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coire- Thu 22 May 2008
i love this fan fic please hurry

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I'm glad your Grandma getting better now and she up and about!

UWUC my fav fic fix supplier Jenna! lol hey we all have our addictions your fic happens to one of mine lol

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(my injured leg to be exact). but enuff ramboling. ah, you've done it again. created a chapter that made me love this fic all over again. im happy that Sesshy and Kags made up. (it was sweet!!!!) and the part where that new incarnation (Hukio?...yeah...maybe.) killed Naraku im wondering if Naraku is really dead. i dont think he is because if he was that easy to kill he'd be dead already. and also i think kikyo should die. shes a BITCH!!!!! i loved Sesshy's opinion on her. i was like, "HA!!! everyone hates you! suck it kikyo!!! if thats not entirely your opinion then im sorry. well i've gots ta go now! LOVES YOUS!!!!!!!!
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Holysinner- Mon 31 Mar 2008
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L.S.- Sun 30 Mar 2008
Keep going! I am also a writer on Fanfiction.net!

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I hope your Grandma gets well quickly and up and walking soon! I am very happy with this chappie update soo long and action-packed, with more plot twists and a touch of foreshadowing, hehe definitely made up for the wait Jenna. Can't wait for more you made a addict outta me. lol

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Ps. Attempt 1 to get you to update at attempt 2 in a week I shall call Sunset miko yup yup haha ^__^

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snowbird- Tue 26 Feb 2008
I know I reviewed already yesterday. I just had to add something else that I thought of at work this morning. Instead of Sesshoumaru going his usual cool, emotionless self at the interruption, I say he'll probably go red-eyed to protect Kagome. In his passion induced haze, his beast thinks of her as his mate and I bet Sesshoumaru will go into the protect mate mind frame. I could be wrong but logically that would be more correct than him going all cool and emtionless.

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please please, I'm begging you, update really soon!!!

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valentine- Tue 26 Feb 2008

Arryelle- Tue 26 Feb 2008
KYAAA!!! I did got my wish that was so freaking hot and amazing sooo cool LOL

I hope Kagome will react like most people do in that situation besides being embrassed be PISSED! most writers make her all danity and scared in that situation and Sesshoumaru has to basically say 'shut the fuck up!' to Inuyasha in his words of course hehe.

I got the greatest little vision while reading your chappie Kagome Looks at Inuyasha and blushes bright Red but then see's his hand linked with Kikyo's and asks herself why the hell should she care about what he thinks? and Gets hellva angry and screams at him bloody murder with all kinds of profanites or something like that cos she knows that Sess is going to be distant again cos well this is new and just when they were letting go and just feeling Inuyasha ruins it and well she Blows up all the while Sess doesn't let her go and puts in his two sense ever so often hahaha that was my vision quite funny well it also had her beating him up but I think that's just me lol

Hope your next chap is her being strong in that situation and not the weak Kagome ppl make her she should be strong in and out of battle I think, It's one of the biggest reasons why I LOVE your story! UWUC hopefully soon lol hate to stick SM to you again lol. Thanks for the update.

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sorry I have not review in a while. I have been really busy and got a new job. Now about the story. OMG I loved that ending. that was beautiful. you captured it is such a way that I could not stop laughing. LMAO now. That was wonderful. i really think you are going great with this one.

Apples- Tue 26 Feb 2008
I'm reading this on both sites haha and i love it. *la gasp* sesshomeru and Kagome caught in the moment again by inuyasha no less damn please update soooon i want to know what happens and all. Is Kagome going to actually show that she has a lot of power? just asking. Some time in the story you should have Kagome depend Sesshomeru and then go primal on somebody for doing something to him. He's always protecting her how about switching it a little bit?Keep it up i'm in love with this story. I'll be scanning the site for an update so do it soon haha.

kotainuchan- Tue 26 Feb 2008
OMG I laughed so hard at the end of that last chapter that if I didn't have such superb bladder control...well you get the point. Awwweee poor Kags n Sessh keep getting interrupted though that's a shame. I think this story (unlike my review) has a great "flow" to it. So many fanficts are choppy and difficult to follow, and there is definitely something to be said for good spelling and grammar. I can't stand having to decipher the meaning of something because people don't know how to use spellcheck. I can't wait for your next installment keep up the great work!

snowbird- Mon 25 Feb 2008
Hehe, haha, hoho. I had a real good laugh at the groups reactions at witnissing Kagome and Sesshoumaru. I was embarrased for Kagome and Sesshoumaru, too. Kagome will probably be red-faced and sputtering while Sesshoumaru will be his calm, cool self (on the outside). On the inside, I bet he'll be pissed at himself for letting himself get too distracted to scent the others approach, especially Inuyasha. Even though I enjoyed the hilarity of the scene, I wish they could have finished what they started with no interuptions. As for Takahiro, I've lost my sympathy for him. His heart and mind are now corupted completely.

