Reviews for Girl Warrior by Rainumora

unknown- Sun 11 May 2008
"Natsuko scowled, gently rubbing at Sesshomaru’s stiff body with her hands." I think it should be Naraku not sesshoumaru?

Penelope Dream weaver- Wed 16 Jan 2008
Okay this was a really really good story. However I must say that I REALLY REALLY HATE the ending you killed Kagome, couldn't you have had her come back after a bit I mean honestly I really hate it when people kill off the main characters I really do, If your going to kill off some one you should put a warning in your Story blerb I really don't like to read stories where any of the main characters die, there's so much more interesting things you can do with it that have them die, GAH, any way the only other thing I have to say is that Hakama are pants and a yukata is the under shirt thing that goes under the the Haori which is the shorter kimono thing/ shirt that the men seem to wear alot. I just had to point that out because it got really confusing when during the love scene Kagome was caressing his shoulders or chest or something and it sounded like she was actually caressing his member through his cloths. anyway again I did like this story just not the ending

thank you for writing such a great story it took me like 6 hours to finish.

Keep up the great work


Anna- Mon 14 Jan 2008
so good^__^ please write a sequel and have them reunite.

arielle langley- Mon 14 Jan 2008
Oh my god! That story was sooooo good! I actuay had tears in my eyes! Excellent work/job! Beautiful i tell u! Thanks for writing it

Megan Consoer- Sun 09 Sep 2007
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?

the Empress- Thu 06 Sep 2007
WOW. What an ending, I never thought you would let her die... There will be a sequal right? I love the fact that you went off the normal path and did something different. *Empress gives Rainumora a hugh hug and passes her a cookie* here's a cookie on me. Make lots more Intimate goodness next time please:) But I loved your story and thought it was great. You might want to try giving more details about the area and characters so that we can create a picture of the story in our heads. *think mental movie* but all in all it was great! Two sticky-PB & J-covered thumbs way way up *¿^

Violetcarson- Wed 25 Jul 2007
*tear* Such a sad ending. I didn't want to review at first, cause I was so mad, but once I found the sequel, I realized that maybe THIS time they can have a happry ending! They'd better!!!!

kimberly- Fri 29 Jun 2007
awesome story!

pittydahfool- Thu 21 Jun 2007
write a sequal, write a sequal, write a sequal, write a sequal!
you made me mad and pitty sesshomaru at the same time. Not fair! Any ways loved the storey, sept the last two chapters.

demon13o- Sun 10 Jun 2007
Well if I had to say it any other way I'd just not know what to say I mean damn that's a way to leave you crying but really poo Kagome... so young -sighs-

Oh well nice chapter and I hope to read the next fic from you soon!

Ja Ne!!

Matimay- Sat 09 Jun 2007
that was an amazing story, as well as diffrent. (which is a good thing ;D) you have done a single spark proud! *pats you on back.*

Dominique- Fri 08 Jun 2007
awww..she died!!! im gonna cry!
she died. that was such a good fic.

bluemoon_175- Fri 08 Jun 2007
Ahh, I wish the ending would have turned out different. But I love the story, maybe you can think about doing a sequel were sess meet kagome again.

laura- Fri 08 Jun 2007
omg. i absolutely loved this story. i just wished that kagome didn't have to die in the end. that would be so cool if you did a sequel where kagome gets reborn and she meets sesshoumaru only they're in the modern era and she doesn't know him at first but when they mate she remembers everything that happened. just ideas. i hope you write more soon!

Zyren- Fri 08 Jun 2007
beautiful abo-freakin-lutely beautiful! As soon as i started this fic i couldnt stop. You are a wonderful writer!

demon13o- Sun 13 May 2007
awesome!!! hurry and update more soon okay!

damn I'm loving your fic more and more yeah lol!

Ja Ne!!

Violetcarson- Fri 11 May 2007
All hail the almighty queen of evil cliffies! How do you come up with such evil ideas?!?!?!?!?!?! You'd better update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam- Sun 06 May 2007
Hello again! Awesome last three updates. I'm sorry I wasn't able to review sooner...I was away. Anyway, not much wrong with these three! They were totally awesome and I loved them! Please update soon!

