Kurairyu- Wed 04 Jun 2008
THat had to be the best ending EVER!! Could you please add at leasst one more chapter? When you're better? Can't have you sick and overworked after all, but please add another chappie so Inu gets his just desserts! I'll give you a cookie!! ^__^

Sarah- Wed 04 Jun 2008
Oh man XD I hate when Inuyasha is made to be a complete ass about Kagome being with Sesshoumaru, but I can always understand his reasoning. Even still, I love that he gets his just desserts in the end from Kagome, Sesshoumaru, or both! XD
Great fic! I was getting so nervous and worried when Kagome and Sesshoumaru were separated because of Inuyasha! I was so happy when he went to the apartment again to talk to her! And then everything worked out in the end! Yay!!!

tessahime- Wed 04 Jun 2008
OMG! ILOVE THAT ENDING! In the history of ending one-liners, that had to have been the best of all time! Great one-shot!

Zyren- Tue 03 Jun 2008
Gods woman i love you!!!!!
you are amazing just absolutely amazing!!
now if you'll excuse me i need a shower and then i need to go get a pair of red hot stilettos cuz we ladies know they really can help lol

Megan Consoer- Tue 03 Jun 2008
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?

mimi g- Tue 03 Jun 2008
I love this story can u add just another chapter to this I really want to know what happens after inu get the beat of his life.. PLZZZZZZ

Silverinumiko- Tue 03 Jun 2008
DAMN! That was a good story
I especially liked the end sentance
I thought it was rather funny
Keep on doing what you do best

Lisa- Mon 02 Jun 2008
I was so hoping you did a sequel and I am so glad you did!!! This is so great!

nya- Mon 02 Jun 2008
Oh that was so freaking good! Loved it!

iLoveFluffy- Mon 02 Jun 2008
haha totally awesome. loved it. especially the ending..

Also, totally grateful for the long oneshot.

tisheena - Mon 02 Jun 2008
wanted to be the first one to review to say that story was awsome whoo write more i want more u have a knack for writing stories really intertaining

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