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You all can call me Apa, and I hope you will enjoy my fanfictions, because I certainly will enjoy writing them. Thank you!

I'm mostly into Chapter Stories, but I'll be trying to post One Shots as well.

I do not own Inuyasha, but Rumiko Takahashi does.

Apathetic has 2 stories.
[ Chapter 3 Now Up ] Kagome is a Dark Demon, pulled into a ferocious battle of gore and wits, where she must fight for her life. All this, so the Prince of the Western Lands can find a mate. What happens when she catches his eye? And will she be tamed by this demon?
Rating: PG-13 - Universe: Canon - Status: Incomplete - Genre: Action/Adventure
Updated: 06-05-08 - Chapters: 3 - Reviews 14 - Words 3,322
[ Song Fic ] After the battle with Naraku, the well was lost, and Kagome begins to slowly lose her memory of the past. Of all but one person. ( The song Snow (Hey Oh) is owned by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. )
Rating: G - Universe: Alternate - Status: Complete - Genre: Angst/Drama
Updated: 06-04-08 - Chapters: 1 - Reviews 1 - Words 972

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