Reviews for Sir Yes Sir by NiftyPaint24

Peach- Sat 12 Apr 2008
i like it. the only thing is i really really wish it was longer, like i really wanted to see the struggles they went through while she was at boot camp. Maybe a sequel instead of an epilogue. sorry this is my creative writing critic coming out...-_-

Ice_Angel- Sat 29 Mar 2008
Did I mention how much I love this story?! It's so sad that it's over... Oh well! It was nice while it lasted! I can't wait for all your other stories!

Ice_Angel- Sat 29 Mar 2008
OMG... That was so sad! I almost cried... I really like your story NiftyPaint24! It's so awesome! I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Ice_Angel- Sat 29 Mar 2008
This chapter was so funny! haha, can't wait for the next one! I really like this story too! One of my favs!

fantasysmellsbetter- Thu 20 Mar 2008
Ok, so i have been grounded that is why i havn't reviewed....

OMG you totally had me going, i thought he was dead....Your just orue evil arn't ya?


Yepp seven horses...they are my babys....I have 1 paint, 2 walkers, 1 national show horse, 2 arabians, 1 quater.

man 10..thats alot....But i know what you mean, When you have a barn full they all feel like they belong to you... =)

Awsome story girl!!!
I hope to read more by you soon

april- Sun 09 Mar 2008
i liked this story a lot it was a lot of fun to read

Rhaps- Sat 08 Mar 2008
I'd keep the shirt I was shot in XD. At least from something like that, maybe not if it were from a really traumatic thing. But hey, people keep shark teeth all the time after being bitten. Fun chpater, I like this story so far.

Lady Amaya Ken- Fri 07 Mar 2008
You did really really great on this fanfic. I love it!

LordSesshomaruLover16- Fri 07 Mar 2008
your welcome lol but it is true i do enjoy your story you really got me with this last chapter lol i really thought he was dead until i found out she was dreaming i was so realived but thanks again you did a wonderful job once again with this new chapter it just keeps getting better and better so keep up the great work and ill be looking forward to what happens next so please update soon

from your fan LordSesshomaruLover16

me579- Fri 07 Mar 2008
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!i do not beleiv u did that!!!!i mean ending the story soooooooo suddenly!!!!!!that wuz sooooo mean!i hope u do write oneshots!!!!!plus-u almost had me n tears after u wrote that sess died!!!!!!;(

Inusbabe- Fri 07 Mar 2008
I am confused how did it go from Kagome coming home from school to being in bed with Sesshomaru?

SesshomaruCrazy- Fri 07 Mar 2008
OMG!!!! You had me going for awhile... Almost started crying... This is going in my favorites list...
I hope you have more stories that we can all read in the furture...
I for one look forward too it....
I hope that maybe we can get something on what happens too them later.... I would love to know if they actually get married and have children...
WEll anyways it was a good story and i enjoyed reading it ...
Take Care

n8tivegurl- Fri 07 Mar 2008
OMG O.o!!! I was on the verge of tears, seriously my mouth dropped open and my eyes started watering. Then I read further and breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed. Nice one too! I wasn't expecting that, it's nice some authors keep you on your toes. I hope to see more stories from you! ^_^

LordSesshomaruLover16- Thu 06 Mar 2008
oh how sad kagome had to go home and be seperated from sesshomaru i have tears in my eyes lol but anyways off to boot camp soon right i hope anyways the faster the faster she'll be back in sesshomaru's arms where she belongs!!!!! well i love this story like always this new chapter was amazing like always but sad which is good for a story to have emotions displayed well i think your doing an amazing job like always you never seist to amaze me you have a very unique and creative mind your ideas are your all orginial that is what im looking for when i read a story many stories on a single spark are very similar in comparison and i do believe some of them have been copyrited which i do not agree with personally but this is a fan fiction site where you create a story you think people will ove and if they don't thats okay you still wrote it and thats all that matters its good enough for you and you took the time and effort thats all that should really matter not that im say positive feedback woudln't be an encouragement to continue writing because i find it in fact makes authors want to write more and get more of thier stories out there for others to have the enjoyment of reading but anyways i think your an amazing author i do not have one bad thing to say about you your completely orginal and i love that about this story that is what makes me crave more to read i look forward to reading another great chapter of your story everytime you post a new chapter because you have great talent a wonderful plot and your story fits together so nicely im looking forward to the new chapter when you get around to it i hope im not pressuring you in anyway but i do love your story and wish to read more so please do post another chapter when you find time to well thank you so much i have completely enjoyed your entire story thus far and im sure in the future it will be the same because you never disappoint your fans well thank you again hope to read more soon

