Reviews for Series by Priah

Falling.Angel- Tue 18 Mar 2008
OMG awesome. Heh, very steamy in here... Please update soon! lol

Koiishi_Beloved- Mon 17 Mar 2008
WOOT! I SOOO enjoyed that chapter!!! My eyes were like GLUED to the computer screen!

Me>> O.O

XD Great job!!!!!!


Red-Smartiez- Tue 04 Dec 2007
I must say, I like this fanfic a lot!! The lemons are absolutely great!! ( I am a very lemony person *giggles*) The plot is good and overall, I give it a 11 out o f10!! ^_^

I reeally hope you will continue this story ^^

P.S. More lemons!! ^^

gouka chibi fujo- Mon 03 Dec 2007
ohhhhhhh it just gets better and better. damn i need a lonnnngggg cold shower now. your good ^_^

Megan Consoer- Sun 02 Dec 2007
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?

ivyyy- Sun 02 Dec 2007
i love.

no face- Wed 28 Nov 2007
Dude this is fucking asome!You should make asequel to this.(By the way I'm a girl.Some people confuse for a boy because of the name)

gouka chibi fujo- Wed 28 Nov 2007
OMG that was good and funny. me i would have wrote it that so that inu would come in and see them. then she would curse him out and leave with sess leaving inu watching them go with his mouth open ^_^

s- Tue 27 Nov 2007
A bit crude. Overall very well thought out 8)

You have room for improvement, but you're well on your way to fame ;) Don't I sound like a fortune cookie? But really, this was good. Though I advise you to slow down and take time to write in fuller details.

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