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fluffy's little gurl- Fri 04 Jul 2008
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Claire Maslen- Thu 19 Jun 2008
I get to the end and then BAM! No more chapters... I was so disappointed.... which means that this is a great story...

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I think it's truly a shame that you were forced to change the original plan of this story because of people complaining. If I had spotted this story (and read it too, of course), I would have advised you to post it on mediaminer instead. Just long enough for the plot to develop past the Toga part. I'm a Toga fan myself, and I think it's a shame their time was cut so short. In that short time, I have a little hard time believing they could form such a strong bond. But then again, now it will be easier for her to fall for Sesshoumaru instead. ;)
And I think I know the secret as to why you find this story hard to write now. There's a lack of lemony goodness at the moment, and such a sweet thing doesn't fit in right now, right? Sesshoumaru and Kagome aren't really close enough for that kind of activity, but hey, there are others who might have needs... Like certain birds..... ;) Tagwin's a fun character, by the way, but as a non-native english speaker, I find him a bit hard to understand at times.
Okay, I'm gonna stop blabbering now. Update soon, kthnxbai!

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Anyways, I definitely look forward to the next chapter. Oh, and congratulation! I hope you win. Take care!

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Im gonna go out on a limb here and hope that u kill off Toran! Shes a Bitch... And i don't like her... i know thats the plan... other than that i love both ur stories... post again soon


Chaos_Queen77- Thu 03 Apr 2008
Im gonna go out on a limb here and hope that u kill off Toran! Shes a Bitch... And i don't like her... i know thats the plan... other than that i love both ur stories... post again soon


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FleetingDream- Wed 02 Apr 2008
P.S I know this doesn't matter but that was the longest review I have ever written. Shows how much I like this story :-)

FleetingDream- Wed 02 Apr 2008
P.S I know this doesn't matter but that was the longest review I have ever written. Shows how much I like this story

FleetingDream- Wed 02 Apr 2008
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Your avid reader and fan:

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Omg... I dont know what to think right now... its too early still, i think. Oh poor Kagome and the baby.
But i have faith in you Shadow... you always throw a curve ball or... several in and make things turn around. Keeping me on my toes with your stories.
Seriously they drive me up the wall with anticipation for the next chapter i n every story you write. Its like an addiction. -sighs-
I'll be rolling around on withdraw waiting for the next chapters. lol

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MasochisticLizard- Mon 31 Mar 2008
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MasochisticLizard- Mon 31 Mar 2008
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I'm so glad that you're back to writing your other fics. I love them all!

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snowbird- Sat 17 Nov 2007
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PS: I've been reading Temporal Twilight, and I have to say that I am LOVING IT.
Thanks again,

lilmoe31- Sat 17 Nov 2007
That was a great update. Thank you so much for that. I am so glad that you have started back writing on this fic, I have missed it so much. I just love this story so much, it just makes my heart spik a beat everytime I see a new update. Again I Thank You for contenuing with such a wonderful fic.
PS: I've been reading Temporal Twilight, and I have to say that I am LOVING IT.
Thanks again,

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I was glad to hear that your injury is much better. And I thank you on bended knee for your devotion to this beautiful epic. It is more than a story, it is an epic. And you are doing a wonderful job. I like that Sesshoumaru and Kagome are getting closer. He needs to tell Kagome that by bonding with the baby, he became it's father unless I misunderstood everything. I have faith that you will do an outstanding battle scene. You've not failed your readers yet. I hope Sango finds someone. From all the stories I've read, I've grown to like her almost as much as I do Kagome. And I don't always like her being paired with Miroku. She's a warrior and deserves a youkai as a mate.

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Much love!

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- Langus

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Miko53- Fri 09 Nov 2007

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As for the movie 300 I nkow it's been awhile since it came out but I personally like the captain's son. Either him or Leonidas, I mean a man that can stand naked on the balcony and look soo.... guh.

I do quite like the interaction between Sesshy and Kagome.I'm only starting ch. 13 right now. I'll leave another review when I get a little further or when I finish.

Thank-you for writing this wonderful fic

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ezzy- Sun 08 Jul 2007
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elisa- Fri 06 Jul 2007
please update!! i really LOVE this fic! @:^)

snowbird- Mon 25 Jun 2007
I have no complaints with the way your telling this story. I do admit, tho, you had me scared for a moment with Kag's mother before delivering the "punch line". That was wickedly good & a good lesson for Sess. Don't mess with the Higurashi women!

hottie3421/ ab sab- Sun 17 Jun 2007
This is a very nice story but I think it could use a litle less detail.I think you are spending a little to much time on that.Also you could use more puncuation.
-ok, heres where the actual owner of this email address cuts in lol- Excellent story! toga and sesshomaru...kagome is too idiotically lucky. only to chapter 18, but i might have to break to see 300. In any case, just dont you break from writing.

NeoYoukai21- Sun 17 Jun 2007
what an amazing story!!! I love it so far. kagome is so lucky to have the oh so seductive sesshomaru sharing her bed. *happy hentai grin* anyways....please update asap. you are an amazing author. this story is truly one of the best sesshomaru/kagome fics out there.

Kawaii_Kilala- Thu 14 Jun 2007
Well, i had forgotten all that i had read of this story before, so i read it again, and it was just as great, if not better!
I'm glade you had miss H as she was, though i thought for a mintue that Maybe she was going to far with the whole, he has no right, thing, cause, if he had wanted to, he could have brought up the fact that since the well is in the western lands, and they live near the well, its actualy his land and house, if we are being technical...:P
I really love the fluffines! and i hope now sesshy will be more open and loving, since he knows she isn't mistaking him for someone else now.
Up-date again soon please!
(and i had a beutiful baby GIRL three weeks ago! she has beutiful green eyes!)

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awesome fic! -drops dead- too much reading... my eyes hurt! god i'm never pulling an all nighter to read from point a to point b ever again... -sighs-

okay well I want to say that you spelled pocky wrong lol. you know how otaku's are about their favorite treat is spelt lol.

I hope you update soon because I'm eager to find out what happens next! I loved the part where Kouga near had a cow in chapter 38 lol.

Okay well now i'm off for some well deserved sleep and some how figure out a way to make a puppy mute so I can sleep lol

Ja Ne!

judzea- Thu 14 Jun 2007
Wonderful chapter. It was both humorous and touching. To bad Souta had to spoil the moment because I wanted to read how Sess would answer Kags' question about why he did not have any children. Will he ever admit to her what Kags' mother made him admit to about the child? Hmm...very interesting twist. I love it.

Brilliantly done...please update soon. :-)

Amanda Nicole- Wed 13 Jun 2007
This is one of the best chapters in the story. the fluffy-ness fits in perfectly with sesshomaru's charactrer and was sweet with out being sugary, it was perfect :] i cannot wait for more chapters!

Tiegrsi- Wed 13 Jun 2007
Wow, that was a great chapter! I really enjoyed watching Mrs. H make Sesshy squirm, and it was so romantic how Sess took Kags up on Mt Fuji..and the fluffyness at the end made my skin tingle. lol. Keep it up :)

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I just finished chapter 11 and...
I feel like I'm going to cry!
Don't get me wrong, I love a good Sesshy/Kags Fic this case I would like it better if this was a Touga/Kags Fic... T~T
Could you (if you have an account there) make a Touga/Kagome fic if you have time on
If you can, please do!!!
Well, I'm going to go back to the fic now and try to swallow the fact that it's a Sesshy/Kags fic not what i want it to be...


cReaTiVe- Wed 13 Jun 2007
I just finished chapter 11 and...
I feel like I'm going to cry!
Don't get me wrong, I love a good Sesshy/Kags Fic this case I would like it better if this was a Touga/Kags Fic... T~T
Could you (if you have an account there) make a Touga/Kagome fic if you have time on
If you can, please do!!!
Well, I'm going to go back to the fic now and try to swallow the fact that it's a Sesshy/Kags fic not what i want it to be...


cReaTiVe- Wed 13 Jun 2007
I just finished chapter 11 and...
I feel like I'm going to cry!
Don't get me wrong, I love a good Sesshy/Kags Fic this case I would like it better if this was a Touga/Kags Fic... T~T
Could you (if you have an account there) make a Touga/Kagome fic if you have time on
If you can, please do!!!
Well, I'm going to go back to the fic now and try to swallow the fact that it's a Sesshy/Kags fic not what i want it to be...


cReaTiVe- Wed 13 Jun 2007
I feel like I'm going to cry...
Don't get me wrong, I love a good Sesshy/Kags Fic this case I would like it better if this was a Touga/Kags Fic... T~T
Could you (if you have an account there) make a Touga/Kagome fic if you have time on
If you can, please do!!!
Well, I'm going to go back to the fic now and try to swallow the fact that it's a Sesshy/Kags fic not what i want it to be...


Metis- Wed 13 Jun 2007
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serasvictoria666- Wed 13 Jun 2007
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And a whole chapter with them! So happy! But I hope that they don't leave to the past so quickly. I mean, he still has to tell her the truth. OMG, the truth! He's the daddy! Nearly fell out of my chair! lol
Dying to find out what's gonna happen next. Anyways, I look forward to reading the next chapter. Oh, and I totally love the way you made Kagome's mom. I just love everything about this fic!

Tana-san- Tue 12 Jun 2007
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spdsgirl- Tue 12 Jun 2007
One of the best chapters yet! Truely you have the gift of story telling!