from your fan LordSesshomaruLover16

n8tivegurl- Tue 04 Mar 2008
Oh such sad news, their graduation and only one more chapter T_T. Oh I could feel the sadness (weird huh lol) Actually I was remembering my own graduation. Poor kagome and poor Miroku! Oh and for once he didn't try to cop a feel but rather be respectful of Kagome's feelings. Makes me want to give Sesshoumaru and Miroku a hug =D. j/k. Anyways thanks for the update! ^^

fantasysmellsbetter- Tue 04 Mar 2008
one more chapter?!?! one more cahpeter?!?!?! one more flippin chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol more momre more pleaseeeee

ok well idk u can pick the best man..ill leave it up to you

Horses? u own horses? how many? wat breeed?

i own 7 horses...

Arielle- Mon 03 Mar 2008
WHat do u mean only one more chp?!u cant do his to us! Anywho great story excellent job! Thanks

me579- Mon 03 Mar 2008
ONLY ONE CHAP!!!!!*tear*i cant be;eive ur doin this 2 me!at least make 2 more chaps!plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplz4 ur biggest fan?(not realy)

Jasmine- Mon 03 Mar 2008
please write more

Trish- Mon 03 Mar 2008
tweakification...I like that I will have to add it to my list of words.... that last chapter rocked my bobby socks keep up the great work

me579- Sat 01 Mar 2008
OMFG!!!!!itz been 2 days WOMEN!!!!!hurry and write another chap!!!!GOSH!!!!u would think that u would write another chap by now but nooooooooooooooooooooo u didnt!!!!GOSH!!!!!!!

LordSesshomaruLover16- Fri 29 Feb 2008
wonderful as always very amusing haha but anyways wonderful chapter i hope you update soon looking forward to what happens next

thanks you fan LordSesshomaruLover16

me579- Thu 28 Feb 2008
OMFG!!!!!!!finaly a new chap!!!!!!!i hav been waitin 4ever!!!!!!more.....and soon!!!!!! ps:peac+luv+respect=happiness

fantasysmellsbetter- Thu 28 Feb 2008
that is
omg it

lol umm that was!!!!

i cant even put it into words!!!!!
that is probably one of my most fav chapters so far!!!!!!

Ok yes the wedding is totally final!!! lol
and u are soo invited!
how about the maid of honor?
does that work??

twilightdawn- Thu 28 Feb 2008
I so love this story! Can't wait for more.

arielle langley- Thu 28 Feb 2008
lmao! That was such a goood chp it was so funny! Please keep up the good work n hopefully in the next chp we can have some drama in it thanks

n8tivegurl- Thu 28 Feb 2008
Oh, my god. I could die laughing. I can just see Miroku drooling over Kagome in her corset. Plus the go-cart race. I loved it. So is the graduation coming up soon? It'll be sad but something we all have to go through. Leaving friends and what-not *sighs then smiles*. Hope to see anothe update.

LordSesshomaruLover16- Wed 27 Feb 2008
love the new chapter looking forwaed to what happens next lol oh yeah about time sesshomaru showed him now he'll learn to leave sesshomarui's woman alone well it was wonderful to read like always looking forward to the rest so update please dying to read more because your such a terific author

LordSesshomaruLover16 one of your greatest fans *hugs u*

Peaches- Mon 25 Feb 2008
hey , i'm loving the story more & more . It is very interesting , and funny. Can't wait for the chapter. And a very happy birthday to u.....

winggoddess916- Mon 25 Feb 2008
Did you wish for a blue dress with a white apron?