BTW!!!! I am a beta if you would like to talk to me about stuff...any questions you have...things like that. I'll help you as much as I can or as much as you'd like! :)

Ja Ne!


Violetcarson- Sun 06 May 2007
I'm so happy! Call me crazy, but Kagura is actually my second favorite character. After Sesshy, of course. It always saddens me that she is portrayed as evil in most fics, when I think she really could have been a good person in the series, if she hadn't died. I hope you aren't going to turn her evil later on too, I'll be sad. I still love this fic though!!!!!! Did I mention how happy I am that you updated! Well, I am, and I'm also happy that they finally mated!! Yeah!!! After sooooo long, they're together. I loved the foreshadowing you did with the Astra in that chapter too! I hope Kaggy doesn't die though!!! Wah! That would suck!!!!! ANywho, can't wait for another update! Keep writing!!!
BTW, sorry for the bit of a rant on Kagura!

Nightstar007- Sun 06 May 2007
I think both chapters are really well written. For being their first time together neither was really nervous like they were with Himeko. I really love the story please update soon i want to see what's going to happen BANZAI!!! (how old is kagome again?)

yamamotoyohko- Sun 06 May 2007
I just noticed that in ch9, you made an error in this line: "Natui scowled, gently rubbing at Sesshomaru’s stiff body with her hands". I think Sesshoumaru should be replaced by Naraku.

Violetcarson- Thu 03 May 2007
Ooooooh! That was such a sweet chapter!!!!!! I loved it and cant wait for more!!!!!!!!!!!!

demon13o- Wed 02 May 2007
._. i had just got your reply about you reposting your fic... and I dare say it is definitly turned for the better ^-^

It's really good and I hope to read more from you! oh and I hope you strike god in that beta reader finder department... lol. Alright well I must end my review soon and get ready for bed... that was a lot of chapters to catch up on... all the way from 12.... oi! oh well it definitly didn't make me uh side track unless i looked at the clock and think of what my homework was for the hundredth time this night ah well hurry and get that next chapter up soon I'm eager to find out what's next and when Kagome will get Midoriko's power!

... before I end this review a thought came to mind when I read the part where inutashio warned sesshomaru about Kagome dying after some time due to her being a human... what if when they mate something weird and strange reacts. like her miko blood swirls with the youkai blood she is given and gives her the ability to live as long as he does... or maybe i've been reading to many fictions lol ah well it would be nice if sesshomaru never would lose her it would make the fic so much happier but if she did die she can always come back reicarnated with a sexually frustrated sesshomaru in the futrue -can imagine that- O.O uh on second thought.....

okay well yeah you think on that and if you need help on that beta i can help or look around for some evil nontalking beta readers... i might still have some emails.... uh o_. or maybe i can threaten my literature friend from school to help you... he owes me a favor so yeah lol!

._. maybe this is a little to long... sorry to steal your time with this review if you haven't noticed i don't get around and talk much lol... so uh yeah now i'm gonna end this review!

Ja Ne!

Lady Kirara- Wed 02 May 2007
-le gasp- Yet another amazing chapter. Can't wait to see what you'll come up with next!!

If you're still looking for a Beta, send me an email. I check mine at least once a day. ^^

~Lady K

Sam- Sun 29 Apr 2007
WOW!!! Awesome update! lolz only a few grammatical erors but nothing big. May want to think about a beta though if you don't have one. You should also play more with the characters. Don't make them sooo OOC, I mean...gah... I love the way it is, but maybe you should have them interact more and describe it thus hitting two birds with one stone cause the chapters need to be longer anyway! lolz and describe what Kag's kimono looks said she modified it, but you didn't say how...just "more managable" :/ lolz

Wow... it does sound like I dont like this... but I do!!! I love this story!!! and I would love to continue getting e-mail update alerts! lolz

Keep up the awesome work!! Cause really this story is awesome!!!!

Ja Ne!