Sola- Tue 12 Jun 2007
Ha Ha! I have already seen the beginning of the douishii! But I will not spoil it for anybody! So lovely that you updated! Love the dialog with Kagome's mom! Incredible....and now we know where she gets those mood swings!
Update SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sola- Thu 07 Jun 2007
I hope and I hope and I hope....btu no update.

bluemorngingstar- Sun 03 Jun 2007
I can't wait to see Sess's reaction to the modern world(at least I hope the well lets him through) With that said, you should know that I NEVER send reviews, but your stories, especially this one, are just so good that I have been forced to tell you a few things. First, your "Toga" in both story, has actually made like him. Before I would never though to look twice at the pairing, but you do it very well. Now, I have to agree that he is one of my fav character, besides sesshou & Kagome. Also I like that you didn't make Inuyasha the bad guy, and his new interest is very unexpected but still you make it work.
I know you got people unhappy by the Toga/Kagome pairing but I think its kinda genius(sp?) especially because it throws the inu-brothers and their reactions are/were priceless. Plus it give them a major obsticle to overcome so that in the end Kag&sesshou will not only deserve their happy ending but be a stronger closer couple in the end.
I hope you continue to write, because in total honesty I've become addicted to this story, and the distance between updates has become almost painful. (which would explain the review now that I think about it) But, I understand that you have spoiled your readers, so we'll just have to deal with it.{maybe there is a "patch" for fanfics?}
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EQfan74- Wed 30 May 2007
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WiccanMethuselah- Fri 25 May 2007
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Dear Shadow ... yes, you have a life outside fan fiction and I think we all know that. Some of us don't accept that as well as others, however. Especially when a holiday weekend comes up and we're all sitting here like good little leeches waiting to feed off the lifeblood of our favorite authors! Having SOMETHING from you, though, is FAR better than the alternative and I, for one, am very grateful to you for having tossed this out here for us!!


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Nyx- Tue 17 Apr 2007
Yay, I'm so excited, I went to check single spark before I went to bed and your fic was updated! Good dreams for me!!

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Layla- Mon 16 Apr 2007

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ANYway ... a most enlightening and entertaining chapter following the 'not-quite-laziest' battle scene in fan fiction!! Hmmm, Sesshy's getting a clue - THAT'S gonna piss him off for a few more chapters, isn't it?? *smirk*

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spdsgirl- Mon 16 Apr 2007

Metis- Mon 16 Apr 2007
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Jean- Sun 15 Apr 2007
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WiccanMethuselah- Sun 15 Apr 2007
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demonlordlover- Sun 15 Apr 2007
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I can only hope. Ahh..well. Was I the only one who actually sighed over, "Kagome lifted a tentative hand brushing it along the back of his in a silent request for him to hand the shard he held over to her."

Little moments like that mean so much more to me than a straight screw...'cuse my language.

Langus- Sun 15 Apr 2007
OMG! I just read your author's note for whatever chapter I'm on right now. I just had to msg you to say that I totally knew Tagwin (shit i hope I spelled that right) was Gambit inspired! Honestly the whole time he was talking I just kept picture Gambit LOL! Gotta love that we grew up on X Men eh? Well...that's enough out of me...just thought I'd share. Great story by the way just like all the others.

- Cheers from a fellow Canadian

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Cindyyy- Sun 15 Apr 2007
OMG I loveee your fanfictions!! LOL
You're doing such a GREAT job, keep it up, okay?? HEHE & I reallyyy appreciate it how you update SO often! Other authors take like... MONTHS! 33

Tana-san- Sun 15 Apr 2007
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Nyx- Sun 15 Apr 2007
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Sola- Sun 15 Apr 2007
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Enjoying it lots! =)

kat- Sun 15 Apr 2007
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v1cky84- Sat 14 Apr 2007
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inugurl620- Fri 13 Apr 2007
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Alyana- Fri 13 Apr 2007
I hope you're expecting a lot of outrage from your reviewers.


Now your muses are going to kill Sango. (Please no.)

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Inusbabe- Fri 13 Apr 2007
Could Hachi's call of lament be enough to call Sesshomaru to revive Miroku? I think if Ungai saw Sesshomaru reviving a HUMAN MONK that he would be more willing to join up.

sola- Fri 13 Apr 2007
Jerk. *sniffles*
Man, there better be a good memeorial for him *shakes fist at Shadow*. Update soon, please.

tami- Fri 13 Apr 2007
you are evil, mean, and just plain cruel, Keep it up

judzea- Fri 13 Apr 2007
Sad for Miroku. :(

But if one should die for the greater good for be it.

Well written. Update soon.

oh Please- Fri 13 Apr 2007
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Serena- Fri 13 Apr 2007
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swtdrm01- Fri 13 Apr 2007
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serasvictoria666- Fri 13 Apr 2007
What a sad chapter. Poor Miroku. And poor Sango when she finds out!
These last two chapters were great. They aren't updated on FanFic, (kinda wondering why) but that's why I'm reading it here and leaving a review here.
Anyways, I can't wait to read more.

Ankoku-sama- Thu 12 Apr 2007
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Mir- Thu 12 Apr 2007
I actually liked how you killed off Miroku (okay, that sounded morbid) because like you mentioned, you thought you were going to kill of a minor character. And most of the time, minor characters are killed off, it's a refreshing change to have a major character killed off that isn't Kagome or Sesshomaru. So I liked how this chapter turned out. Oh, the drama that will ensue-it's making the fangirl in me giggle in happiness.

Tana-san- Thu 12 Apr 2007
Short, sweet and to the point...It'll be hard losing the sweet, perverted monk but if that can get the other holy men to come to the aid of Sesshoumaru and Kagome then so be it. You have our prayers Miroku.

kat- Thu 12 Apr 2007
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nickel- Thu 12 Apr 2007
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Metis- Thu 12 Apr 2007
I hope it's Kikyou. And I don't blame Sess for not wanting to fall into the same trap as his father. Her neediness is a bit much.

judzea- Thu 12 Apr 2007
Good chapter (31). But, I was just wondering a 'what if' scenario...even though Toga & Kags created a spirit child, what if it was Sess' blood that is actually giving it life and he is the 'father of the child' by right of blood and it turns out to look and be like a mini Sess. What if Kags is still a 'virgin' so to speak because of the time shift or difference. I know is sounds crazy but then I have a strange imagination at times. *giggles* Oh well, just a thought :)

Well done:) Please update soon.

Tana-san- Thu 12 Apr 2007
I can see Sess falling into that age old ride called denial but does he really have to ALWAYS be such an ass about it? I really dislike cussing but it's the only term I could think of that fits his actions totally. Of course I can understand he feels that she and the child can never be his but really that's egotisical. If he WANTS them as his and she wants him than they will be because it's the love that binds two people together. And as for the child, he would be the only father he's ever known so even that makes no just cause for his anger. Again, it's the love that counts and where your heart is when you raise that child.The only way that child would look at him differently is if he were to treat that child with distain like he does InuYasha. Some men [demons,whatever] are so full of themselves that they can't see how very blessed they actually are. Hmm, sorry, I got over involved again. Good chapter, Shadow.

Langus- Thu 12 Apr 2007
Why is it I love everything you write? Hmmm...must be because you're awesome. I just started reading this fic after reading your A/N on Tears of the Fallen and I love it already. I really love how you portray Toga...and all those naysayers can know. Anyhoo...just wanted to say good work so far and I look forward to reading the rest once.

lilmoe31- Thu 12 Apr 2007
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Serena- Thu 12 Apr 2007
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Oh No. Someone is gonna die! Please don't be Tangwin or Shaeda.........I think that I spelt their names right. Anyways, the chappie was excellent, sessh aside. Can't wait till next you update.

Jean- Thu 12 Apr 2007
Sesshoumaru is being an ass. No surprise, really.

kat- Wed 11 Apr 2007
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and smack some sense into sessho... he's being an idiot

Serena- Tue 10 Apr 2007
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crimsonnyte- Tue 10 Apr 2007
what a sweet chapter ending!

Sola- Tue 10 Apr 2007
Now that was simply lovely! Politics suck, ne?

Blue_Saiyan_Angel- Tue 10 Apr 2007
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Tiegrsi- Tue 10 Apr 2007
That was an adorable ending for the chapter. :) I keep laughing every time "There's always the next time" keeps coming up. I'm glad Sesshy is finally starting to figure out just what Tagwin (did I spell it right? I'm not sure!) and Myoga are alluding to! Heheh.

babygirl- Tue 10 Apr 2007
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lilmoe31- Tue 10 Apr 2007
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Tana-san- Tue 10 Apr 2007
I would have prefered a more intimate way of giving her his blood but I guess she probably would have bulked at that all the way. I like how Kagome is slowly getting Seshoumaru to talk to her and answer her questions and even reveil some of himself to her. It seems as though he doesn't even know it happening until she giggles or someone walks in. Sorry I didn't review last chapter but I thought I'd give you a break from me and just rate you all 10's. Take care. JEN

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::wipes tear::
now that was freakin awesome, mmhmmm, loved the chapter! you've made me happy happy tonight!! i really do love this story, it's got substance....something that really does touch my heart and when i find a word for it (if i ever), i'll let you know.
in the meantime, update soon!!

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Nice Job

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FallenAngelKagome- Mon 09 Apr 2007
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I hope your fic wins an award! ;) I voted for you in more than one category. Good luck!

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I believe I see where this storyline is heading but dare not guess because you are so full of surprises.

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kat- Thu 05 Apr 2007
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I really love this story so far! I can't wait to read more...
I think it's a shame your rating is where it is, I really believe it should be higher. Shame on anyone who gave you a low rating for making the beginning about Kags and Inu no Taisho. It seemed a bit rushed, so I am assuming you had more plans for it before they were thwarted by angry readers.
I love how you explain everything so thoroughly. I have always been in the opinion that Inu no Taisho had something to do with the making of the well, since Inuyasha seems to have no problem traveling through it.
I enjoyed your other stories, as well. Keep up the awesome work!

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Lain- Fri 30 Mar 2007
aww...i wish you hadn't cut Toga's time with Kagome so much...i bet your original version would have been much better. such a shame! But your story right now is still really good so keep it up!

AnimeFanime18- Fri 30 Mar 2007
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skye- Fri 30 Mar 2007

Sola- Fri 30 Mar 2007
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Mlmonty- Fri 30 Mar 2007
I pictured Tagwin's voice as having a cajun accent. Maybe that's just cuz i'm from the south. Not that far just SC but i'm familiar with that accent. Got to say when i pictured kags telling sess about what happened that wasn't the reaction i was expecting from him. you got me there

Tana-san- Fri 30 Mar 2007
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Kitsune55- Thu 29 Mar 2007
I am in love with your story. My friend introduced me to it, and now I have become a big fan. Your plot is awesome, storyline is god, it keeps to the anime and manga just enogh to be legitimate, it also pulls the reader into the story. The best authors in the world are the ones that can make their readers enjoy the story almost a if they were there themselves. You are one of those authors. Keep us all laughing and keep up the god work. Also, please update soon! ^_^

~ Kitsune55

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ItsNotMe- Wed 28 Mar 2007
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ChaosWingDragon- Wed 28 Mar 2007
TAGWIN!!!*glomps* I’m so excited to finally see him. Oh, he turned out SO much better than I had hoped...that sounds like I thought he’d suck…eh you know that I meant he rocked this world! The bestest friend ever for Sesshomaru. *Laughs* I read your reviews and I just couldn’t hold it in for some. Scottish? Jar-jar binks? Oh my goodness people, haven’t you ever heard of a sexy southern drawl? One which makes you want to melt like butter in the noon day sun? Ah, well looks like tonight will be a wonderful discussion night, ne? Chow^^

mangadreams- Wed 28 Mar 2007
luv the chapter!!!!