fantasysmellsbetter- Mon 25 Feb 2008
so that was...a ok chapter
not one of your best
but still im hooked!
lol im like so inlove with this story i want to marry it =D

iloveprettysilverhair- Mon 25 Feb 2008
Why, today's my unbirthday too! What a small world ^_^ Kouga had it coming, and Sesshoumaru did not dissapoint! Keep up the great work!

n8tvegurl- Mon 25 Feb 2008
Happy Un-Birthday!! Hey you get your wish a Review! LOL. I was wondering when Sesshoumaru was going to give Kouga a "knuckle sandwich". Kouga sure got what he deserved I tell ya. Threatening to tell the Major and all. I'm surprised Kagome didn't give him a second knuckle sandwich helping. Sorry I just love that saying. Anyways great job and hope for another chapter soon.

LordSesshomaruLover16- Sun 24 Feb 2008

me579- Sat 23 Feb 2008
OMFG!!!!!u hav 2 hurry and poast another chap!!!!!!!and if u wernt gonna any time soon than y da heck did u tell us big things were comin up!!!!!dat wuz sooooooooo mean!!!!!!!!*tear* ps:peac+luv+respect=happiness

BeautifulDeception09- Sat 23 Feb 2008
Yay! Inu Is Going With Her!!! Update Soon!!!

iloveprettysilverhair- Fri 22 Feb 2008
Nice chapter! I love the mushy interaction between Kagome and Sesshoumaru ^_^

fantasysmellsbetter- Fri 22 Feb 2008
ohh goodness!!!
isooo cant believe u are doing this to me
no more for awhile eh?

well you know what i think about that!
*kills author*
*then brings back to life*
come on u didn't think i would let u die did ya?
u have to wright more
with you gone there are no me chapters

lol just kididng
but please wright more soon!
i love it!

fantasysmellsbetter- Fri 22 Feb 2008
ohh goodness!!!
isooo cant believe u are doing this to me
no more for awhile eh?

well you know what i think about that!
*kills author*
*then brings back to life*
come on u didn't think i would let u die did ya?
u have to wright more
with you gone there are no me chapters

lol just kididng
but please wright more soon!
i love it!

fantasysmellsbetter- Thu 21 Feb 2008
ok this is soooo freakin amazing!!!
gah its wonderful!!!

lol and i would just like to say that it has been like a day and ahlf and u still havn't posted!!!!!
i need more woman!!

Peaches- Thu 21 Feb 2008
Hey , just wanted to say thanx , for replying to my question. And just wanted to let u knw that i really am enjoying this story.... I really am hooked ,and i can't wait to read the next chapter..

katie- Wed 20 Feb 2008
i'm dying for another update and you just updated today!!! hurry please...

winggoddess916- Wed 20 Feb 2008
I absolutely love this story! I never thought that Sess would start seeing Kags so quickly in the story. But if they hadn't, then it wouldn't be so wonderful. Will Kags end up with Kouga in the end? Probably not. That's why it's a Sess/Kag story...hello? I think it's cute though, that Kouga really likes Kagome and wants her to himself. Then again, it's adorable that Sess gets jealous with the whole rumors of Kouga and Kagome. Keep up the good work!

n8tivegurl- Wed 20 Feb 2008
your fic is so awesome. i loved the paint ball scene w/inuyasha letting his temper get the better of him. hope to see more!

Black Mage + Sesshie- Wed 20 Feb 2008
I LOVE THIS STORY please update soon please

Lady Kubira- Wed 20 Feb 2008
Lol. Thats why its fan fiction and your the writer. The character is under your control! You can make them do whatever. Besides sess would never take kagome so yeah he is ooc a lot. Oh but what a pair they make. If only it really went like that in the show. Anyway im rambling. Check out rebirth, darkness, and light. I hope to update very soon.

Jasmine- Wed 20 Feb 2008
please write morre

SarahhhBoo- Wed 20 Feb 2008
omg!!!!! that is just pure amazing!!!!!

im lke at a loss for words!!!!!
u HAVE to wright more!!! very soon!!!!
like today? in a hour NOW!!!!*wink* lol

yeah wright more very soon!
agian i loved it!

iloveprettysilverhair- Wed 20 Feb 2008
Woo hoo make-up sex! Ahem, I mean, great chapter! I didn't get to review the last chapter, but yeah, damn paint balls HURT! So much fun though!

