Reviews for To Fall into Rut by Mlmonty

orchid- Fri 11 Apr 2008
please update update......

Holysinner- Thu 21 Feb 2008
Please update!!!!! PWEEEESSEEE!!!!!!!!!! I really do luv this story and you havent updated in like forever >_ so please update soon.
luve ya,

snowbird- Sat 02 Feb 2008
With much sadness and regret, I removed this story from my fav list. It's been since 11/16 since your last update. It seems your attention is on your new story, Underground Railroad. I like it and plan to follow it, but please finish your previous story. If you do decide to update this story, please e-mail me and let me know. I will gladly replace it on my fav list next to where I now have your new story.

orchid- Wed 23 Jan 2008
question... couldn't kag weaken the collar enough for sessh to break free.... if not, how are they going get free..... sessh doesn't seem to strategize or something to plan a escape..... he's a demon lord with vast knowledge not some low class demon here.... if must have some plan or a way to to break the collar.... i'm sure his heat is not holding him back because it doesn't seem to be in constant heat to detour him from plan, i mean is is able to talk with kag and not constantly thinking about sex.... and the monks are pissing me off.... when do they kill or punish or tortured in return by sessh.... please update soon to shed some light..... i hope sessh turns into his inu form and stomps on the monks, heheheheheheeeeee...... update update thanks....

Sesshy's Angel- Wed 23 Jan 2008
hey! wheres the rest of the story??? hehehe please update soon...or tell if you aren't going to finish it... that would be a shame.... please?

snowbird- Sat 05 Jan 2008
3rd review since update -- Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee. Double pleaseeeeeeeeeee. When are you going to update? I'm really hooked on this story. Add this with the info on my first review of this chapter: Am I wrong in thinking that she should be with pup now? He did rut with her while she was in heat also. Just please update so we'll all know and let us know about her miko powers (pertaining to my comments in the first review, too).

snowbird- Sun 30 Dec 2007
Please, come back and update. I checked for updates on mediaminor while ASS was down. But now it's back up. I will still continue to check both sites.

Nikki- Fri 21 Dec 2007
That was really good. I liked the idea of first rut. Poor Kagome she just can't seem to catch a break. LOL well it was really good can't wait for the next update.

Megan Consoer- Sun 02 Dec 2007
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?

Maru-KunKun- Fri 23 Nov 2007
update soon please. i want to see where you take this story. till then. ja-ne. XDDD

Holysinner- Tue 20 Nov 2007
Mimonty you realize that you kick ass dont you? if you dont realize it then shame on you.i loved the part when the monk died. i hope sesshy kills them all.MUAHHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY,LOVE YA!
holysinner ^_^

Keiko- Mon 19 Nov 2007
I can't wait! Please update ASAP!

snowbird- Sat 17 Nov 2007
How much longer are they going to be there? No more torture please? Also, where's her miko powers? She should have at least a small enough amount to at least rid him of that collar. I'm glad he was able to kill one of them. I was hoping that when his beast completely took over, that it would enable him to be able to have enough power to escape. BooHoo I could have cried in frustration. Please let some hope shine through in your next update.

alissa- Sat 17 Nov 2007
i love it! please update soon!

elvira- Fri 16 Nov 2007
poor sesshomaru!!..poor kagome!!!

update soon!

Megan Consoer- Fri 16 Nov 2007
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?

midnight_flurry- Fri 16 Nov 2007
Wow finally another chapter!!! Thanks. Poor Kagome. Thank god sesshoumaru killed one of the monks. Hope the whole group of monks die. Great job on this chapter. I loved every second of it. Please update soon.

Jean- Fri 16 Nov 2007
I don't know what it is about hostage situations and torture stories, but I can't seem to stay away from them. Of course steamy sex thrown in between Sesshoumaru and Kagome and the story become irresistible.

iloveprettysilverhair- Fri 16 Nov 2007
Interesting story! Kudos on keeping the characters in character!

beautiful chapter! I am so glad that you updated and really cant wait for the next chapter. Hmm... I wonder how they'll escape and if they do what will happen between Kagome and Sesshoumaru once their free?

Please update soon!

Miss_Kagura- Fri 16 Nov 2007
Great story!

Nitpicking, Ungai was a Buddhist priest, not Shinto, meaning he wouldn't be hanging around temples to Shinto gods.

Megan Consoer- Thu 15 Nov 2007
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?