AnimeFanime18- Wed 28 Mar 2007
Waaah! Tagwin! Aside from Sesshomaru and Kagome, Tagwin is now one of my top favorite characters ever! I love it!

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crimsonnyte- Wed 28 Mar 2007
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Tana-san- Wed 28 Mar 2007
Hey Shadow... woke up later tonight than usual but I came straight here looking for you. I rated each chapter separately and am reviewing only once. You must be glad at not having to hear my rambles more than once anyway, ne? That meeting was far from boring in my eyes. Kagome got her groove on in there and toally rocked the house!!! Fabulous!!! But I knew that there had to be a different traitor in the mists because you've been teaching me well. Ok, so I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes but what with being over 40 and taking the meds I do everyday I'm bound to have lost a few brain cells. I am just LOVING these new characters. They have a really unique quality about them and one would definitely NOT expect Sesshoumaru to have such a diversified household. I love Tagwin too. Such a sneaky and fun youkai. I would just love to fly on him anyday and Shaeda is amazing. You not only created a shapeshifter but one that can become the creature she turns into in every sense. See you tomorrow night and if not than the next. Jen

swasdiva- Wed 28 Mar 2007
I still adore this fic, and I love the gradual evolution and revelation of Sesshoumaru's feelings for Kagome, but I have a question about Tagwin. I like his character, but he sounds like Jar-Jar Binks. At least that's what I hear in my head...sorry! Maybe if I know where he's supposed to be from, I can mentally form a more appropriate accent. As it stands, I'm waiting for Obi-Wan to blow his head off. Again...sorry! Wow...I'm a super bitch aren't I? And not the kind that would attract a devilishly hot dog demon...sigh...

Regardless, I'm going to read and immensely enjoy every new chapter!

Silent Nox- Wed 28 Mar 2007
I think Sesshoumaru DID see what was right in front of his eyes, just didn't see who had them XD

After all, it must have been absolutely distracting for the deprived lord~

Thanks for updating tonight, your generosity knows no bounds.

swtdrm01- Wed 28 Mar 2007
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update soon

Noacat- Wed 28 Mar 2007
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skye- Wed 28 Mar 2007
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chicke- Tue 27 Mar 2007
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Kat- Tue 27 Mar 2007
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crimsonnyte- Tue 27 Mar 2007
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Sidhe- Tue 27 Mar 2007
HOW IN THE RUDDY HELL DID I MISS THIS STORY??!!!??!! ::smacks head against wall...repeatedly:: Anyway, I just had to tell you that I'm loving it. Thank you for writting it! ::grins::

- Sidhe

ChaosWingDragon- Tue 27 Mar 2007
Yay! Kagome gets dizzy just like me when she stands up!!Lol, somehow I doubt thats the real reason.*sigh* one can always aspire to be more like a famous figure. Oh wel!! But goose, how could you end it there! That must be why I felt like strangling people all day, I knew there was a cliffie awaiting me! Oh well. But it was ingenious my dear, simply fabulous! Chow lioness^^

swtdrm01- Tue 27 Mar 2007
That was wonderful. Oh, I hope you do get to update again.

Jean- Tue 27 Mar 2007
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looking forward to your next update! though i have to ask. will there be much politics in future chapters? i hope not. i really dislike reading about the political scene *shudder* me the willies! but if it really is extremely essential to the development of your story, i shall persevere!

mangadreams- Tue 27 Mar 2007
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Lindsay- Tue 27 Mar 2007
a) This is an incredibly well-written piece. Add to that, it's -original- which all your tales are and most others here are not. Most are AU about Sesshoumaru being a rich doctor and Kagome a social worker or nurse, or hell, just having the usual Inuyasha gets it on with Kikyo and Kagome walks in plots. I love your stories each for their uniqueness and I hope you complete them -but I won't demand immediate updates, when you can is great.

As for everyone else making a big deal about this, lay off. This is her piece, not yours. If you don't like it, don't write your own stories that way and keep your comments to yourselves. Kagome as mentioned, is by this time eighteen years old which she is not in the manga or anime. Who knows how she would react, unless Takahashi fabraicated a manga about it? No one. So do not dare claim that you know so and so character because you watched a cartoon show.

Also, I happen to prefer the Toga x Kagome pairing to any others in this particular fandom. ShadowsWeaver, if you were ever to write a fiction of solely Toga and Kagome, please post it on or a site of the like and email me the link. :D

And the sex.. was hot. :D Made me wish I was Kagome.

Tana-san- Tue 27 Mar 2007
Ah, well on our way to bringing the two together, ne? And such a fitting way too. I always love it when Sesshoumaru gets the surprise of a lifetime when he sees her as a female and not a human. It always does come down to the baser instincts of male and female attraction at some point in time. I'm just waiting for you to put in some other little twist and leave us panting for more[and I don't mean sex either!!!]. It seems just as I think I know what's coming next you anticipate the thoughts and turn a whole new mindblowing event on me. But then again...that is why you have your name such as it is, ne? Love the new characters. Nice to know Sesshoumaru isn't a total loner and there are some who can put up with his arrogant attitude. I still can't wait to see Kagome kick butt, preferably SessMom, so her ashes are but dust in the wind. Yeah, can't seem to get that one out of my head. Have a good day and I'll be here again tomorrow night. Where else would I go? There are only a handful of you that I truly adore.

lehcar132- Tue 27 Mar 2007
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AnimeFanime18- Tue 27 Mar 2007
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crimsonnyte- Mon 26 Mar 2007
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loves love loves

Kat- Mon 26 Mar 2007
don't you hate it when a plan backfires on you? update soon i can't wait for more

Metis- Mon 26 Mar 2007
She certainly needs better clothing. Her stubborn blindness in that category is just immature. However, her being in a full Kimono is something that I doubt she could even be blackmailed into on a regular basis. And get some training girl!

helikesitheymikey!- Mon 26 Mar 2007
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Kags is gonna hate him!!!!!!!!!

Vaneles- Mon 26 Mar 2007
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Tana-san- Mon 26 Mar 2007
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elizabeth lowman- Mon 26 Mar 2007
please write more about sesshoumaru and kagome. i really like the story.

Jean- Mon 26 Mar 2007
Wow--way to plan for war! As far as Kagome being conniving, well perhaps she just needs a spanking.

Kat- Mon 26 Mar 2007
i forsee a fight over kimonos in upcoming chapters!! update soon

Tana-san- Sun 25 Mar 2007
How can Seeshoumaru possibly understand Kagome if she doesn't tell him what he needs to know to give her the necessary support for her and the child? I understand her views and all. He's Sesshoumaru for gosh sakes but he has come forth and accepted what his great father left to him to care for and she needs to stand proud and tell him. She fought valiently and she overcome those that fought to rape and kill her with great strength. She shouldn't feel weak because that frightened her. She wouldn't be human if that experience didn't scare the crud out of her. She has no fear to argue back with him but can't tell him it was just that she was almost killed by youkai and she and Toga managed to kill them. It's a matter of pride I guess. No matter what she says to Sesshoumaru he will look at her with a raised eyebrow and think her weak so I think she needs to just gather herself together after the bath and let him know what going on so they can help each other for the child's sake. Great work and I'll be up all night if you're updating again. Just promise me a really good batch of lemonade will come before this ends, ok??? You know you're hooked on writing hentai now, so just go ahead and promise.... Jen

Angel B.- Sun 25 Mar 2007
Hey ShadowsWeaver1 okay I've read your story and its great its like a good book I can't put down lol well anyways the only problem for me is understanding when there thinking to themselves but don't change it its great keep up the good work oh and this is the very first review I've put up on this site and I've been coming here for a really long time now maybe a year so congrats your my first review anyways I look foward to the next chapters
Angel B.

Kat- Sun 25 Mar 2007
you know if you keep making this story so interesting i'm never going to get my homework done... oh well can't win them all update soon

Shyla- Sun 25 Mar 2007
Hey you made another Great chapter! :)

Shyla- Sun 25 Mar 2007
Hey you made another Great chapter! :)

Metis- Sun 25 Mar 2007
The characters Need a lot of soul searching. Emotional maturity seems to be what comes last. I hope he learns not to scoff at her fears, but that is asking a lot of any male. heh.

ness2g5- Sun 25 Mar 2007
its so nice to see kags grow a backbone you have no idea... and its about time she has some power of kikyo instead of the other way around... Go Kags... I hope kik gets what coming to here... later

Metis- Sun 25 Mar 2007
Thanks again! And here's to Kag's growing maturity (though she'll always leap to conclusions I swear) and Sess independence! To Life!

kat- Sat 24 Mar 2007
you are a creative person and therefore problems just come naturally

update soon

Jean- Sat 24 Mar 2007
Poor Kagura. She has it so bad for Sesshoumaru. Very productive meeting, good strategy planning.

Sess&Kag4ever- Sat 24 Mar 2007
OMG, I love you. I have been reading this fanfiction every day and I just cannot wait for more and more! Thanks for your dedication and good work, this is a great fic!

Tana-san- Sat 24 Mar 2007
Are you serious, Shadow, you are off for tonight? Awww and I thought I'd get more to read later. Well hope you spend the rest of the night having fun. I liked the way you brought Kagura into this. She is Sesshoumaru's informent in the series so it was good to bring her into this too. It's going to be fun to see a new character or characters. I'm really curious to see how they're going to get the shards out of InuYasha.

Alyana- Sat 24 Mar 2007
Ok, before I get to the a-little-harsh-but-not-too-much-I-hope constructive criticism, let me say, I adore your stories and am PATIENTLY *cough not* waiting for Tears of the Fallen to UPDATE.

I think you overuse the word "bitch". No offense or anything.

