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Hi I am 19 and m through my FIRST year of college. I started writing fics not too too long ago maybe at the beginning of the year... I started with Magnificnet Pandemonium and then went to Shackled then Corruption in the rand and now The Amiss, which I might add I oh so enjoyed writing. I have a very indifferent sense of humor. EVERYTHING to me is funny. From religions to the holocaust. But you have to understand I had a Holocaust class so I know EVERYthing that occured in it and do KNOW it was s tragedy my friends and I still joke around about it a bit.


HAPPY LATE FOURTH EVERYONE!!!! It sucked fro me cause i had work at the oh so lovely 'Home Depot' Trust me you never ever want to get a job there. Even though it is amazingly fun and you get to help people...when we are packed you get mobbed by the customers lol.

I am a total spaz and need the help. Yea I think I am a little crazy but who isn't? .I am making a story about it. THE HOME DEPOT...yea. Please rate and review I really would appreciate it. I need all that I can have. Any other fic writiers knows how it is.


My court day is on the 18th of this month so please...oh please support me cause like I said in Shackled.."I DIDN"T STEAL ANYTHING"

"Today Is a GREAT day to write fanfics"


oh ahh yea lol have a great summer if I dont' update anything here cause I know everyone needs one...I am the I am not ghetto...

I hate rap

I hate country

I hate emo people

And all this does is make me....

Chelsea...which equals = crazy psycho person who people think is insane.

JUST A REMINDER...SHACKLED IS BASED ON MY REAL LIFE. EVERYTHING IS ON ME!!!!!!! Don't forget to review. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

"burn me I'm jewish."

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Hey Inuyasha! Kagome says from her cell in the prison think of it this way...friends call you in jail, good friends visit you in jail but best friends are next to you saying 'dude that was awesome!' So cheer up cause DUDE THAT WAS AWESOME! SessKagg
Rating: NC-17 - Universe: Alternate - Status: Incomplete - Genre: Humor/Parody
Updated: 07-14-07 - Chapters: 8 - Reviews 44 - Words 19,157
She was all alone with no companions to help her the rest of the way. She couldn't find anyone. She stood there in the rain. Would someone find her. The corruption begins...and becomes who she swore she never would become.
Rating: PG-13 - Universe: Canon - Status: Incomplete - Genre: Action/Adventure
Updated: 07-14-07 - Chapters: 4 - Reviews 18 - Words 10,006
When Kagome gets left behind from the gang what else is she to do but accept some help from a familiar demon lord. She agrees but there is one stipulation. WHAT! you want me to crossdress? Kagome screamed at the demon lord as his eyes glinted evilly.
Rating: PG-13 - Universe: Canon - Status: Incomplete - Genre: Humor/Parody
Updated: 07-14-07 - Chapters: 9 - Reviews 76 - Words 18,525
Alone, cold, scared, and unafraid. A combination only one person could ever see fit to describe ones self. The extremeties friends will do for one another in a time of need.
Rating: PG-13 - Universe: Canon - Status: Complete - Genre: General
Updated: 07-05-07 - Chapters: 1 - Reviews 4 - Words 1,616

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