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Lauren :]- Sun 16 Sep 2007
O.M.F.G. i just finished your story. IM IN LOVE! noo jk but that was like awsome. during the end i like started to cry a lot cuz of all the emotions but MAN ur a good writer. once i become an author im going to recomend this storyy. oh yea and please dont give me a cantalope *shows other fruits* i have enough :]

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I loved this fanfic! Though there were times when the story dwindled, at the end I thought it was beautiful. I love the thought of Kagome and Sesshomaru along with Rin ebign a family in the future ^__^ Keep up the great work!

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yeah, it would've been nice to see Rin's reaction, but this way it ends with us hoping for the best in their new life together.
it's very rare that a story makes me tear up, but this one did... especially when Sesshy died. I'm very glad that they get a second chance.
Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. It takes guts to post the first chapter, then a lot of time to finish a story... so thank you for finishing the story the way you did. it was very romantic and sweet.
I look forward to reading something else by you in the future. Please don't keep us waiting too long, your talent is too good to be denied for long.

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If only more people write like you do. Without the over enthusiastic anatomy lessons which always make me want to go 'ick!' and skip a few pages (and thus the lemon). Without the vulgar words which always make me gag and groan!

*ahem* Anyway...wonderful story...wonderful build-up until the climax (no pun intended) and wonderful portrayals. I'm glad that Sesshoumaru was human in the end - equal lifespans equals happy rbk! No matter how they're written out!

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The end was great, realy realy great.
I hope as well to see you soon with another story.
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Violetcarson- Thu 02 Aug 2007

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well, you obviously.
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:-D haha, not really. *nods* well, hope you have a happy wednesday!

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the chappie was great again! WHen Rn and Kagome hugged and Kagome crieed, that was sooo sad, but you've written it very good! Rin' such a cute kid^^
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now, since you granted my request i will sit patiently and wait for more. ^_~
thanks hun!

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I apologize, my other personality got a hold of the keyboard. It won't happen ag- ARGH!!!!! I will rip out your effing SPLEEN!!!!! Muahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I wsould just like to make it clear, that this is NOT a flame, I am merely frustrated (Yo liar!!! You cannot cage me forever!!!! Muahahaha!!) I promise nit to inflict bodily harm on you, if you give us the promised lemon, NOW!!!!


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sweetie- Wed 18 Jul 2007
is this story gonna have sad ending? sob sob

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Kanazawa- Tue 17 Jul 2007
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hehe... but i liked that chapter a lot. The way you resolved the Inuyasha, Kikyo, Kagome thing was masterfully done.

Kanazawa- Tue 17 Jul 2007
oh ouch Sesshoumaru.. ouch. That was painful. Why did you have to go and say a thing like that to Kagome-- you know you like her ;)

Kanazawa- Tue 17 Jul 2007
I love the line 'her spiritual aura made night turn to day' what a cool image!!

Whoo hoo, Kagome and Nadia are awesome!!

Poor Sesshoumaru-- it sounds painful. I hope Kags can heal him

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Kanazawa- Tue 17 Jul 2007
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I love how Sesshoumaru saved the day-- cool imagery!

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Hazel- Fri 13 Jul 2007
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Today I was supposed to be writing a lemon for my story 'Violation of Honor', but instead I spent the day reading yours. I think that it was a day well spent. I know that you are new to the fandom and your questions about things reminded me of my first days joining the guild of Sess/Kag writers. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have to help you along. You are doing a great job with your story. It actually surprised me that this is your first. It is well written and nicely planned. You've done a good job of keeping the characters in character - even when Kagome was under the influence of Nadia. Some of the spellings were off, but that is understandable. Just do like I did and start a notebook that you collect data in for reference while you write. I still use mine all the time. You might try places like Inuyashaworld.com for names and spellings. As for the fanfiction jarga, you can go to Adultfanfiction.net and check out their story codes under FAQ in the main title bar. They list EVERYthing there. That is where I post my naughtier Sess/Kag stories. I love ASSpark too, but some of my stuff can get a little racy. Most everyone in the Inuyasha fanfiction world is very nice and more than willing to offer help. By the way, if you still need a little guidence with the Italics and Bold scripting, just email me. I was just as clueless as you at first, so I'm sure that I can explain it. I would like to encourage you to continue writing Sess/Kag stories (selfishly so that I will have some juicy well written stories to read), but also because you do have talent, and the more you write, the better you'll get. I look forward to reading what you come up with in the future, as well as the remainder of 'To Live is to Love'. Until then... Ja ne! (bye!)

