Bittersweet- Wed 30 Jan 2008
i smiled the whole way through! that was so romantic the way he proposed to her! i LOVED it!

Bittersweet- Wed 30 Jan 2008
it was soooo sad! it made me cry! then it made me really really happy! i love the song and the story. it was beautifuly done.

Violetcarson- Sat 22 Dec 2007
OMG!!!!!! That was sooooo CUTE!!!!!! I don't think you rushed it, it was PERFECT!!!! And it was soooo sweet, and soooo fluffy, and soooo absolutely GREAT!!!! Worth the wait!!!!!!!!

Kami's_Twilight_Angel- Wed 27 Jun 2007
i saw the title of the HM/MC song and i was like, hey i wonder if that is what i think it is lol dnt wry i watch the Disney Channel w/ my lil sis so i know all about HM and she's the fic and yes...the cliffy was mean x.x

bluemoon_175- Wed 27 Jun 2007
I love your story and can't wait to read more so I hope you update asap please.

marquishawright- Wed 27 Jun 2007
u are soo evil but i really love the story i hope u update soon

Ana- Tue 26 Jun 2007
Grrrr... Cliffys!!! please update soon! I wanna know about the wedding, and the pups, and if Seshou's gonna faint ^_^ Please? Thank you!! Great story by the way ^_^

Sesshoumaru's Fiend- Tue 26 Jun 2007
Let me tell you a story...

Once there was a 16 year old girl named Ashley. Ashley had just finished exams not even a week ago and had enjoyed sleeping in late and wearing her PJs all day!

Well, one night, at 7:20pm, she went onto a fantastic website called "A Single Spark." She found a story that looked interesting and clicked on the link.

She read a story called "Songs from the Heart" by an author by the name of 'Moon Mage Goddess'.

Well, she was reading the last chapter of the fluffiest thing ever when something horrific happened. Do you want to know what that was?

The author left a huge cliffhanger!

Yes! That's right! A cliffhanger!

It was horrible!!

Ashley was sitting at her computer, reading the last line of dialogue. She scrolled past the lyrics only to find an authors note! She scoffed in outrage and thrusted her hands outwards, saying quiet heatedly:...

"What the hell?!"

Well, she then sat, and pouted, swatted at an annoying fly, and pressed the "Send Review" button.


That was a great chapter! I love the name for the dog. Inu. When I read it, I was thinking...'God, I hope the author knows that's 'Dog' in Japanese. Then I figured that you most likely did.

It was so sweet. And Sesshoumaru was so...emotional. It was kinda...awkward.


He should be in every story!

Great job on that chapter and I hope that you can update again soon!


--Ashley (Yes, the one from the story ::winks::)

Kawaii_Kilala- Wed 13 Jun 2007
OMG! that was such a sweet scean! i almost thought he was only giving her the puppy, and coincidentaly i own a husky, its not a puppy, but its still so cute! she's pregnant with a husy, so...we'll see!
I was smiling and crying at the same time with this! I'm hoping you'll make a sequal that has some nice love making in it....but, if not, this truly is a nice story/suppose-to-be-oneshot-story, and i hope that you'll wrap it up with two more chapters, one with a two year wait, with him getting used to himself running the companies, and kags selling her songs...and waiting to actualy have kids...and then he asks to have one...that would be so kawaii!
and then the last with them haveing lived four more years, with kids all over their own house! maybe even show the wedding! ;) ya never know!
Up-date soon! if you want to contineu!

sesshous_girl- Wed 13 Jun 2007
Oh wow i love that chapter it was awesome. You have got to add more chapters soon.

sesshyluver17- Tue 12 Jun 2007
AMAZING STORY! i aboslutely adored it! I could really feel kas pain, and I loved the ending! MAGNEFIEC! or howver you spell it...

naru- Mon 11 Jun 2007
This is a reall ygood story. Written really well. Puncuation is great too and easy to understand. Keep up the good work.

Janna- Thu 07 Jun 2007
I really do love this work. I know exactly what this song conveys. I have never heard it before, but it sums up my life perfectly. I have found a new song to sing in my car....I love what you have made me feel right now. I do a lot of the things she expains in this song. Thank you for showing me this fiction and this song. Thank you so much....

Li- Thu 07 Jun 2007
wow, that was cute! i can kinda relate to it in real life, minus the mikos, youkais and hanyous ^_^ nice fic!

Alyana- Wed 06 Jun 2007
Nice! There IS another one, but it's not a oneshot (I hope) and the story line is different--it follows the music video a little more--there actually is another girl. It's by Ametisti. Well, I do like this....did I ever ask you if you're very into books by Tamora Pierce? It seems so, to me. There's a lot of stuff I see that's similar....and signs of a fan....Can't wait for more stories!

eternallove_495- Wed 06 Jun 2007
i love it, usually,its the 3rd teardrops yada yada fanfic, i read, there was first, the "~Teardrops~" then the "Teardrops on my guitar" again, but not a one-shot, coz' it turn into a story, usually, this is the third! waaa! i really love that song, it so heart breaking! oh well.......make more?, please?

Checkers- Wed 06 Jun 2007
and now i love this song.
I've read just about all of your fanfics on and love them all. I hope you update Nothing Is Impossible For Love to Overcome.

Keep up the wonderful work,

Kami's_Twilight_Angel- Wed 06 Jun 2007
I guess my last review ddnt go through but i think it went something like...

love the song sad but the song too. I downloaded it right after reading this! Great job! ^^

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