Holysinner- Thu 21 Feb 2008
I know that i promised myself i would only review when a new chapter was poster but i cant help myself. I LUV YYYYYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ahem* im sorry i just thought i would send my encouragements ^_^ hope you update soon!!!
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WiccanMethuselah- Tue 19 Feb 2008
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I really enjoy the byplay between Sesshoumaru and Kagome, as well as the demon lord's confusion as to why he's letting her get away with so much guff. That's always fun to read!! I can hardly wait until the next chapter when Inu finds out that big brother has been hanging around our fave priestess... that, too, should be a really fun read.

Thanks for posting this delightful gem of a story. I'll be looking forward to your updates - eagerly!!!

Ice_Angel- Mon 18 Feb 2008
Ooohh! Sesshy is sooo hot! Ahem! Anyway love the fic and I suggest another Sesshy massage... Oh yeah no spelling or grammer errors and stuff I can see!

Catherine- Sun 17 Feb 2008
Awesome story. Update soon. Can't wait to read Inuyashas' reaction to Sesshomaru and Kagome and what Takahiro plans on doing to comply with Naraku.

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Thanks for the awesome update Jenna keep it up!

Loves Arry

snowbird- Sat 16 Feb 2008
The bush incident was absolutely hilarious! You are doing such a wonderful job of letting them slowly develop feelings for each other. When the time comes, I just hope they're honest with each other enough to admit their love for each other. I'm afraid Inuyasha is going to be a problem, though. He's not going to like what's happening. He'll probably do everything he can to stop their relationship. He may even decide to stay until she finishes her training just to keep them apart. I can almost feel sorry for Takahiru. He's going to end up being killed by either Sesshoumaru or Naraku. Either way, he's dead.

Holysinner- Sat 16 Feb 2008
SWEET!!!!!!! I luved this chapter!! the head in the bush was hilarious! this fic makes me feel all fuzzy inside. i cant wait to see it when inuyasha finds out. Muah ha ha ha ^_^
please update soon >_ !!!
your loyal fan,

Chloe-chan- Fri 15 Feb 2008
The "bush scene" was nothing less than hysterical! I have been following this fic from the beginning and I have to hand it to you- I like your style. Keep up the good work!

Holysinner- Wed 06 Feb 2008
WOW!!! This fic is seriously great. I think your doing great portraying Sesshy and Kags. (And for the record i think your battle sceanes were great! When Sesshy and Kagome are together im always like, AWWWWW!!!! There are some really cute moments between them in this fic.
Hope to see an update soon,

ut0pian- Tue 05 Feb 2008
This story is awesome. Please update regularly!!! I read it all in nearly non-stop. I love Sesh in it an love how you're letting Kags mature on her own. Keep up the great work!!!

I Love Sunset Miko- Sun 03 Feb 2008
this was a great chapter.....keep it up!

Shira- Sun 03 Feb 2008
Dear iloveprettysilverhair,

I have to confess that I am a bad reader since although I am an avid follower of fanfiction, I am quite shy and tend not to review. However, when I read your recent author's note, I felt a guilty pang since given the quality of your writing, I am sure that your story is widely read and appreciated and that it is merely readers like me that give you a different impression by not expressing our appreciation. Please know that I think your story is wonderful. It is rare to find a story that flows naturally, has a good plot, is largely IC and has decent spelling and grammar. Yours is a gem. Thankyou for sharing :)

snowbird- Fri 01 Feb 2008
I thought you did a good job with the fight between her and the demons. You were right in not letting her defeat all five since she is still a beginner. It seemed more realistic this way. Now I eagerly await to see what else Sesshoumaru will say or do since he just had a little eye opener on his beginning of feelings for her. Nice little humorous touch with the Sango/Kikyou thing. As someone who has weight problems, I do not appreciate someone else's comments either.

Myaru- Thu 31 Jan 2008
What do you mean, nobody is following the story? I look forward to every chapter, and you're doing a good job keeping me interested. XD It's always a nice surprise to see an update.

kotainuchan- Thu 31 Jan 2008
i really like this story please keep up the good work!

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Yay! Another chapter! I love this story. I can't wait for the next update! Keep em' coming!

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I love this fic to peices! I can't wait for the next installment. It's just so...sexy! I can't think of a better word. Mmmmmm.... Sesshoumaru and back rubs... What more could a girl as for?! Nothing, I tell you! he he he This fic is so well written, I hope the next update is soon. I will be waiting on the edge of my seat.

Ja ne!

Cloey- Sat 26 Jan 2008
I'm really liking your story its quite good and the way you portray Sesshoumaru and kagome is perfect in my opinion. Oh I tried to rate your fic but I'm not a member so I figured I'd tell you that you get a 10 out of 10 from me minus a few spelling errors its great work.

Azera- Thu 24 Jan 2008
This is way cool. Great orginal idea too!

MidnightStar- Wed 23 Jan 2008
Very well written. Keep it up:)


EternallyObsessed- Tue 22 Jan 2008
Awesome story. It's written incredibly well and is actually one of the better stories I've read on this site.Really addicting; it's become another obsession of mine and I find myself checking every day for a new chapter. Please update soon.