And, well, I just don't see any Sess/Kag developing. At all. I mean, maybe it's cause I think I actually skipped a chapter, but, still. I'm not saying I'm all that, but I've read several fics that are so far like yours, but in the end, the authors don't really do the actual pairing. I am SOOO not saying that you're going to do that, I'm just worried. REALLY worried.

Last comment, even though I know this is fanFICTION, but um, isn't Sesshoumaru's mom not reallly good or bad?


crimsonnyte- Sat 24 Mar 2007
You're pretty quick! Loves it though. Keep 'er comin'.

Metis- Sat 24 Mar 2007
I had a bizarre thought the other day. With Sess helping her with her 'first encounter', wouldn't it be strange if there was not one pup but two? One his father's and one his? What would they be to each other? My twin brother(sister)/uncle(aunt)/nephew(niece)? Now That's a situation that would blow the mind's of any genealogist! HAH!

Shyla- Sat 24 Mar 2007
Yeah! You updated I'm a Happy Camper now!

Kat- Sat 24 Mar 2007
so you just created a million and one way to have sessho get his arm back.. update soon i love this story

Inusbabe- Sat 24 Mar 2007
Another great chapter from Shadow. I keep thinking of the Bear in the Big Blue House when I read your stories. "Where oh where oh where is Shadow? Where could Shadow be?" Well you said you wanted a story with more Toga. How long where they stranded a day?

crimsonnyte- Sat 24 Mar 2007
Aw, Sesshou got his arm back. And his mother is such a meanie! Gosh. Keep up the good work. ^_^

Tana-san- Sat 24 Mar 2007
Ok so now you're toying with me. Leave a cliffhanger that's sooo frustrating and say goodnight only to put up another chapter right after I send you a good berating note about leaving us hanging. What are you doing home on a Friday night anyway? Well ,now, if Naraku didn't know it was InuPapa's child, he does now! I don't think I'd leave Kagome with her friends for too long. Poor girl does have an awful knack for attracting trouble. I still want to see Kagome kick SessMom's butt. Purify her so that she is just dust in the wind and it's a one way trip to hell. Sorry if that sounds so mean but she deserves it for teaming up with Naraku against her own son and dishonoring the House of InuTaishou. So...are you really going to bed this time or what? Cause you know I'm up all night long and I always appreciate your updates. Jen

Tana-san- Sat 24 Mar 2007
You brat!!!! You evil snickering little brat!!! You left it right at the best part!!! No, really, I love ya Shadow. You know I adore you. Such an excellent chapter. Where do you get your twisted little ploys from? As I said before and I'll say it again, Shadowsweaver1, you live up to your name!!!!! Now let Kagome kick butt [ and get laid afterwards, a womans got to have her victory sex.] Let those hormones run wild, baby!!! Sex and pregnancy are such fun. Women thrive when their pregnant. Yes, the mad, wild, passionate monkey dance woman is on the prowl again. Hey, my daughter isn't helping any. She wrote the victory sex part.

Shyla- Sat 24 Mar 2007

Magik- Sat 24 Mar 2007
great job!...and you are evil! Thanks for the update!

ness- Sat 24 Mar 2007
yes you are very very evil... i cant believe you would just end it like that... I do hope you update soon... like today would be awesome!!!

helikesitheymikey!- Sat 24 Mar 2007
Did you make Inutashio seal some of his life force/spirit into Kag??
so that during the right circumstances his spirit will take form and help her??
your muses have enough evil genious to come up with that twist!!!
SO what happens??
please update soon and I love love LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!!!

WiccanMethuselah- Fri 23 Mar 2007
Ok, last week, I figured you were on the edge. Now I know you've gone full tilt OVER it!! You, my dear, are courting the flames, aren't you (cliffies??)? *smirk* And, obviously, loving every minute of it!

That's ok, I think you're allowed, since this story has developed into quite the convoluted little drama. I liked the byplay between InuTaisho and Kagome, but the interaction between Sesshoumaru and Kagome is even better. With Sesshy's mom making her appearance now, things ARE going to heat up, aren't they?

I, for one, am looking forward to finding out how Sesshy's mom found out about Kagome in the first place (Naraku?). As well as finding out whether or not she's actually allied herself with that slime mold ... the next few chapters promise lots of INTERESTING tidbits, eh?

Kudos on the story to this point - you've got ME hooked! And thanks for all the entertaining reading thus far ... I look forward to more!

v1cky84- Fri 23 Mar 2007
damn are evil, indeed!!! Please update soon. Please please pretty please...

demonhunter- Fri 23 Mar 2007
You are aware this is kagsess, right?

swtdrm01- Fri 23 Mar 2007
That was evil, but wonderful at the same time. If that makes any sense. I can't wait to find out what it is. My three guesses are Toga, Toga's or Sess' inu form, or the child.

ChaosWingDragon- Fri 23 Mar 2007
*looks at ratings* wow, people sure are butt holes! I mean come on, its just a little creativity. Why do people get worked so worked up over stories that are different, especially when they complain and whine whine whine when stories are too predictable? Gah, I detest hypocrites. *is warming up taser* I swear this thing is just crying out for pain. Well, I do believe that I’m off to work on my story a bit. Doesn’t that make you excited?

Jean- Fri 23 Mar 2007
I think this is going great. You can't push too far for me.

judzea- Fri 23 Mar 2007
This story has more twists and turns and surprises. I love it. :)

Great Job :)

judzea- Fri 23 Mar 2007
This story has more twists and turns and surprises. I love it. :)

Great Job :)

ness- Fri 23 Mar 2007
Great chapter as usual... im surprised at the fact that sess's mother has teamed up with naraku... i think she should end up on top "no pun intended" when it comes to the conflict between them.. she should become the main antagonist in this story... you dont see alot of her in stories right now although she is making more and more appearances... oh well... i cant wait for the update... later

spdsgirl- Fri 23 Mar 2007
Ah, the evil muse! I must say I am fond of your little side kick!
I really find reading your fic is very enjoyable to read. Let me see, I've have been reading these fic's for some time now and you either get the same story but a different title or an author decides to get the balls to push the buttons of eveyone and writes an original story. I'm for the original story! We all sit here and waste our time reading these stories and it is RARE when one that is really worth reading comes along.
I find it ironic that you've had over 2,000 votes but your ratings are an 8.76. You pull the reader in but then because you are different they think a low rating will make you stop. The ratings mean shit. You pull the readers in and they keep coming back for more even if its to bitch. You must be writting something pretty good!
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tells you what a great job you've done! this chapter was awesome!10 for everything!

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crimsonnyte- Wed 21 Mar 2007
That was certainly interesting, as you put it. Where the heck did you come up with that end ordeal? Not bad though, the whole pregnancy ordeals can be really strange.


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i'm really sorry to say i'm quite averse to that whole concept. so i hope you don't take offense when i say if the story is gonna progress like that, i would like to know so i can stop/continue reading it.

i really really hope i'm not putting you off. i just wanted to well, know. because i really liked this story but yeah. i love all your stories in fact. i think i've read all actually and i think you write beautifully and have really well-developed plots.

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swtdrm01- Mon 19 Mar 2007
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Tana-san- Mon 19 Mar 2007
YES!!!!I knew you'd do that!!! She may have had to leave Toga behing but now she'll have a part of him to always remind her of what they shared. Hey Sesshoumaru, Daddy really dealt you a good hand this time. And by youkai law she and the child/pup are his responsibility??? YES!!! He'd best do a better job watching over this sibling than he did with InuYasha. And speaking of our dear deranged hanyou, is he still alive? See... I care what happens to poor Inu Chan. He's really getting the dirty end of the stick here, ne? I mean not being able to control himself? Does he retain the knowledge of his actions when he's all pyscho? Yeah, I know, how irrelevent. This isn't all about InuYasha. But I was just curious. So, great work. I was very satisfied with this confrontational outcome. I bow to you, my yound friend. A very productive day of writing and I got another thing I wanted to see...Kags pregnant with InuPapa's pup. Magical I tell you. Just Magical!!!! Being a more superior being than Sesshoumaru would put the icing on the cake. Youkai and Miko bred children being a more superior lifeforce. Hey, I can dream can't I? Hint, hint!!! Even Sesshoumaru and Kagome's children would be like T/K's child if they mate the same way. Hint, hint. TTFN Jen

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DarkMiko6Decortiquer- Mon 19 Mar 2007
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How? Does he bite her neck until she stops her aggressive actions? Or what?

And by Kagome belonging to him and being the Lady of the Western Lands [derivative from her time with Toga] what hoes that entail.

Status of Sesshoumaru's mate by exemption or what?



one_razan- Mon 19 Mar 2007
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This is not the first fanfic posted on this site where an alternate pairing occurred before the Sess/Kag pairing, namely "As Death Gives Life" by Rinseternalsoul and "Cereal Box Romance" by Rhiannonofthe Moon (although that pairing was a only brief, cringe-worthy lemon we've all sadly experienced at one time or another to some degree). However, those were pairings with non-familial males. I think what makes this pairing so awkward for me is knowing that Toga is Sesshoumaru's father, and Kagome's pregnancy would result in Sesshoumaru's younger half-brother. For the life of me, I cannot see how after all this has unfolded, a credible Sess/Kag pairing can occur without some feelings of incest (although not technically incest in it of itself), especially if the two become intimate with one another. Maybe this is just me being a straight-laced American female, but the idea of mating the father and bearing his child, and then getting it on with his son and your child's half-brother is rather disconcerting. (Although admittedly, I am dying to see Inuyasha's reaction to the whole fiasco.) Don't get me wrong, however, I'm not judging you or this fanfic; it just doesn't make sense to me yet as your other fanfics did.

It's for this reason alone that I will keep reading. I am highly curious as to what twist you will come up with to make this story realistic, or as realistic as any fanfic can be. I'm wondering as to what you have up your sleeve, and that's what makes this fanfic arresting.

I truly wish people were more patient and allowed you to further explore the Toga/Kagome pairing because I believe it is because of them that the story had to be rushed with Kagome sleeping with Toga after one day, which is not how you had portrayed her in the story. The rationale does make sense, but it still seems a little off. I really wish we could have read what the original version was to be; otherwise, I don't think I would be as conflicted about this fanfic as I am.