Lady Kubira- Wed 20 Feb 2008
Good. I loved the last two chapters. Keep going.

Lady Kubira- Wed 20 Feb 2008
That was cool. I really enjoyed the last two chapters, then again I am enjoying the whole thing. Keep going.

Lady Kubira- Wed 20 Feb 2008
That was cool. I really enjoyed the last two chapters, then again I am enjoying the whole thing. Keep going.

arielle langley- Wed 20 Feb 2008
i love this story excellent job ur doing n keep on updatin them as quickly as u do! Now i have a ? For u r u goin to make kagome get pregnant? Its a simple ? Srry for botherin u but great job!

arielle langley- Wed 20 Feb 2008
i love this story excellent job ur doing n keep on updatin them as quickly as u do! Now i have a ? For u r u goin to make kagome get pregnant? Its a simple ? Srry for botherin u but great job!

fantasysmellsbetter- Tue 19 Feb 2008
lol now that was funny!

"man i never new Sesshomaru was so kinky"

LOL!!!! please please please please please wright more soon!!!!!!!

iloveprettysilverhair- Tue 19 Feb 2008
Very fun chapter, I loved the game truth or dare ^_^

Keonna_Blue Moon Inu- Tue 19 Feb 2008
Great story! I love it! Please update soon!

katie- Tue 19 Feb 2008
so if we tell you that this is like the best fic in the world- at least one of the most original, never heard of them being in the military, will you update again tonight! i'm just loving it- where i used to live we were right next to the marine corps base and an hour from the navy...none of them were as gorgeous as sesshoumaru...i wish they had been :)

fantasysmellsbetter- Tue 19 Feb 2008
ok i would just like to say that that was


lol and the funny thing was it only took like 10 mins for them to do

wright more soon!!!!!

Peaches- Tue 19 Feb 2008
I love this story so much.... I would like to knw if u have this story on another website.. If so can u let me knw, cuz i would like to knw when u update.

arielle langley- Tue 19 Feb 2008
Lmao! That was so funny! It was soooo goooood! Please do update n great job!

arielle langley- Tue 19 Feb 2008
Lmao! That was so funny! It was soooo goooood! Please do update n great job!

arielle langley- Tue 19 Feb 2008
Lmao! That was so funny! It was soooo goooood! Please do update n great job!

me579- Tue 19 Feb 2008
awwwwww!!!!!i luved it!!!!!!plz more and soon!!!thxs 4 the xtra cuople chaps.....or maybe i havent been keepin up wit dis story?o well thxz anyway! ps:peac+luv+respect=happiness

fantasysmellsbetter- Tue 19 Feb 2008
ya know i would just like to say that this story is going amazingly!!!! lol

please wright more soon!

BeautifulDeception09- Mon 18 Feb 2008
Awesome Update ... I Hope Sesshomaru Lets Them Go!!!

fantasysmellsbetter- Mon 18 Feb 2008
lol that was really funny!!!!

i wanna know what is ging to happen!!!

FangedBeasty- Mon 18 Feb 2008
Yea and if they did dance, there would be bound to be fights about it, lol.

Can't wait for more.



Jasmine- Mon 18 Feb 2008
please writre more

me579- Mon 18 Feb 2008
hey!its me again!!!!happy u wrote another chap!plz hurry and write more though!!!!!!!! ps:peac+luv+respect=hgappiness

Lady Kubira- Mon 18 Feb 2008
Hmm. Well I must say I am enjoying this very much. Such a nice change of scenery. Keep it up.

moniku23- Mon 18 Feb 2008
this story is awesome, hope to read more, its also halarious!!

fantasysmellsbetter- Mon 18 Feb 2008
a-gah gah!!!!!

more more more more

that was soo short
it was like a little taste of a big cake and it left you wanting soo much more!!!


please again!! tonight!!! =D

Elisa- Mon 18 Feb 2008
I do believe that this is my first time reviewing. Sorry, I've been having many problems with this site recently and I could never get my page to load for me to be able to review. Anyway, I love the story, I've never read one where they had to do military drills PLUS the Sess/Kag pairing has always been my favorite.

