Violetcarson- Thu 31 May 2007
That has got to be one of the best oneshots EVER!!! I was balling my eyes out at the first, and when it got to the end I was grinning like a maniac. Great job!!

sesshyluver17- Thu 15 Mar 2007
oh wow! I aboslutley adored this one shot! My heart melted instantly... It was so sad yet happy and I loved how you expressed Kagome's feelings

judzea- Thu 08 Mar 2007
Very sad but sweet...bittersweet as some say.

Good job :)

Hazel- Tue 06 Mar 2007
I dont know what to say I mean wow...that is so sad and SESSHOU DIED!! What bout never mind but DAMNNNNNNNNNN Thats so sad.

helikesitheymikey!- Mon 05 Mar 2007
WOW!!! You are probably the only person who when making a sad story where Sess/Kag/or their kid dies have it end up happily ever after in heaven.....thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie- Mon 05 Mar 2007
Its was so sad in the beginning my eyes were watering and I was crying but then it got all sorta happy again. That was way good I really liked it.

SesshomaruCrazy- Mon 05 Mar 2007
OOOOOohhh what a sad story... But it played out well in the end.. Being that they all are together in the end...
I think you did a good job on the story..
I liked it and would
Take Care

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