Keep up your amazing writing. You have an incredible imagination, and are truly gifted with a way to translate your ideas into words that can enthrall and mesmerize your audience. It is because of that gift that you will always have me reading and wondering just exactly what will happen next. And regardless of what I've written above, this is your fanfic, and your ideas. It's not my place pr anyone else's to try and read your mind or determine ahead of time what path you will take with this fanfic. So if you decided to say screw off to us all who aren't 100% sold on your ideas... go Shadow. Well done.

anonnie mouse- Mon 19 Mar 2007
*dances around singing horribly off-key* I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!
because of the joining does that mean the kid will be born in his true form??PUPPY!!!CUTE!!!

Wait what's Kag gonna tell her mom!?!?!?
At least we know Toga really cared/cares for Kag....
I can hardly wait for Kags reaction when she finds out who is gonna take care of her/is now her alpha....

DarkMiko6Decortiquer- Sun 18 Mar 2007
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just a passing curiosity

chicke- Sun 18 Mar 2007
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ChaosWingDragon- Sun 18 Mar 2007
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I am most satisfied*snort* with these chapters^^. Oh, but I didn’t like…uh…oh wait that’s right! I loved everything! Of course, I am quite biased….but who cares! One more ! for the road then and I’ll be off to bed. Darn blasted school! The slightly sleep crazed( how does sleep craziness work? No idea. Maybe too much sleep or not enough or a combination of the two with the added screw-e-ness of drugs…ZZzzZZzzZZzzzz…..

*mumbles*chow^^*drool* ~Chaos

itachiiyoubastard- Sun 18 Mar 2007
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Fricking.. AWESOME!

Update soon man or I'll combust into a pile of fecal matter from all the excitement! ^_^

Metis- Sun 18 Mar 2007
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chicke- Sun 18 Mar 2007
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Naomi- Sun 18 Mar 2007
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however, while i'm slightly uncomfortable with the whole father-son implications, i'm damn well intrigued enough to continue reading on^^

i must confess that i'm majorly curious how sesshomaru is gonna replace his father's mating mark on kagome. hmm.

Marcia- Sun 18 Mar 2007
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Tana-san- Sun 18 Mar 2007
You're doing just fine as always, Shadow. The meeting and confrontation had to happen and I think they did well...he didn't kill her anyway.Oh, hey, I told you it wouldn't be long before someone was writing a Kagome/InuPapa fic, right? Well, I found my first one since you started this. It's on and was posted as a challenge. I told you that you shouldn't let the naysayers get to you and make you change your original storyline. This gal is getting good reviews so far. I think maybe it's just that you are writing this here on ASS and the fans are finicky. Maybe you should also put this there too. Mediminer doesn't have categories for specific pairings, so, who knows? Anyway I just thought I'd tell you so you know others do like the pairing too. And you know, for one who constantly knocks herself for writing plotless stuff, it makes good reading to me. I can't wait for the whole explaination to come out and how they're going to get InuYasha back from his litttle tirade as a mindless youkai. I also wanted to tell you that if you try and quit your obcession with writing S/K fics I'll go stir crazy. I totally look forward to seeing one of you fics updated nightly and when you don't I tend to wonder if you're ok. I know you have a life but it was you who spoiled me with your frequent updates and new stories that keep me in my happy little hentai world. So I'll be looking forward to tomorrow.

judzea- Sun 18 Mar 2007
Hmmm...I wonder how Toga's mating of Kags will affect Sess. He made a statement about 'having to take care of another one of his father's transgressions.' Obviously Sess knows of the mating, could it also mean that she is pregnant? Now that sounds like a 'Jerry Springer' moment. "I had to marry my father's wife because she was pregnant with my brother who is also going to be raised as my son"

Now that is weird *giggles & grins*
What do you think? Wild or not?

Anyway, update soon. Great story even it is slightly wacko. Love it.
Well Done :)

chicke- Sun 18 Mar 2007
great new Chapter !!

crimsonnyte- Sun 18 Mar 2007
It's getting plot twist coming up it feels like. And I LOVE the Inu Taisho/Kags pairing. I agree, who wouldn't want pops and the son(s)? Keep having fun with this; I know I have been enjoying it!

lehcar132- Sun 18 Mar 2007
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Metis- Sun 18 Mar 2007
Oh, and you might want to check the spelling on the first 2-3 paragraphs. One spelling error is rather disturbing/amusing to look at.

Metis- Sun 18 Mar 2007
If you're certifiable I swear I'll hide your medicine. heh. Thanks for the update and I hope Kagome is as cooperative as she usually is as he dictates her life to her. (evil grin)

Sola- Thu 15 Mar 2007
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Tana-san- Tue 13 Mar 2007
I am sooo glad you found the movie "a good story", my young friend!!! And this authoress that was so stressed at writing lemons!!! I do believe that you are just as hentai as I am, ne? I'm sooo proud!!!! If you see what you like and can fantisize it then you can write it and girlfriend you CAN write it. I re-read the lemon scene again and when you first started into it I thought that maybe you might rush through it and when it picked up it's delicious pace, it totally rocked....for me anyway. I just really like the thought of Kagome getting her groove on with Toga. And your name for him will always be his name in all fics I read. You just made him come "alive" and this pairing is just such a different spin on the usual that I'm totally into it. Always stay true to yourself and your storylines from now on. Your fics are just a pure pleasure to get invovled in and this last chapter was just wonderful. I only wish she could have stayed with Toga longer and I did pick up from before that Toga in the time they trapped themselves in saw them and noticed it was himself that killed the panther. Am I correct or confused. You do have the abilitiy to confuse the heck out of me and I'm sure that's another quirk that goes with your pen name,but I'm trying real hard to pick up on the sublties you so love to put into your fics. Glad you enjoyed your hard body movie.

swasdiva- Mon 12 Mar 2007
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White nailpolish- Mon 12 Mar 2007
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hazel- Mon 12 Mar 2007
He must be good if she didnt want to leave. But damn I hope Sango and shippou and the others are not dead. I pray there not dead.

Seli- Mon 12 Mar 2007
Muahaha, I am going to put this in every review when the authoress talks about the movie 300


WOO! (Tis true)

Anyway, I really feel bad for this story. It's ratings should be higher, but all these closed minded people just dont understand your obsession with Touga or the complexity of a plotline like this. As long as the final pairing is Sess/Kag, I say: More Touga goodness xP.

A really tear jerking chapter here, and not to mention one hullva cliff hanger... hehe...Sesshoumaru is going to be pissed x3

Keep on truckin, and dont let any flames get you down. Your writing is beautiful and inspiring, and boo to all who think otherwise!

Marcia- Mon 12 Mar 2007
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Sins of the father is coming along awesomly. However I must ask. What about Tears?

AnimeFanime18- Mon 12 Mar 2007
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chicke- Mon 12 Mar 2007
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CenterSessh- Sun 11 Mar 2007
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And so was this chapter :)

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lehcar132- Sun 11 Mar 2007
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v1cky84- Sun 11 Mar 2007
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and they will finally meet!! i can't wait to see how Sesshoumaru reacts! kami, that's gonna be insane! continue soon!!

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Lilly- Sun 11 Mar 2007
Beautiful story.
I love Toga. I know that this is a Sesshoumaru/Kagome site, but if you ask me, I would not complain about the time Kagome had with his papa.
By the way... the lemon was HOT!
Not all too graphic, very emotional, just as I love it. Thank you!
I almost wish that she could stay with him... almost... :-(
Please update soon!

dsm1980- Sun 11 Mar 2007
Hey! You're back! Hope you're up for daily (or near-daily) updates ;) It's killing me to see where this story is going - maybe even more than Tears! Keep at it :D

swasdiva- Sun 11 Mar 2007
Another brilliant chapter, and what a way to speed up interaction between Fluffs and Kags. Very quick, effectual plotting, there, ma'am. I still wonder about Kagss though...anyhoo, yes, I'm thoroughly enamoured with this fic!

And 300 is so freaking awesome I've seen it three times since Thursday night at midnight. Freaking loved it. Amazing, beautiful, yes. And for some random 300 fun, check out Some hi-LAR-ious vids there.

Tana-san- Sat 10 Mar 2007
Hey Shadow, welcome back! I know the feeling of losing your obsession. My laptop also gave the blue screen of death and it'll cost $245 to fix it. My loving husband felt my could he not? and bought me a new Toshiba laptop and is getting my XP Toshiba laptop fixed for my daughter. I must say you WERE missed. Sooo glad you're back. You are one to be very faithful and prompt in keeping us updated and I truly worried that something might have happened to you. Happy to know it was just a computer ailment and not you or a loved one. Anyway, the plot is getting good and we see Sesshoumaru coming into the story. I hope that'll applease your critics, but no matter, you can make anything you write work and we'll still be happy. So, doing good,girl, gotta fly as my guy is on his way home from doing the shopping and I need to turn on the lights and clear the table for him. TTFN Jen

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confused- Sat 10 Mar 2007

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LadyinRed- Thu 08 Mar 2007
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Sesshomarei- Thu 08 Mar 2007
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And for those that don't like it they don't have to read it, and should quit ruining it for the rest of us who are enjoying it. In my opinion if they think they can do better let's see them try.

Okay so maybe i should learn to bite my tongue a little harder, but at least i'm being nice about it (or at least trying to)

From one frigid bitch to another. Keep up the good work Shadow!!

**And yes i'll raise my hand too Toga and Sess.. mmm the possibilities!**

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Anyway I still cant get it threw my head that she fucked there dad lmao mannnnnnn lmao

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Calix of Heaven- Mon 05 Mar 2007
sorry for the people giveing you a hard time with your story. Just write in what you want
or make a revised eddition to the story latter.

Calix of Heaven- Mon 05 Mar 2007
sorry for the people giveing you a hard time with your story. Just write in what you want
or make a revised eddition to the story latter.

