Leira and Frooky- Thu 28 Feb 2008
this looks like it's going to be a real fun ride. love it so far. can't wait for the next update.

Gentle Fist- Wed 27 Feb 2008
I think this story is very cute so far. I like the writing style - it is very clean and descriptive. Please continue. ^^


me579- Tue 19 Feb 2008
4-get ur hungryness!!!i NEED more story!!!!!plz keep writin' and anice long chap*gives u puppy dog eyes* plz???!!!i'll b reviewing alot soooo u better hurry or i'll lose intrerest and i hope u know wut happens, if 1 revewer goes its like a domino chain eventually everyone will move on 2 anotther story leavin u n da dust!!!!!jst a heads up i mean i know its only da first day of ur story and all but....STILL!! ps:peac+luv+respect=happiness

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