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Uhm HI! I dont have much to say really. Uhm I love to write and all sorts of things and fanfics being one of dem ,lol. Uhm people call me crazy for liking sess/kags but I dont care,lol. Im a pretty hyper happy person and I LOVE music. Its like my life. I always have like a fave song and stuff, lol. Uhm I love my friends to death and I love magic markers. Hahaha Im really random and I love to laugh. :D I dont really care what people may say about me cos I know it isnt true so why bother? ;D Uhm..Im pretty nice unless you mess with me cos then I get rude. Uhm...I have mediumish broen hair with dark brown eyes and I live in Texasss ;p. Uhm wirtters block and I are good friends so dont be surprised if I dont update soo much lol. So yeah thats all you really need to know so like yeah. But if you wanna know more just hit me up. :D Duecez

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Challenge; So Kagome, The pretty, smart Inu-youkai seems to have it all. Except a guy...And well that's a not a problem for her a Drama-King of a best friend Inuyasha. And this best friend happens to set her up with the wealthy and popular Seshomaru. So Kagome will fall in love and Sess will slowly melt right? Wrong. Reverse that. :] So read and follow the adventure of Kags and Seshy. Read and Review please. My first Sess/Kag story.
Rating: NC-17 - Universe: Alternate - Status: Incomplete - Genre: Romance
Updated: 07-26-07 - Chapters: 6 - Reviews 22 - Words 7,771

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