Alyana- Sun 04 Mar 2007
While I simply adore many (namely Tears) of your works, I must say I'm kinda disappointed. I mean I know you totally adore Toga and all, but what's their mating going to do? It's supposed to be Sess/Kags! Or is this just supposed to be a complication for later?

hazel- Sun 04 Mar 2007
Man what came to my head.
She can brag to Sango about Sesshomaru and Inu-chan father.
"Sango I fucked Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru father and I'm pregnant by him."

lmao mann I was ROLLING!!

inugrl- Sun 04 Mar 2007
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Awsome FF. I never thought of this pairing before, but the way you've wrote it is really creative. I can;t wait to see what happens. Update soon please!!!

nope- Sun 04 Mar 2007
Some other reviewer has the notion that just because Toga rescued her, that means it makes it ok for her to sleep with him. That's a stupid way of thinking. If she's going to sleep with people who saved her, then she should have already slept with Inuyasha, Miroku, Koga, and Sesshomaru (from the poison guy).

I still think Kagome is a modest girl that believes in love not lust, and now you made her a slut, because sleeping with someone you just met doesn't make you Bold. And just because she knows how Inuyasha and Sesshomaru act, doesn't necessarily mean their father will be the same way, nor does it give her a magical insight to Toga. Afterall, Inuyasha never knew his father, and Sesshomaru wanted to be better than him. So, how does that translate to Kagome 'knowing' him and trusting him instantly? I really thought this story was going to be about them meeting, forming a chaste relationship, and then he wanting his son to have a special girl since there could have been nothing between them. I would have bought that, but not this.

And to other reviewers, you shouldn't attack another reviewer personally when they have not attacked the author nor any other reviewer personally. Just because someone doesn't agree with a story, doesn't mean you have the right to belittle the person for leaving an opinion on the Story. Think before you act, and maybe we'll all be the better for it.

Sirinya- Sat 03 Mar 2007
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I think i have an idea of where the story goes now... acually the idea popped in my head a couple chapters ago. hehehe
-sighs- too bad Toga and kagome cant be... :(

Oh i cant wait to see Sesshou's reaction to Kagome now... :)

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Hazel- Sat 03 Mar 2007 she GAVE herself to Inu and Sesshoumaru father..........thats all I can say is WOW!

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lol..Take care!

sesshou's gurl- Sat 03 Mar 2007
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anyway great story so far and if u ever want to do a toga/kagome story let me know ok and were you'll be posting it.
thanks for the hot chappy girl.
ur faithful reader always.

Tana-san- Sat 03 Mar 2007
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nope- Sat 03 Mar 2007
I can't believe no one is bothered by the fact, as someone else pointed out, that Kagome slept with Toga after knowing him for one day.

I have one word for that: Slut!!!

Call me a naysayer, but Kagome is not the kind of character who would sleep with a person after meeting them. I mean look how long it took her to realize she loved Inuyasha and pine after him, so it's safe to say she wouldn't sleep with Toga like that.

Now, to me, you completely degraded Kagome's character by having her so quickly open her legs to someone she barely knows. If I was Sesshomaru, I wouldn't want her.

Nazek- Sat 03 Mar 2007
screw that reviewer, if she/he was so disgruntled at reading lemons, perhaps they should be reminded not to read a NC-17 fanfic. *rolls eyes* clearly a nice pg-13 would best suit their interest. lolz

Metis- Sat 03 Mar 2007
I look forward to seeing what you are up to....I just hope no hanyou pups are involved. Pure Youkai all the way!!! heh.

EvilLilVixen- Sat 03 Mar 2007
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anonnie mouse- Sat 03 Mar 2007
Woah.....SO Toga and Kag are mates?? Does that mean when she gets to the future past {Inuyasha's time} she'll loose the mark...or what??
Is she pregnant??


Please update soon!!!!!!!!!
You do know now neither Kaggy or Inu will go through the well without blushing...right???

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Phxazkyote- Fri 02 Mar 2007
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chicke- Fri 02 Mar 2007
i love your stories. they are all great!

If you do end up writting a inu no taisho and kagome fic i would love to know. i would want to read it. i happen to like that pairing as well. i started to like it when i read a really good fic with the pairing. but oddly enough before that i had not really thought about them as a pairing.

swtdrm01- Fri 02 Mar 2007
That was awesome! Great job!

Cochrann- Fri 02 Mar 2007
I really like this story, but gods I so hope kagome's not pregnate 'cause that's going to be really wierd!

Blue_Saiyan_Angel- Fri 02 Mar 2007
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aezue- Fri 02 Mar 2007
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Kohana- Fri 02 Mar 2007
This is ther first I've read your story and I like it! I think people like to read sinful and shameful things that cause there minds to wonder. and you do sinful and shameful very well!! ;)

swasdiva- Fri 02 Mar 2007
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AccidentalGoddess- Fri 02 Mar 2007
Okay, no berating for Toga and Kagome getting together because...well, damn. Hachacha! Though it does bring up some interesting questions and situations. For will she and Sess wind up together if she's mated to his father? Obviously Toga has another mate, so something must happen. Loop hole...then again, I don't know how you're setting up the rules for mates in your fic. I just really hope Kagome doesn't get pregnant because, frankly, that might be just a little maudlin for me. Though them being mates would certainly work to explain various why Tenseiga protects her and what not.

The funniest, absolute funniest, part of all this, though, is that at some point in the fic she is actually going to have the possiblilty of saying..."That's not how your father used to do it." LOL!!


hope-is-4ever- Fri 02 Mar 2007
I thought I'd join the crowd that doesn't like where you've taken this story.

I'm not sure why Kagome would be so bold as to sleep with Inu-Taisho. She never struck me as the type. From what I've seen in the anime Kagome was less coy and more shy and modest.

I know it's your right to write whatever you want, but it's a shame you've taken your characters in this direction.

hasu- Fri 02 Mar 2007
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now u made me lov the kagome toga pairing! UPDATE WHEN U CAN!!!

mangadreams- Fri 02 Mar 2007
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ItsNotMe- Fri 02 Mar 2007
*sigh* My hand is raised as well, Shadow. Really, really high. Hehe... now you're making me think about what that would be like with the same time...
ANYWHO!! GREAT Chapter, and I like your creativity!! I have always wanted to see Toga And Kagome get it on... Dunno why... I just like Toga... *sighs* Sesshoumaru is still my obsession though...
Great chapter, and thanks for the update. Can we have the next one soon?!?!?!
A very impatient ItsNotMe :D

YOU ARE THE BEST!!- Fri 02 Mar 2007
O M G!!! You have to continue!!! Do not listen to any negative comment that has been written to you. Please oh please continue. I think some people do not understand that stories take time. I'm tired of Sess/Kag fics that just get to the point, and this fanfic is a breath of fresh air. Such originality, I love it!!! And PLEASE!!! update when you can. Thanks for all the hard work!!

tamara melton- Fri 02 Mar 2007
oh yummy see *- Tamara's hand raises guiltily-* i agree totaly, *-Drules-*. umm i mean yes i agree (LOL) with u there shadow i think alot of readers will be jumping up and down hopping (me mainly) that you'll be putting that seen in here lol.

anyway...... great story so far and like my other reveiw i LOVE ur writing and well done k.
oh well keep up the great work.
Your Faithful Reader
Tamara Melton

Amanda- Fri 02 Mar 2007
I LOVVVVVEEEEEEEE This Chapter I would get it on with both to lol cant wait for next chapter

Ness- Fri 02 Mar 2007
How could you just leave it like that?!?!?! Major cliffy... Keep up the good work... and dont even think about what those naysayer think about your story... youre the author and you decide what is written... if they want your plotline chaged so much tell them to write it... I for one cant wait for the update.. later

DD- Fri 02 Mar 2007
Let me get this straight: Kagome knows Toga basically for ONE DAY (actually not even a day), and she's going to have sex with him. Well, I'm NOT reading anymore.

Kagome doesn't seem to be the kind of person who would just jump a guy's bones when she only just met him (no matter how good looking he is), or that the only way she could think of to get home is something that invovles sex (geez people, sex is not always the answer to everything). Also in 'Tears', Sesshomaru struggles with knowing she loved Inuyasha first, and now he's going to have to struggle to accept she slept with his father (and he's going to find out). I think that's just too much.

If I would have known this is what you had planned all along,... I don't think I would have supported you to stick with what you had originally had planned for them to be together longer. (Though I still support any author not to change their story for the sake of certain people who don't like it.) I still think Kagome and Toga have a father/daughter relationship (and only father/daughter), and not anything more. Sorry, but I am disappointed with this story. I think I'll only stick with 'Tears'.

Tana-san- Fri 02 Mar 2007
Shadow Girl....I just adore you!!!!! I just KNEW you couldn't resist!! But I'm getting the feeling that you may be justifying the "act" by a means to returning them to their own time? (Have you've read the fic where Sessh is part neko and he used his hmm...yeah ki share with Kagome so she wouldn't die of hyperthermia, "Through the Mirror by Sidhe"? And no, I'm not implying that you stole that idea as I am sure you probably know the authoress who wrote it, but kudos to a great way to get T&K to get it on. Who am I to say no to "the mad,wild,passionate monkey "dog?" dance"?????? I love your Toga character and having Father and Son would be quite a treat...and hey, I do believe an "Original Idea" too,ne? Go for it Shadow! No one has dared pair Kagome with InuPapa and so you'll be the ground breaker for all to follow...but you'll always be the first and the best in my eyes. Rock on, Shadowsweaver1 are the ONE that your name implies!!! Now on with the fun!!!!!!!!

tiny- Fri 02 Mar 2007
shadow im afraid to say it but ... al the hell with it!!!!! girl i love the way you think! kagome is one lucky girl if this story is going in the way i beleive it is and i for one am giving my full support on your idea, and not just cause im a smut wierdo like most on this website ^-~ . i like how your plot is going and just for the record tears of the fallen is also a great success!!!!

phxazkyote- Thu 01 Mar 2007
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swasdiva- Thu 01 Mar 2007
Inuyasha who? Drag that hentai muse out to center stage, I say! And to all you hot donkey sex with InuPapa naysayers, I say BOOYAH!!! I'm a slut puppy, myself! Let Kagome get it on with all three of 'em (at separate times, for a little posterity's sake) if she wants!!! Of course, I know that's not the point nor the plot of this fic, but seriously people, Toges and Fluffs are both hot, and Kagome is a young, independent woman with needs. I'm more than happy to put her fate in your typing fingers, Shadows! Another great chapter! Can't wait for the hentai goodness!

