world with the Inu characters as Bounty Hunters for about half of my fics, which most people seem to be enjoying. On the other hand... there are those that say I use WAY too much OOC-ness, but the way I see it is that if Sesshoumaru grew up in the 1990's in Dallas, Texas, he'd be a bit different then if living in Japan back in the 1600's.

Chika: Just a bit.

Suki: So flames about OOC-ness are OUT. I get that my characters in my AU fics can be OOC. Get over it. Don't read them if you don't like them.

Chika: You tell 'em!

Suki: As for my CU's, I've only got two of those, but back when this site only had about 300 authors to its name, Revenge, Said She was a pretty darn good story! And I believe it has great Kagome portrayal!

Chika: And now Suki has a NEW CU fic!

Suki: That's right! It's called Soul Stealer Mononoke, and I am very excited to see how it will turn out! [psst... InuYasha and Sesshy get to switch souls! It's gonna be good!]


Suki: This is the first time I will be participating for the Single Spark Annual Awards. Unfortunately for me, I had come to this site just after last years awards were closed, so I couldn't enter. So I've been waiting for this time of year to roll around for quite some time!


Suki: Yes please! Or at least nominate me, that would be lovely too!

But anyways, thats all I've got to say for now, if anything changes, I'll keep you guys posted! Love and peace!

Chika: Don't forget to leave ramen and lots of reviews and ratings! [nice polite ones, perferrably] Ciao!

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