Reviews for Falls On Me by MomoDesu

omizumaru- Wed 02 Jan 2008
So glad to see this one is back! Because I was going to steal it if you abandoned it! LOL. If you just puttered of to Potter land and forgot about it, I was totally going to snag it. Alas, you haven't forgotten about it. Oh well, less work for me it seems. ;) The good news is, that last bit, with the dream, was AMAZING! I loved it. It was so touching and in character for InuYasha. What a wonderful job my dear. I have no complaints. Keep up the good work (or I will be back to take it, I swear!) and I look forward to the next chapter.

Your saddle seems to fit just fine!
Lobe you!

Tana-san- Tue 01 Jan 2008
Great to see your fics again. I'm sorry for all that's happened and I hope you are feeling better. I'm happy that you're going to finish this fic. I've always read that Kagome goes back in time before the Feudal Era or Sesshoumaru goes forward after being sealed away but this one is new and with Kagome being so family oriated, she lost her Feudal and future family. It's more mind blowing then anyone can imagine. I agree with InuYasha, go give his brother h***. Take care and hpe to see an update soon. Hugs, Jen

tinylittlemoonsmurf- Mon 31 Dec 2007
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEW CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Saeko- Sun 16 Sep 2007
Love it so far... One thing tho... ITS TETSUSAIGA!!! Not tessaiga.

Tana-san- Tue 21 Aug 2007
Hey Momo, I'm finally getting caught up now with all my fics and my favs all go on hiatus. lol. It's really bad when I can't have my laptop but I've found that all laptops have short lifespans. This sucker is new tho and it ticks me off that it has so many problems so early in it's life. I've learned that I like HGTV on cable tho. lol. Our place is a very old mobile home on 10 acres with a pretty front yard view so it's nice to dream what a new place would look like. Anyway, my thoughts about this fic are confusing me some. I find myself suspicious over Sesshoumaru's want to keep Kagome away from Shippo. I understand his need toward her being the only thing left of the Feudal Era and his brother but how could he possibly know that being around Shippo would have not been just what she needed? Like when my dad died, my mom's love and comfort meant alot that I didn't want to lose her and in all fairness, I understand Sesshoumaru may feel this way too but with his amount of years grieving the past one would think he'd give her the love of her kit she was raising unless there were something wrong in doing so. And with all the hushed voices around her, well, like I said, I'm confused. Or is there something here I'm not seeing? I know I probably won't get an answer but I thought I'd give it a chance anyway. I love your work, Momo. You are one of those precious few that make me happy in my adventures beyond this world I know of pain. No worrries tho, I'm a survivor and bless God for each day I can get on the outside world with little complications. Much Love, JEN

elvira- Tue 21 Aug 2007
poor sesshy..more chapters please!!

shon_7- Sat 18 Aug 2007
I don't often review but I have to say that I really like the fic. I think it is very unique compared to some others when it is usually Sesshomaru who has been preserved throughout the time and Kagome, being the one to find him. You're doing an excellent job! I'm adding this fanfiction to my fav's list :D

omizumaru- Sat 18 Aug 2007
If you decide to abandon this, can I have it?

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Tana-san- Tue 31 Jul 2007
Hey there. Hope you're feeling better. It's hard not to be a slacker when you're that sick. I've been going thru my own and then to have my laptop taken back to be repaired, the last few weeks totally suck. I can't sit long in chairs due to ruptured discs so life without my laptop is boring. I get more entertainment from fanfiction then tv so you writers out here are my lifeline. I can read for hours about Sesshoumaru and Kagome and not even know it, so you taking your time to write such great fics and post them for free is most appreciated by me. When I read the intro to this I was compelled to read it. I have read some of your other fics and can see that you have quite a talent for writing. I also give credit to your betas and inspirations. When your brain is putting out so much and your fingers are trying to keep up with your brain it's nice to know that you've got someone to help sort out the mistakes. I'll be watching for updates and as long as you give quality work I don't mind waiting at all. Take care. Jen

serenechaos- Tue 31 Jul 2007
Is it Kouga or Shippou???? I CAN'T tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cry...... anyways can't wait for an update... finished harry potter and neeeeeeed more to read!!!!!!!!!

elvira- Mon 30 Jul 2007
wow..this is awsome!!!...more chapters please!!

