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I am a college freshman that lives in a little hickville/desert in Washington.

I absolutely LOVE the Sesshoumaru/Kagome pairing!

My favorite authors are (drum roll please):

RudeHero, KogasAngel, Rinseternalsoul, BeautifulSilentDeath, dazdnconfuse, and ShadowWeaver_82

My penname isn't just something I came up with. There's actually a really long story that goes with it that is about four years long, but that's between my best friend (who is wierder than me, she agrees) and I. I'll never tell!!! (insert maniacal laughter)

Anywho, I am on a life mission to create a machine that makes Fluffy real, capture him, and keep him as my slave. (I never said it was a reasonable life mission)

So, I basically live for Sesshoumaru/Kagome fanfiction. My friends say I'm not normal, but, tell me, what is the definition to normal anyways? (That's a rhetorical question for those of you that don't know I'm a sarcastic ball of fluff)

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Sesshoumaru comes to the realization as to who his most formidable opponent is: Kagome. Inuyasha is finally growing up, but can he help Kagome out of this situation? Does she want help? Rated for possible future content. First fanfic. RRR.
Rating: NC-17 - Universe: Alternate - Status: Incomplete - Genre: Action/Adventure
Updated: 12-19-07 - Chapters: 14 - Reviews 39 - Words 21,861

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