Holysinner- Mon 29 Oct 2007
dude please update soon. i realy, REALY, like this fic. PLEASE UPDATE!!! ahem. freaking out over. sorry. anyways your a great author please keep going. and if anyone sends you a flame give their name to me. ill take care of them for you.heh heh heh.
keep it up,

snowbird- Tue 23 Oct 2007
Aw man please!! I'm dying here. I want an update. Those first three chapters were just an appetizer. I am now ready for the full course along with some dessert. I'M HUNGRY! Only an update will satisfy me.

snowbird- Mon 15 Oct 2007
Did you get lost? You've not updated since 8/21. Please don't abandon this delicious beginning to what promises to be an entertaining story. You left it at a nailbiting cliffie. PLEASE UPDATE NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

midnight hell dragon- Sat 13 Oct 2007
update plz

midnight hell dragon- Sat 13 Oct 2007
update plz

Any9- Mon 17 Sep 2007
I love this story.
If you have a noticing list please enroll my name. I want to read the new chapters as soon as you update them.

LilacFairy_108- Tue 11 Sep 2007
i love this story so far, you totally need to update. and when i say update, i mean update soon! in chaptter three you left us with a totall cliff and i want to see what's gonna happen!


Kiaya- Sun 09 Sep 2007
hi.lovely story. nice plot. i cant wait for your next chapter to come up. do you have any idea when that might be? well, looking forward to it, love ya.

Jamaican- Sat 08 Sep 2007
Read it here first then readit again on love it, had to put it on my alert list...

Kubira07- Sun 02 Sep 2007
Awsome Story. I can't wait to read what happens next.

orchid- Wed 29 Aug 2007
update update please

Angel- Wed 22 Aug 2007
I Love ur story. Frankly I haven't read a story like this before and I have to say its amazing. The way u portray kagome and sess together in this story is just so sexy. Hope u update soon, this story ROCKS so please don't abandon it k.

orchid- Wed 22 Aug 2007
yay... update.... will sessh able to keep kag or will the monks take her away... when will sessh getting out of his prison... update soon... thanks

niki- Wed 22 Aug 2007
wow, nicely done. i wish u'd update alot sooner. i hope to see the next one soon

lex1621- Wed 22 Aug 2007
I hope you update soon! you sure do know how to write an erotic seen.

Holysinner- Tue 21 Aug 2007
OMG! that was great. i hope either Sesshy or Kags totally waiste those evil sons of bitches that call themselves monks. please update soo.
Ja Ne,

Alyakcm- Tue 21 Aug 2007
I still love this story, I was having a hard time logging in. This story just gets better and better. The next chapter is going to be real interesting! I love seeing the possessive side of Sesshoumaru come into play! Well good luck, and keep updating!

sweet Foxy Lady- Tue 21 Aug 2007
I really like the story keep writing

Koiishi_Beloved- Tue 21 Aug 2007
I read the chapter and it was great! I'm glad you updated! 3 ^__^


Chaos_queen77- Tue 21 Aug 2007
I really like this fan fic, it good. i tend to find that i love these tyoe, trapped with one an other shit its great. Any ways keep up the good work.


Geraldina- Tue 21 Aug 2007
This story is really good and also you have really good grammar :o) Please update !!!

Shanalir- Tue 21 Aug 2007
I like the way this chapter moved things along between Kagome and Sesshoumaru. I'm looking forward to seeing how much closer they grow during their captivity. I'm really wondering if Kagome could find a way to remove the subduing collar, or deactivate it or something so that they could escape. Can't wait for more.

*A-Kay*- Tue 21 Aug 2007
omg an update. yay!
please continue asap
that was great

Arc-an angel- Tue 21 Aug 2007
beautiful can't wait for the next chapt

Ana- Tue 21 Aug 2007
AHHHH!! BLOODY MONKS!! Grrrr. please keep it up, ne? I wanna know what happens next! Ja ne!!

sessxkag- Tue 21 Aug 2007
please update soon
it's really good...could u let me no if the next ch is up...

whiteinu1- Tue 21 Aug 2007
Keep going ^_^

hellspixie18- Tue 21 Aug 2007
love the story so far!!! I can't wait to read more so please update soon and keep up the good work.

elvira- Tue 21 Aug 2007
this is awesome!!!..more chapters please!!