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I think I replyed before but i forgot. So anyway

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Any9- Mon 25 Jun 2007
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I can hardly wait to see what is going to happen next.
AAAA and stop apologyzing for short chapters this is your story and you are in title to write it the way you want and the way you can.
Next: please update as soon as you can (short chapter or long chapter-it doesn't mater).

chicke- Mon 25 Jun 2007
another great chapter~

v1cky84- Sun 24 Jun 2007
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Trice- Sun 24 Jun 2007
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Any9- Wed 20 Jun 2007
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I hope you recover your muse and he is going to put you to work.
This chapter was realy nice (you left an cliffie there-you mean one) and please update.

Sesshoumara-san- Tue 19 Jun 2007
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oh Please- Tue 12 Jun 2007
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I liked how you had Sessh show restraint in the lemon a few chapters back.

But, how evil to have her happiness torn away so abruptly. Sure didn't see that coming.

Can't wait to see what has happened to our favorite dog.

And didn't we all know Kagome could be dangerous if properly provoked. 5 miles! Darn! Maybe she was the cause of the demon extinction.

Great story, Keep up the good work.

Samantha_Shelby- Tue 12 Jun 2007
Oh no! What happend? CRAP! I am leaving for a month to a place w/no Internet acsess and u leave me with a cliffe? AHHH!!! I am sure the wait will be worth it!


Mika- Tue 12 Jun 2007
Wow, not a nice end for this demon..so what happened to Sesshomaru? Is he wounded bad or something?Really big explosion Kagome made..I hope she'll be fine after that..and that Sessh masters this way he must do...Hope you'll update soon =)

Trice- Tue 12 Jun 2007
As always this chapter was well worth the wait. I never know what to expect from you when I read your chapters and I love that about your writing as well as your sense of humor. I hope the computer demons break their hold on your computer! Maybe you might want to seek the help of a priest! LOL Anyways this was a great chapter and I was sad that it was not more to read. You know we are always harder on ourselves when it comes to are work. So leave yourself alone and I put in a prayer for your computer!

Jay- Sun 10 Jun 2007

Samantha_Shelby- Thu 07 Jun 2007
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kotainuchan- Thu 07 Jun 2007
oh she's P.Oed and gonna kick some ass I can tell! haha, love it as usual.

MorningStar- Wed 06 Jun 2007
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ooo... Kagome gets to kick some ass. this should be good. *pops some popcorn*
alright... i'm ready.
what? you mean i have to wait? *sigh* fine... you're lucky i love this story. ^_^
please update soon! thank you muchly!

Mika- Wed 06 Jun 2007
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I'm soo curious whats going on, and you stop there..!!! Thats not fair!^^
Plz update again soon=)

Hazel- Wed 06 Jun 2007
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Trice- Wed 06 Jun 2007
I really enjoyed reading this chapter. I really enjoyed the little twist you put into the story and I really look forward to reading more about this twist. This story is really starting to get good. You need to hurry up and fix your computer because I miss your funny little comments! LOL ")

Lady Nya- Wed 06 Jun 2007
Dun dun dun. I lurv it! You mean it does't help to curse at the computer when it doesn't work? Eh...no wonder. lol

Samantha_Shelby- Sun 03 Jun 2007
This story is awesome! I know that you just updated it alittle while ago, but I want more! Please??? (Insert puppy eyes here. Pun intended!) Seriously though, you have some very deticated readers. I found this on recommend fics. It was mentioned repeatedly, so I thought I'd try it and I am so glad that I did. Update soon!!!


chibi-nova- Fri 01 Jun 2007
i always saw this being updated when i would look for something to read but i never clicked on it until now and i have to say that you have out done your self your writing is awsome and easy to read nice plot... what else could i say lol just great job and hope you will be able to update soon

MorningStar- Thu 31 May 2007
aww... i like it. it's a little Key Lime Pie. and he's so cute at the end.

wait! *reads back* she lost her shard? *rereads last chappie* :-D* i'm sorry... who was hard? *blush* umm...
i seem to have lost my brain.
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raven- Sun 06 May 2007
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niki- Tue 17 Apr 2007
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DarkAngel495- Tue 17 Apr 2007

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sesshous_girl- Tue 17 Apr 2007
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