Vampire Katie the Human Slayer- Thu 01 Mar 2007
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P.S. Katie and Vampire Katie the Human Slayer are not the same person so if you get reviews with the same e-mail address we're not the same ppl we're just friend's who have the same name and use the same account. Confusing huh? Just didn't want you to get confused so...yea

FallenTenchi- Thu 01 Mar 2007
Well shadow, I'll be very blunt with you... You have a way of making me want to jump Toga's bone! Plus I'm right there with you, if I had the possibility of having Toga and Sesshoumaru, believe me I would be more then happy to obligate ^_^ hehe!

I'm sorry to see that people didn't trust you with the way your fic was going at first... but yeah to you for finding a way to have Kagome and Toga come together... they make such a cute couple too...

Anyway all that to say GREAT GREAT GREAT fic, and I can't wait for the next part!

Review you later!

Jenna- Thu 01 Mar 2007
Oh my. Kagome and Toga sure have themselves in an interesting situation. I knew exactly the first time Toga mentioned it how the well was to be opened. Hmm...I don't know if thats a good or bad thing on my part. Guess my mind was in the gutter again...hehehe. Anyway, update again soon..I can't wait to read what happens. *grins*

Metis- Thu 01 Mar 2007
Hmm. Let's see what your pretzely mind will cook up. I don't mind Toga Nearly as much as InuYasha romancing her. Uck. This should be interesting. Like the look on Sess' face when he finds out. :)

anonnie mouse- Thu 01 Mar 2007
Hun....this is a SessKag story.....rarely people who love s/k stories REALLY care about Inuyasha!
How pray-tell is she gonna meet Sessy??
SO she and Toga will get down and dirty next chappy??


dsm1980- Thu 01 Mar 2007
You're such a tease. Who gives a crap about Inuyasha when you have Kagome x Toga goodness in your hands!!! I used to think an Inuyasha x Sesshoumaru x Kagome sandwich would be sweet to read, but this exceeds my expectations by far. By all means, keep writing!

swtdrm01- Thu 01 Mar 2007
The idea does not bother me. I know that there are stories of the two of them together. I am, however, interested on three things: 1) How did the other Toga get to that time if the well was closed?, 2) How does Kags get involved with Sess? and 3) If Inu and Sess find out about it, how do they react? This is a very interesting story and I can see how the title is very fitting.

Naomi- Thu 01 Mar 2007
Oooh, that was positive evil of you! Cliffhanger when things are heating up between Kagome and Toga? What is the world coming to? I'm way too curious, and I eagerly await the next chapter.

Katie- Thu 01 Mar 2007
So I guess Kagome was the one that got Touga all lovey dovey with humans. Well now its Sesshomaru's turn to get all lovey dovey with humans!!! YAY!! Love your story update soon like I know you will!! ^_^

Fluffy-kins- Thu 01 Mar 2007
Horray!! Kagome's keeping it in the family!! You're a naughty author! ;D
Can't wait to see how it turns out... I mean -er- close my eyes until the moment passes. ::squeals:: That's just too cute! 3 Can't wait for the next update.

jadedinu- Thu 01 Mar 2007
Evil thou name is ShadowsWeaver1!!!! You left us on such a BIG cliffie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ARG!!! Please update soon....very curious to know what that devious mind of yours comes up with to open the well!!

Ja Ne!

SesshomaruCrazy- Thu 01 Mar 2007
This has been an very interesting story..
I have one question though would kagome begin seeing some of Sesshomaru in the InuPapa..
I think its cool that she gets a chance to see both.. I am not sure about having sex with the Papa but maybe some fooling around.. She might reget it later when her and Sesshomaru get together just becasue thats how she is and don't forget that Sesshomaru might not like it either...
But the thought was pretty good.. Although I'am Hentai like that..
Well hurry with the next chapter and don't let the reviews bother you..
If they don't like it they dont have to read it... Thats my opinion.. I for one enjoy the story...
Take Care

sabrina-star- Thu 01 Mar 2007
::raises hand also:: ME ME MEEEEEE.....i just finished reading what you have so far, and i must confess that since chapter 2 i've been hopping for "this" to happen!!!!!!! Ever since i read "Tears of the fallen" i fell in love with Toga...dont get me wrong...i absolutely LOOOVE Sesshoumaru...but theres something about the Inupappa thats plain sexy!!!!
I hope you wont change the plot again...i would have liked to read (or know) the original plan for this im guessing well never know :( DAMN IT!!!!! WHY DIDNT THEY JUST WAIT!!!!!!!! I dont understand...if you dont like how a story is going then u just STOP reading it....and thats they made you change the plot....NOT THAT IM kinda hoping you post the next chapie soon...hehehehe....
Im always ur fan!!!!!! Please UPDATE SOON!!!!!!

hasu- Thu 01 Mar 2007
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Nefertiri- Thu 01 Mar 2007
I love it, I really do. I can't wait to know what'll happen next. Keep going.

Metis- Thu 01 Mar 2007
'What was to happen' ? You're scaring me. Please don't stoop to this being a rape fic. (clasps hands) I DO like the revenge. Being in two places at once can be rather useful. (evil smile)

yo mama!- Thu 01 Mar 2007
yayness, loved it! keep writing!!! i love inutaishou and kaogme

Cochrann- Thu 01 Mar 2007
Awesome chapter!!!

Magik- Wed 28 Feb 2007
Love this story! Nice twist with time you did there...I can't wait for more!

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Ooohh...I can't wait to read what is supposed to happen (what Toga is referring to). Please update soon. Thanks :)

Seli- Wed 28 Feb 2007
*cough*illusion*cough* Not allusion hun. Means something -totaly- different. Illusion is an optical trick, allusion is to lead someone to falsely believe something...I think...alluded allusions...yeah...

Good story, but I have come to expect nothing less from you! Keep on Truckin'

Alyana- Wed 28 Feb 2007
Oh, you cruel,cruel, cruel girl! How could you end it like that?! WAH!
Well, obviously I like.
Update Soon!
When are you going to update Tears of the Fallen?

Amberlynne- Wed 28 Feb 2007
Hey i like your story so far! Its Awesome, I know its supposed to be a Kag/Sess Fic soo im not going to harp on you like most people would, i even bet you have a surprise or something going on for us! Well I was writing to say i hope you update soon and keep up the wonderful Work!!


Demonlordlover- Wed 28 Feb 2007
I've not been able to get into an involved story like yours yet as I'm trying to get my own done, but I did skim through what you had.

Seems a shame that the encounter had to be altered. If people don't like it, I say shit on them. If you've read As Death Gives Life by Rinseternalsoul, she had Kagome courted and impregnanted by Anubis before Sesshomaru even came into the picture. I didn't see anyone complaining then, but that could be because there was plenty of smut to assauge the masses. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but to have a unique beginning shot down because it failed to immedietly throw Kagome and Sesshomaru together isn't in spirit with this site. We, as authors, are supposed to be able to express our appreciation for the pairing in any way we want. To chastise an author or back you into a corner because instant gratification wasn't delivered is just plain rude.

Given that you can obviously read, then I'm pretty sure you knew this site was for Sess/Kag. To imply you were posting anything else is both an insult to your intelligence and an aspersion to your character as you would be trying to 'sneak' in something.

I say, shit on them. I'm more interested in the original story, but you, of course, have the final say and I don't expect you to change it to suit me.

Metis- Tue 27 Feb 2007
*grips face* Double cliffy. Oooh....

Tana-san- Tue 27 Feb 2007
You see how your many fans speak out in your defense? You are loved Shadow! Do as you see fit with your fic. If you are indeed set on change at this point, it's your choice to make,ne? You can never disappoint us, in my eyes anyway. Every story you create just shows how truly masterful you are. I'll be looking forward to more.

Chicke- Tue 27 Feb 2007
i love it great story. i live sess and kag pairings but i also like kag and inutashio pairing too. i have read a few good ones.

Maria- Tue 27 Feb 2007
Forget those people! If you said it's Sess and Kag then it's so. If they have a problem they should stop reading. I love Toga! I really wish you would stick to your original plot. I know you're not happy with having to cut it down, and a happy writer makes for a good story. *sigh* but what ever you do I'll be here reading avidly. Keep up the great work!

spdsgirl- Tue 27 Feb 2007
Is there any way someone could read the original story line you had in mind? I don't know what everyone was getting all excited about, it's not like Kag's hasn't been shared with someone else before. I mean really, what would the problem be if Togo and her had a fling when a good many stories have the brothers sharing the woman. "Not that you had that in mind." :)
They started this site for people to write, and your writting. You have an original idea and everyone is harping for nothing. You told everyone that is was a Sess and Kag's pairing from the start. It's to bad that most readers don't take time to read the story, they just rush through looking for the "Sexy" parts and that's that. So when you have an author who wants to have their characters build on something solid, readers get fed up with actually reading a longer story. Kind of ironic, they want you to write long chapters, but they don't have the patience to actually read it.
Enough of my thoughts, I liked the original line of the story. If you told the people in charge it was a Sess and Kag fic then you should have kept writting it. Your writting for yourself not the READERS! I can only hope if you stick with the changes you will be happy with the out come of your story. It's such a treat to come across a writer that can actually write!
Good luck and I will keep reading!

chelyn- Tue 27 Feb 2007
shadow, please don't cut the time kags have with toga.
i want them to have more interaction on each other.
so please, pretty please with sugar on it, return to your original plan.
i enjoy reading your story, ganbatte!

DD- Tue 27 Feb 2007
I don't know what those people are talking about. These are probably people who don't see a problem with stories that ARE posted on here that have threesomes with Sess/Kag as part of the trio, or when Sesshomaru is sleeping with loads of women and those scenes are written out, but it's ok because it's part of the 'plot.' They just have a warped sense of thinking.

The only thing I was concerned about with this story was that you had two stories being written at the same time involving a lot of time lapses or shifts. I was worried you could accidently confuse yourself with both of them having time traveling and making sure nothing overlaps. Obviously you're not having that problem at the moment, or you wouldn't have attempted to write both of them.

I say screw what those naysayers are nagging about. If you say it will be Sess/Kag, it will be Sess/Kag. I am intrigued to see what you will come up with, and how Toga will help bring those two together. I say don't cut out what you think will bring this about realistically. Personally, I want to see more of Toga, because I really like how you are portraying him and his interaction with Kagome (well as long as it's not romantically; I totally see them as having a great father/daughter relationship, kinda of like how Sesshomaru has with Rin; that's just my opinion). It's your decision to adjust the story how you see fit, but I think you should go with your gut and write this story how you originally intended it to be.