Pim- Mon 06 Aug 2007
When are you going to write more? I love this and I'm dying to read more. Sincerely, A.J. // xPimx

kay- Mon 23 Jul 2007
i love it but u stopped update

kay- Mon 23 Jul 2007
i love it but u stopped update

kay- Mon 23 Jul 2007
i love it but u stopped update

kay- Mon 23 Jul 2007
i love it but u stopped update

kay- Mon 23 Jul 2007
i love it but u stopped update

kay- Mon 23 Jul 2007
i love it but u stopped update

Lady Nya- Sat 02 Jun 2007
This is actually very original. I like it a LOT! Please update soon!

katie- Wed 30 May 2007
wow i like it please keep going

WiccanMethuselah- Tue 22 May 2007
Ok, I'm hooked. Nicely done 'pseudo-rape' scene. You actually managed to imbue Sessh with somewhat reasonable reactions to his actions and make him seem a little more 'humane.' And did so in a relatively believable fashion ... not easy to do!!

I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing where you take this ... is Kags going to help him escape? Will he take her with him so she's there for the rest of his rut? Lots of questions ... I'll be staying tuned for answers!

Thanks for the oh-so-entertaining reading!!

Trice- Tue 22 May 2007
I really am enjoying reading your story and look forward to reading more of your story. I like the little twist to this story and I can imagine that it will get very interesting as the story continues.

naru- Tue 22 May 2007
Update.!!! Really good begginning.

Nephele- Tue 22 May 2007
This is a wonderful story, and I simply love it. You've managed to take the 'Kagome and Sesshomaru have sex while he can't control himself' cliché and give it an original perspective while keeping the characters fairly well in character, a difficult feat in itself since it is nearly impossible for anyone other than the original author to keep to a set characterization. Anyways, this story is beautifully written, and I hope you continue with the good work.

Nyx- Tue 22 May 2007
Yay, you updated! I love this story so far. I can't wait to see what happens!

Metis- Tue 22 May 2007
Thank you for not making it as traumatic as it could have been. I hope she can remove his collar. I also hope for full youkai offspring, but then I always do. Hanyou are too insecure and chaotic. And youkai ears are cuter. :)

Gryphonwills- Tue 22 May 2007

Mystic Miko- Tue 22 May 2007
Gez, these 'holy men' are pissing me off! GRRR...still though, I love this fic, it's amazing and I can't wait for the next chapter, please update soon.

yukihime- Mon 14 May 2007
how do kagome and sesshoumaru meet? ^^

Kawaii_Kilala- Thu 10 May 2007
I had read your new story 'Guilt' and like with all authors that i've read a story on that i like a lot i went to your account to see if you had any other stories i could read. And guess what! you did! of course, your summery intriged me, and i forgot to check if it was complete...or had more than one chapter...sadly, its not complete, and there is only one chapter. Now, i dont know why you didn't finish it, because i believe that its very promising in the lemon department, and if you write it with enough things (detail, feelings, prospectives from both characters...once in a while...ect, ect) than you may even get enough votes for an award! how cool would that be!?
I think, that since the first chapter was great, you should continue it!!!
Good Luck!

kitty16- Sun 06 May 2007
i LOVE YOUR STORY please post asap i cant wait untill your next chapter!!!1

Inusbabe- Sat 05 May 2007
I really enjoyed this first chapter I hope to read more soon. I am curious to how Kagome will end up with him.

Gryphonwills- Sat 05 May 2007
Good story so far.

Killing Perfection- Fri 04 May 2007
wow! I REALLY like this story! ^^ VERY nice written. I like your writing style. You portray Sesshoumaru very well. Its almost like it really was him talking. Really good. Update soon please! I can't wait! ^^

DarkAngel495- Fri 04 May 2007

WhaT's GoiNg To happEn NexT?

CaRe To uPdaTE sOon? ThaNKs




inumaru_rapture- Fri 04 May 2007
sounds good so far! update soon!

Artemis- Fri 04 May 2007
This is very interesting and I really enjoyed the first chapter! Can't wait for the next update! xD

~ CelestialTenshi ~- Fri 04 May 2007
Please update soon!!!

Aly- Fri 04 May 2007
Interesting...although...the monks are annoying as hell and I just want to strangle them all...but I figure that's your point. Can't wait to see what happens next. I like it so far, please update soon.

megan- Fri 04 May 2007
I love the story so far keep up the good work

Rikke- Fri 04 May 2007
Wonderful writing!
It felt so wrong when the monks took away his youki and he couldn`t do anything while he was beated... Hate to read Sesshoumaru hurting but anyways, it was a great chapter! More, please. ^_^

Rowen- Fri 04 May 2007
Curiosity is killing me! Update soon

elsy- Fri 04 May 2007
Hello I really like the chapter but please update

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