KaiyoAzalea- Thu 02 Aug 2007
I must applaud you on creating one of the most original plots I have come across to date. It would be my pleasure to become a fan of your writing. When you have finally caught your muse I hope she will help you to whip up another awe inspiring chapter. Keep up the greatness!!! :3

P.S. Try using a fish net. Those are great for catching capricious stray muses.

lasirenamarisol- Tue 17 Apr 2007
i liked it a lot! update update! hahahaha and i hope you found that "muse."

le_disko- Tue 17 Apr 2007
Nooo! More! I liked that Kagura and Kagome are actually friends. That was a nice twist that i didn't see coming. Update quickly, please!

Lady Kagome-sama(^_^)- Fri 13 Apr 2007
chaos-san PLZ POST A NEW CHAPPIE luv da fic so far anyway i think the plot is AWESOME u ROX the SOX so byebye

ShadowsWeaver1- Tue 10 Apr 2007

*Stands and gives Chaos a round of applause*

Wonderful, beautiful, lovely, fantastic, any more and i'm going to make myself into a living thesaurus....but YEAH! Lol and it's about time!

And i just know, since i can see you're getting some lovely reviews (*sniffle* though i'm sad that i didn't get the privilage to pop this story's illustrious review cherry) that you're going to get the next chapter out super quick. No excuses missy. I'm going to be hounding you even worse ;P Haha! and you know you can't deny me now that you've gotten a taste for writing!

And i have to say, even though i already did...but whatever...that i really loved the story. It was like a weird twist of the Kikyo/Naraku thing mixed in with the uber powerfulness of Midoriko and sprinkled with a bit of pixie dust to make for a magical tale of blood and struggle, good and evil, fear and hope. Teehee...it was just perfect ^_^

Well, now that you've gotten the distinct pleasure of hearing my rambles in review fashion (since there's just something different about reviews than any other form of communication...mostly in the way that they tend to tell you often that YOU ROCK...lol) i'm off to make some more damage with my own story.


chibi moon baby- Tue 10 Apr 2007
interesting new idea....cant wait to see where it goes! keep up the fantabulous work!

Witchie Wolf- Tue 10 Apr 2007
Cool. I can't wait for more.

lilmoe31- Tue 10 Apr 2007
I'm starting to like this fic, please continue. ShadowWeaver1 is great isn't she, and If your anything like her then you are surely to be one of my favorites. Keep up the god work. Update soon.

lilmoe31- Tue 10 Apr 2007
I'm starting to like this fic, please continue

gouka chibi fujo- Tue 10 Apr 2007
well you like using commas and i don't know how to use them so feel free to have some of mine ha.

like it so far can't wait for more

Lady Kiarara- Tue 10 Apr 2007
Hey i like your so please update soon

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