Velvetfire- Mon 21 Jan 2008
Hmm what a truly lovely chapter! How smexy! It makes me want Kagome to train extra hard too XD. I really can't wait for the next update!

snowbird- Mon 21 Jan 2008
Takahiro was thoughtless and stupid to barge into her hut without being invited. That's uncouth and bad manners. I wonder how he plans to try to kill her with Sesshoumaru around all the time. I wouldn't mind having a massage like that one. Too bad it was interrupted. Are you going to let them be together completely before the group gets there? Because once Inuyasha gets there, his big mouth is going to protest loud and long. His mouth gets on my nerves sometimes, even in the anime. He can be so callous and singleminded. I fear the closeness and feelings developing between Sessoumaru and Kagome might receive some injury with the arrival of the group, especially from Inuyasha.

sweetest angel- Sun 20 Jan 2008
*grin* I really love your story and great chapter! Poor poor Kagome, embarassements are following her everywhere *lol*
please please update soon!

Nikki- Sun 20 Jan 2008
That was gtreat. OMG I am still laughing. Poor sesshomaru and Kagome. but I am still wondering about how Kikyo comes into all of this. Plus how is InuYasha going to react to sesshomsru being possive of Kagome. Well I hope you update soon. Bravo.

Arryelle- Sun 20 Jan 2008
great job again! It was hot and sexy I love the heavy petting between sess and kag. I hope you make your story as big as Sunset Miko's cos it's that good can't wait for more! UWUC

Loves Arry

Nikki- Fri 18 Jan 2008
Hey this is not bad for your first fic. In the later chapters you can see that you are finally becomeing comfortable with your writing. I think you have a great plot going on here. I can't help but wonder what is InuYasha is going to say when he finds out about Kagome and Sesshomaru. That will be too funny. But keep going you are doing good and it is an easy read as welll. Good job.

ElegantPaws- Thu 17 Jan 2008
I am really enjoying this story, please continue. Very nice.


snowbird- Mon 14 Jan 2008
Aw shucks! Inuyasha let the others persuade him into changing directions. Just when things are beginning to ripen between Kagome and Sesshoumaru. They don't need the others, especially Inuyasha, interrupting them just when their feelings for each are at a tender, beginning stage. Hopefully the villagers learned something good from their mobbing of Kagome. If Takahiro attempts to kill her, he is going to be one dead human.

Kagome357- Mon 14 Jan 2008
You know, it's been really really hard to find quality fics on this site as of late and I really don't care how anyone takes that because dammit it's the truth.

However, with a few exceptions, this story I accidentally found today is an absolute gem. I'm only on the second chapter and I can't wait to get to the last one. Keep up the good job.

sweetest angel- Mon 14 Jan 2008
AWWW it's cute! And I can't wait to see the face of inuyasha when he will see them interact! *grin*
please please update soon!

lex1621- Sun 13 Jan 2008
I hope you are well? I just wanted you to know that I am really enjoying this story and can't wait to read more!

snowbird- Sat 05 Jan 2008
I love it! Sesshoumaru is really beginning to let his emotions guide him where Kagome is concerned. He still wants to fight them but they're beginning to be stronger than him. Her feelings for him are getting stronger, too. A time will come when they will not back away from each other. Only you know when. I'll just have to patiently wait. I had a feeling she'd eventually have a confrontation with the villagers. I'm glad Sesshoumaru is going to oversee her training with the human warrior (his name just left my mind). I thought him despicable for taking Naraku's bait, but what he did while she was being beaten by the "good citizens" was beyond despicable. He'll get his just "rewards" when his "wife" turns on him.

EntityofSorrows- Thu 20 Dec 2007
I love this story, and now things are starting to heat up. I congradulate you on one of the best stories ever to grace a webpage. GOOD JOB! I'll be waitng for your next update ^-^

Jenna Lee DeJonghe- Sun 04 Nov 2007
HEYA!! I love this story^.^Megumi makes me smile^.^ Just had to say that I love your story!! Keep up the great work.
Jenna Lee

trihn- Sun 07 Oct 2007
i like it very much!

LadySafire- Thu 04 Oct 2007
I love the story! Can't wai to read more!!

snowbird- Wed 03 Oct 2007
I thought this last chapter was cute and funny. I'm glad you're going to make her strong. I hate it when too many stories leave her weakly using her powers. I like it when she's a powerful miko without being turned into a youkai or hanyou. That gets my goat. She's human. Leave her that way. One exception. I want her to have a long life so making her immortal while retaining her humanity is my ideal Kagome.
I've enjoyed your story so far. Keep it coming with the good updates.

BelovedWanderer- Sun 30 Sep 2007
plz post more chapiies

ITYG- Sat 29 Sep 2007
i love the story so far and can't wait for the next chapter to come out, can you send me an e-mail when you post it? if so thanks if not its ok. keep on writing!

Krystal Skor- Thu 27 Sep 2007
Nice story

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