Violetcarson- Sat 28 Apr 2007
Well FINALLY!!! I was worried that you weren't going to update anytime soon! I wish you luck with school work, its loading me down too. Yay for fluffy!!!!

mary- Tue 24 Apr 2007
please please please keep writing your story it intrueges me so

*Celestial*Youkai- Sun 22 Apr 2007
please update soon you havent been updating its been almost three weeks ! plz plz plz plz update

luna- Sun 15 Apr 2007
i want to know when u up date so can u please send me an email at

anika- Fri 13 Apr 2007
but i love the story :)

anika- Fri 13 Apr 2007
CE stands for common era, not christian era. It's the non-christian community's response to AD ano domine

*Celestial*Youkai*- Wed 11 Apr 2007
omg plz update soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!

mary- Tue 10 Apr 2007
i luv your story so far pleas write more i would luv to read it.

swtdrm01- Tue 10 Apr 2007
That was great and I can't wait for the next chapter.

Eternity of Tears- Mon 09 Apr 2007
this is so interesting!!
I am really interested in keeping up with this, so if you don't mind, could you please email me when you update?

well, anyways, rockin' story, and please update soon!

*Celestial*Youkai*- Mon 09 Apr 2007
this story is amazing and it has an amazing plot so far and thank god you update quickly because every chapter keeps me wanting more and more lol

great fanfic

Never-Here-4-Me- Mon 09 Apr 2007
Dude!!!! Please update soon! I so want to know what is going to happen next! Love the story!!! Update soon!!!

Aly- Mon 09 Apr 2007
*cries* I want more! Haha, no, it was really good =D I hope Sesshomaru gets to see Kagome in the next chapter, it's so sad whent hey aren't together T-T. Haha, yet another amazing chapter. Thanks!

Trice- Mon 09 Apr 2007
You are not an attention whore! I really do love this story. It is very entertaining that is why I was happy that you reposted the story. I look forward to reading more.

GleefulSorrow- Mon 09 Apr 2007
This is shaping up to be a lovely fic. Just gotta get this out of my goes.

Awwwwwwwwww!!! Sesshoumaru misses Kagome...HOW SWEEEEEEEET!

Ok, I feel better. Update soon :)

Valire18- Mon 09 Apr 2007
Okay were gonna do something different. I'll start off with saying something nice and then I'll say something constructive. Okay its a great story. BUT the chapters are kinda short. Alright that was hard. Something good I love the part where she's the destiny to save Japan. But when is her father going to take the blind folds off and see he's being decieved by the two people he trust the most. What's happening to Kikyo and everyone else at that palace. When will Naraku finger out he got rid of the wrong princess. Its getting intense. Its great update soon.

Naomi- Mon 09 Apr 2007
I forgot to ask, Sesshomaru and Kagome are so young at this point in the story. Are we going to get to see in them they're more mature lives?

Naomi- Mon 09 Apr 2007
I was really happy to see how tenderly Sesshomaru took to Kagome. It was very comforting, and now the same can be said for Inu-Taisho. I believe that's a good sign.

But it can never be that easy, right?

OHHHH! It's hard to say. In any case, thank you for the hard work and I eagerly await the next chapter.

menna- Sun 08 Apr 2007
Oh my fxing god. Could you please email me when you update? xD

Violetcarson- Sun 08 Apr 2007
Squishy! Enough said.

Aly- Sun 08 Apr 2007
Yay for comic relief! haha, love the story, can't wait for more!!

HAZEL- Sun 08 Apr 2007
Mito is Naraku I think......

Violetcarson- Sat 07 Apr 2007
Yay!! Another chapter done! I'm so happy...except you wrote another cliffhanger ending! How could you be so cruel?! Please, please please, please update soon!!!!!

swasdiva- Sat 07 Apr 2007 God. I just wasted half my day because I could not stop reading this fic! In that case, it wasn't really a waste at all. This story is amazingly written and very involving. I can't wait to read more.

jenna- Thu 05 Apr 2007
this was a great story i love how you did your own spin off of mulan

Violetcarson- Wed 04 Apr 2007
This is a really good story. Please update soon, I can only take a cliffhanger for so long before...

valire18- Tue 03 Apr 2007
I'm glad your back I hope that you continue because this is really a good story and you are a great writter. I hope for more soon have a good night.

Trice- Mon 02 Apr 2007
I am glad to see this story back. I really enjoyed reading this story and look forward to reading the upcoming chapters.

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