Keep up the great job!! I can not wait for the next update!!! ^_~


iloveprettysilverhair- Mon 18 Feb 2008
I just read through the story and I really like it! I do have one thing I would like to say though, it's nothing bad. You have a lot of background that you can work into your chapter that you didn't such as the week of Kagome going to Sesshoumaru's apartment and things like that that help to build their relationship, and also the relationships with the other friends as well. This story has so much potential and I know that you can make it even better. I'm sorry if I offended you in any way, it was not my intention. Keep up the great work!

FangedBeasty- Sun 17 Feb 2008
Ouch that sounded as though it would hurt. Glad I am not her I am a baby for pain and Sesshoumaru would have hated me, I would have been sniveling over the pain for weeks. Even after it was gone! lol



fantasysmellsbetter- Sun 17 Feb 2008
omg i am serisouly inlove with this story!!!!

im not kidding this is amazing!
you are amazing!!
and i love how fast u update!
i hate waiting around for storys to update becuase i lose interrest but you keep them coming!!!

thanks for putting this story up!!

your faithful reviewer - fantasysmellsbetter

me579- Sun 17 Feb 2008
more,more.MORE!!!!!i luv ur story it rocks jst like bow wow!!!!!!!keep writin'!!!!!!another chap or(like i said b4)i'll keep botherin u bout dis sorta stuff until u do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps:peac+luv+respect=happiness

FangedBeasty- Sun 17 Feb 2008
I would keep the shirt, though I would wash it. lol

Great story can't wait for more!



sharilynn- Sun 17 Feb 2008
lol i really like this story i think you should keep on writing

Taylor-Marie- Sun 17 Feb 2008
Of course I'd keep the shirt frame it an everything.....dude it would be so cool!!

BeautifulDeception09- Sun 17 Feb 2008
Lovely New Chapter ... It Was Awesome!!! They Finally Kissed!!!

Not Applicable- Sat 16 Feb 2008
Awesome story. I am so addicted to it. Please update soon.

Not Applicable- Sat 16 Feb 2008
Awesome story. I am so addicted to it. Please update soon.

fantasysmellsbetter- Sat 16 Feb 2008
hey i would keep the shirt!!!

please wright more very soon!!!!!

me579- Sat 16 Feb 2008
plzplzplz hurry and put up another chap!!!!!the susspence iz killin' me!!!plus my computer iz gettin' n2 dis weird habbit of not sendin' dis 2 ya soo if u dont get it im not typin over again!!! ps:peac+luv+respect=happiness

danny- Sat 16 Feb 2008
omg hurry with the next one

Kawaii_Kilala- Sat 16 Feb 2008
I second the notion that Sesshoumaru as a Drill Sergant is HAWT! (got that from my oldest boys girl friend, lol) I would deffianatly let him order me around, even if its not in the bed room! It's fine with me, if you dont reply to our reviews, as long as you take them into consideration....if they dont get e-mailed to you, can't you just go to the reviews for the story? wouldn't that work too?
I'm wondering, why is kags so good with the gun/rifle? maybe she had a problem with them before? but then, that wouldn't make any sense, would it? lol
Ohh hooo hoooo! Sesshy has a liking for people who can tolerate pain?! i wonder if there's a double meaning behind that? Hmmmm...... lol
Well, i wasn't very surprised when Kagome took all the blame, i bet she didn't give into him, did she? lol, and, when you had the bullet go straight through her shoulder, does that mean it missed her bone and muscle? like, did it hit above her bone and muscle? i can't seem to understand what you mean when it went 'through and through'..... I would totaly have at least cried out when and if i get shot with a bullet, at least whimper a bit.... and, isn't sesshy a full demon, didn't kags think about how t'the guy approaching their group looked a lot like inuyasha, only he was a full demon', didn't she think that?
Well! TTFN! im really enjoying this story!

SarahhhBoo- Fri 15 Feb 2008
lol i loved that one!!!

but when is the "little" connection going to go off with her and sesh?


