katherine brandt- Mon 30 Jun 2008
hell yes

Shira- Sat 26 Apr 2008
No naruto D:... this story is good without it

Izah- Sat 26 Apr 2008
Wow your story is really good!!! about the Naruto crossover i vote....yes because you two obviously need some men but if after all the votes and its a no then i'm sure you could figure something out! Please update soon!

blackheartangle- Sun 03 Feb 2008
I LOVE IT.............. PLEASE UPDATE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

racheru- Sun 03 Feb 2008
this is stupid, why does Kagome have to change into a kitsune? Why can't she just stay the way she is.

danny- Fri 01 Feb 2008
oh please do kingdome hearts

Tainted Sins- Fri 01 Feb 2008
I like it, I think that you should continue it.
I'm not so hot on the crossover idea, though. I stick with the idea that Kagome and Sesshy end up together.. Continue the story, please!
Yay for bi-polars! And fudgesickles!

Demonic Kunoichikagi- Fri 01 Feb 2008
This is a great story.
Well if you do decide to do a full story and do a crossover i request Naruto, cause Kags can protect him from the villagers scron seeing how she is a female fox, she can be all territorial...But whatever you chose.

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