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Hello. I must say, that since I had started my first fanfic I have improved a lot, though, most had liked those crappy fanfics, I must say that I had no idea on what they saw in them. Mostly, I had wished to re-do most of them, but I truly don't want to type another of those horrible fanfics. I want to start a new style, with new stories.

This one idea has been haunting me for a while. So, I would hope that I can finish it. Which I have not been able to do at all. I have been a horrible writer. Ah, yes, theres the point of having a beta reader. I never knew how that worked, really.

Well, Away from the Rain was a big bummer. It was supposed to be off of the parts of a roleplay site. But, it ended up as a disastor. I look at it, and I get so emberassed that people are reading my crap. Of course, that was part of the reasons why I didn't want to finish it. I truly just wanted to throw it away.

But, I did. And the ending chapter sucks really bad. I know this. I know it so well that everytime I look at it I want to delete it. Which I am going to do. It seemed that everyone that actually wanted an ending chapter had read it, and that had been all that mattered. You know, I was thinking that it was better when I didn't have an ending chapter.

I'm going to delete the fanfic, and start a new. Yep. I have authors I look up to in which I want to write as well as them! I will someday, so I can't continue to have the old stories!

Please don't bug me about not finishing my other fanfics or about deleting this story. Though, I don't understand how you guys like them so much, I really want to start with a clean slate.

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