Maddie- Thu 14 Feb 2008
i completly love the story line,keep up the good work ;)

Jasmine- Thu 14 Feb 2008
pleases wite more

SarahhhBoo- Thu 14 Feb 2008
*screams* more more MoRe mOrE MORE!!!!!!! lol

i can sooo not wait for the next chapter...hurry with it please!!!

im dieing here =)

u r a amazing author..keep up the AMAZING work!!!

Tiegrsi- Thu 14 Feb 2008
Hahaha, I love it! It's very original. I'll be keeping up with this one. Good job!

BeautifulDeception09- Thu 14 Feb 2008
Lol ... Love The Chapter It Was Awesome Update Soon!

Peaches- Wed 13 Feb 2008
Hey, love the start. Can't wait til it gets more deeper into the story.


Kawaii_Kilala- Wed 13 Feb 2008
LOL! it didn't load? Wow, thats never happened before, not to anyone i know at least, or if it did, they didn't tell us.....*suspisious now* lol, jk!
I'm glade you were suprised at the amount of reviews you got, I'm surprised you're surprised! lol, there aren't that many good stories about boot camps, and because of that, your is like sweet, because its actually got a reasoning behind her going to boot camp, and it actually has SOME detail, un-like this one i read, that only had them talking, no detail what-so-ever! really bumbed me out, too.....well, good luck on the REAL Chapter 2!

sesshou's gurl- Wed 13 Feb 2008
Up date!!! Now!! I love this story!!!! so far at least.

twilightluver95- Wed 13 Feb 2008
i like it plz update!!

Jasmine- Wed 13 Feb 2008
luv it write more ur so evil makin kagome hairs short

becca- Wed 13 Feb 2008
Loves it so far keep it up cant wait 4 the next chapter

FangedBeasty- Wed 13 Feb 2008
Poor Kagome has to get her hair cut! I would hate that. Can't wait for more!



bluemoon_175- Wed 13 Feb 2008
Already I've had a laugh out of this story, It sound really interesting and I can't wait to read more. So keep up the fantastic job and I hope you update asap please.

Kawaii_Kilala- Wed 13 Feb 2008
0_0 Kagome is SO very lucky!
I had always wanted to go to military boot camp when i was in high school! But, my family could never afford it.... ;_; Wow, i wonder what KAgs did in order to get brought home late at night, in hadnd cuffs? will you tell us this later? And is sesshy coming into the story, 'physicaly' in the next chater? And, what does Kagome look like in this story? There are so many different looks she has now, like almond shaped face, heat face, round babyish face, and tan skin, pale skin, dark skin, green skin, blue skin, normal skin, and green eyes, blue eyes, brown eyes, black eyes, white eyes, pink eyes, deep brown eyes.... theres so many posibilities that it makes many readers wonder, 'What does Kags look like in this story?' and stuff.....please describe her next time!
Ta Ta For Now!
(and P.S. i might not review as much as i normally would, i have a lot on my plate, shoveling snow being one of them, it just wont stop coming!, so i may not be able to review every single chapter, but i'll try!)

Keonna Blue Moon Inu- Tue 12 Feb 2008
WHAT's Going to happen???????Please update soon!Sorry for my outburst.Just been a bit boring until I came to your story.Keep it up!

rachel- Tue 12 Feb 2008
you should totally continue this fanfic it catches peoples interest so its a great storie i want to read more of it

FangedBeasty- Tue 12 Feb 2008
Yay I love being the first to leave a review! Anyway I like how your story is going, and can not wait to read more!



danny- Tue 12 Feb 2008
lol sounds intresting

Tanya131- Tue 12 Feb 2008
please write more

Leafeknight7- Tue 12 Feb 2008
For some reason, these types of stories are my favorite. When Kagome gets sent to Military school it's just really interesting to me, I have no idea why. Please continue this. ^_^Ja ne!

Jasmine- Tue 12 Feb 2008
please write more

twilight dawn- Tue 12 Feb 2008
I absoulety loved this chapter. I am looking forward to the rest of the story.

blackheartangel- Tue 12 Feb 2008
i like it a lot please update sooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!!!

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