black moon inu- Mon 08 Jan 2007
I like this story its sad and all, but it's still good. I heard your making a sequal to this I hope You did I'll see if I can find it because it would be a shame to leave this story end like this.T.T

Tsuykomi- Sun 07 Jan 2007
That's sad . . . You should make a sequel . . . . .

royalbk- Wed 03 Jan 2007
Please continue? I can't stand the heartbreak! Poor Kagome doesn't deserve more pain and suffering.

Please try and write that sequel as fast as possible! I can't wait for possible Sesshoumaru/Kagome interaction. Pretty please?! ^_^

Lily- Sun 15 Oct 2006
Great story, I loved it. After finishing it, regret hit me. If I knew I was going to read a sad ending then I wouldn't have read it at all. But after a while of thinking, I didn't want to NOT have read this? It's a good one-shot but just because it made me sad doesn't mean it didn't leave an imprint on my mind. Anyways, you said there would be a sequel named "Breathe"? Did you ever come to write it?

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