Katie- Mon 30 Jul 2007
im likin' so far cant wait for the update. that was kind of a sick cliffie. it hurt my feelings a little that you just left it like that :( my hurt feelings

Jean- Mon 30 Jul 2007
Good chapter, although Kagome needs to get it together girl. Now as for the cliffy . . .

kat- Mon 30 Jul 2007
your doing a really good job so far. it's very original!

SilentThunderstorm- Mon 30 Jul 2007
Are u kidding me You leave it at a cliffy. Please do the next chap soon it is really good.

elBriella- Tue 10 Jul 2007
YOU!! BETTER!!! UPDATE SOON!! LOL I just had to use the capitals.. Waiting for moree.. =)

moon smurf- Mon 09 Jul 2007
yet another good chapter =) can't wait for the next one!
ja ne
moon smurf

Smittee- Sun 08 Jul 2007
I LOVE IT! I enjoy how the story is going. I'm amused by the evil amount of buttons on the remote. And, I also liked the emotions that go through in this, and basically not making the 'I hate you' flow of energy. ((If I don't make sense, I apologize. I haven't gotten enough sleep lately.)) But, I can't wait for the next chapter.

Ninja Rikku- Sun 08 Jul 2007
Quite honestly, I rather like Sesshomaru's personality in this. And he thorws hissy fits quite a bit, I'll agree. I can't wait for your next chapter, so update soon kay?

jou- Thu 05 Jul 2007
love the fic. have yet to read anything like it. you are doing really great job so far. keep it up. one question though, why so far in the future.

ElegantPaws- Thu 05 Jul 2007
I love it when someone actually uses their imagination and comes up with a great story line. Fantastic, simply wonderful.

moon smurf- Tue 03 Jul 2007
I love it!!! can't wait for the next chapter. can you email me when you update please? thank you!
ja ne
-moon smurf

corralia- Tue 03 Jul 2007
It is a very interresting development but I think for me Sesshoumaru it's a little bit too soft even if there are a thousand years between events. It's like he is sleepwalking through life. But then again, this is just me. All in all I love the plot so far. Please go on with the story. Thank you.

lindajrjt- Tue 03 Jul 2007
I found this to be a well written chapter and I loved the idea that Sumire reminds me of Rin so much. It makes me happy to see Sesshomaru and Kagome getting along so well and the fact too that he is willing to help her in her time of need. So far this story is great and I look forward to many more chapters as I am really curious as to what will happen next. Thanks for writing this.

npope- Tue 03 Jul 2007
I'm interested to see what the next chap will be like. I like this fic; however, i felt that sess is still ooc, even after a 1,000 years, considering that he probably lived for thousands of years prior to the feudal era as the demon known called the killing perfection.

corralia- Thu 28 Jun 2007
It's a little different from what you've worked so far but I like it. Please go on with it.

Meletina- Thu 28 Jun 2007
amazing, I like it already, please do keep it up.

heather- Wed 27 Jun 2007
i love this story please update soon

Arryelle- Wed 27 Jun 2007
Awww it's becoming an awesome story sad but great. But shippou's dead *wails* well update soon please I really like it

Love Arry

aura- Wed 27 Jun 2007
Lovely so far.
I hope you keep it going.
Glad you found a challenge that inspired you.

Steven- Wed 27 Jun 2007
GAH! Not gonna give us the full flashback? No fair. Its looking very nice though. Except, (and perhaps this is because I'm a cynic) I think it would take way more than 500 years to get the world to start cleaning up... Actually, to be serious for a second, I'm kind of surprised at how LITTLE the world has changed. Compared to how the world has changed in the LAST 500 years, it seems almost mild. I mean, there are cars nowadays that don't even need keys. In 500 years I almost assumed we wouldn't need cars.

sesshys_jaded_samuri- Tue 26 Jun 2007
YOU MUST CONTINUE THIS STORY!!! THAT IS AN ORDER.... No seriously.. I really like the way this started out. I hope you decide to continue with it. It has so much potential. Keep it up.

Sidhe- Tue 26 Jun 2007
woohoo! another good story to look forward to! this is the kind of thing that I need to keep me motivated in my own work. When I reed such wonderful things as this, then it makes me at least attempt to keep up...thank you!

- Sidhe

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