Rea- Tue 27 Feb 2007
NO!!! Don't cut your chapters short because a few people don't know that good plot line need meat. (aka Toga) Everyone here knows that these stories are Sess/Kag related, and every good story has drama. I don't believe you're violating any rules and if those people have a ain't gots tah read 'em!! It's making me sad just thinking of all the adventures I'll be missin'....

swasdiva- Mon 26 Feb 2007
Okay, since you've already dealt with way too much unnecessary crap, I won't vent over the fact that you had to compromise your idea just to appease vicious threats. Would it be silly of me to say I got your back if anyone files a complaint? I tell you, as much as I enjoyed each chapter so far, I would love to see what you originally had in mind. Oh well, regardless, it's already an amazing, adventurous fic with *Toga* (squee!) and I can't wait to read more. And personally? If Kags has to get it on with both Toges and Sess, I certainly won't complain. Lord, it isn't like such a scandal has never happened in real life!

romeomaru- Mon 26 Feb 2007
WTF you made it perfectly clear where you were going with the story, nobody gives a pile of crap about what anybody else thinks it's your freakin story Shadow......for all the other fools don't read it if it doesn't make sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sirinya- Mon 26 Feb 2007
NOOOOO Dont listen to those people! Keep your story the way you planned it! I have faith in you Shadow :x SOme people just whine cause they arent patient. Well screw them >_>;.
You should plan the story t he way you want. The way it came together in your head.. instead of editing it to what ppl think it should be. it's YOUR story.. not theirs. If they dont like the way it's going they should stop reading then.

But so far I love it.. even though I dont see Sesshou till this chapter. Waiting makes it all the better!
I love all your stories. Keep writing the way you do and dont ever change for anyone. 3

Fan of Yours- Mon 26 Feb 2007
PLEASE DON'T DO IT! Toga is too awesome to cut his time shorter! don't listen to what others say if they're too stupid to read the AN's and notice you've said this was a SessKag fic at least every chapter! i actually wouldn't mind a TogaKag Fic. you portray him so wonderfully! *drool* and there simply aren't enough Toga fics out there! if it weren't for him we wouldnt have sess or inu! and he had to put up with them for who know how many years?! i think he deserves more crdit that he gets.

Okay, so you know my stand on this ne? it's just your fics are so good, and i love toga in them, i'd hate for you to have to deviate from your original course seeing as you always mangange to awe me with your work. please don't skimp on it just cause people are dense, anal, and just plain stupid.

Wonderful new fic! i'm already hooked, it looks so promising! please update asap! lol yeah, i think kagome's had enough tears to last her a couple lifetimes. keep up the great work! XD

~Fan of Yours

Tana-san- Mon 26 Feb 2007
Shadow, don't change your fic, PLEASE, don't. Your storyline the way you have it laid out is always best. Don't back down because a few readers don't know you well enough to just leave their doubts behind. If you change what you originally planned then you won't be doing any justice to yourself or your story. If anyone plans to give you trouble on this then email we that know your reputation and will defend you. If you tell me how, I will back you up fully. I just can't let you alter one of your many great and thoroughly enjoyable fics to be changed and left chopped to appease nay sayers. Listen to your heart Shadow, you have to do your talent justice. I also love the Toga character and giving him a lead part in your fic is the same as giving InuYasha, Sango, or Miroku parts in a Sesshoumaru/Kagome fic. So, you go girl...I love your work and with each new fic you bring this ole gal alot of happiness.

Inu-Miko88- Mon 26 Feb 2007
What the hell is wrong with these people! They leave these reviews like you have no idea what you're doing. If this wasn't a Sess/Kag fic I'm SURE you wouldn't post it on ASS.

(I never noticed that until you pointed it out ^_^)

*sigh* It's really a shame that you had to cut Toga's time short. I love this story already and I like the way you portrayed Toga.

He a lovely mix of Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha with some of his own personality thrown in.

Please continue to write these amazing stories!

phxazkyote- Mon 26 Feb 2007
YEah!! I lobve Toga too!! If you do write a Toga and someone fic lemme know! This story is just as great as Tears. I love it!

DarkMiko6Decortiquer- Mon 26 Feb 2007
I was never offended about the Toga tidbit..and yes we all know that rule but multiple pairings are not disallowed...

Iie! I speak blasphamay-how dare I even entertain the thought a sexy InuTashi, tan skin, hard muscles, and piercing golden eyes? Just because he is a perfect mixture of hsi two hot sons doesn't mean he is better because he is a perfect balance?

...Or then again maybe it does....

Anyhoo, Sesshy isn't born yet so there is nothing to explain! And we all know that it is a preparatory to what will occur with Sesshy.

Could you consider writng a side piece [I guess AU] where Kagome and Inutashio do hit it iff going on from this story-line? It just sounds so cool!

Btw, I love Sesshy to death, I'm an ardent fan, but bishies need adoration! And Touga is defintely hot enough to command my rspect-amongst other things...^_~

On single spark post [naturally or shall I say, "duh!"] the Sess/and Kag version and on FFnet yet ANOTHER version where Touga and her hook up! Please, pretty please? It just has so much promise. Juts consider it, it's always up to you.


Sereneth- Mon 26 Feb 2007
Aww... Damn it. It sucks that you have to cut Togas time with Kagome short. I was really looking forward to seeing him in a lot more chapters. *sigh* Well, good luck on your story.


Cochrann- Mon 26 Feb 2007
You know, I think it's a real shame you had to change the plot to your story b/c of few narrowminded people. I was throughly enjoing your story and I agree with you that the last chapter was rather choppy and nowhere near as interesting as your previous hopefully the next chapter will be better.

Jenna- Mon 26 Feb 2007
Oh no...don't crop the story just because a few peoples are complaining! Thats terrible...I for one am really enjoying this story so far. Good work!! Anyway, I wonder what happened to Kagome...I hope she's okay. How is Inuyasha going to be stopped too? Hopefully Sesshomaru only wounds him a bit instead of killing him. Hmmm...I wonder what Toga thought of to solve there problem. Hehehe....I wonder if its what I'm thinking of. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to wait and find out. Keep up the great work.

I Agree- Mon 26 Feb 2007

Those stupid people who are questioning you are idiots destined to go to the seventh layer of hell for making you change your plot! You've said it numerous times that you were making this a Sess/Kag story, and it's on ASS... it doesn't matter about the lack of Sesshou-Maru! It just adds suspense and lots more reasons for them to get together... kind of... if you know what I'm talking about... They're stupid! *Whines, rocking back and forth like a baby* Change it back! Change it ba-a-a-a-a-ck!

Anyway... I love this story (and the title, that's what really caught my attention)... it's fantastic! I heart it (though I would heart it more if you stuck to the original story line... *wink wink nudge nudge*) and I hope you update soon (This one needs more Toga! He's awesome with the way you write him!) and I also love the way you write Kagome... she kicks ass!

Please Regard Me Kindly,
I Agree

EvilLilVixen- Mon 26 Feb 2007
Like I said before, YOU TELL THEM! Lol! I read that and I just started to bust out laughing. Good thing no one was here to see me. Oh well, as always great job. Gotta love the Toga...makes me wish people weren't idiots cause...I LOVE TOGA!

Metis- Mon 26 Feb 2007
You're really being sweet and cuddly today! (snicker)

Metis- Mon 26 Feb 2007
Nooo! Don't listen to them! Your writing style is great just the way it is!!!! Alteration may throw it out of balance!

Unseen Watcher- Mon 26 Feb 2007
I still see that she's still stubbornly oblivious about basic things like adapting to clothing styles and safety. How she's still alive is beyond me.

Metis- Mon 26 Feb 2007
Pushy, isn't she. As if it's her right to know. I hope he teases her to distraction! Nice manipulation on her 'innocent' part, BTW. (smirk)

theConcreteAngel- Mon 26 Feb 2007
*reaches the end of the last available chapter* Nuuuuuuu... it is gorgeous, it is wonderful... I love it very much...

Hee. I really do enjoy this storyline, and definitely enjoy your writing style. Please, continue!

hasu- Mon 26 Feb 2007
awwwww, but i like Toga!! damn it, i was hoping for at least four or five more chaps with just him and kags. =,(, freakin people, just let her write!! i'm really sorry though that you have to cut things short, truth be told, you should just do whatever the hell makes you happy, but i understand your precautions as well. *sigh*, you're still a great writer and no matter what, i know that i'll still continue to love this fic of yours! continue soon!

Sesshy's_true_love_1818- Mon 26 Feb 2007
Well Hey if you say its a Sess/Kag fic than its a Sess/Kag fic I believe you and besides who doesnt like Toga? I like Toga and If he's going to get Sesshomaru and Kagome together than do what you want I'm not complaining I rather like this story I think its doing great!!

~Vampire Katie the Human Slayer AND Sesshy's_true_love_1818

Reis- Mon 26 Feb 2007 have no idea how disappointed I am at this turn of events that has been forced on you...

Oy oy. You could just....tell me who's giving you troubles. I'll take 'em disappear meng. Quiet like. No one will ever suspect, ya?



This conversation never happened.

*slinks off*

Seriously though, I'm sorry everyone has to be a jerk and not be patient. On the internets we call those people


lol internet. I hope it that in the long run it doesn't effect how you feel about your story.

dsm1980- Mon 26 Feb 2007
NOOOOOO!!!! Please reconsider and write the story to its full length and normal pace! Killing off plausibility just to pacify some angry spirits is not the way to go! Simply write the best you can to get back at them! Gambatte!!!

mangadreams- Mon 26 Feb 2007
luv the chapter!!!!

kat- Mon 26 Feb 2007
wait... is this going to be a toga kags pairing... the one you were saying you were going to write at some point... i'm confused on that... but otherwise interesting story... update soon

alatera- Mon 26 Feb 2007
I 'm sad that you'll have to cut the scenes short. The building blocks of a story are very important to the final outcome. When you first mentioned this in Tears, I was surprised to see it here, but then I read what you wrote and just waited for the magic of the story to continue. I love how you portray him. We can see both of his sons in his character plus quirks all his own. I love the interaction between him and Kagome. He's so confused. lol Just one question, since some people (grrr at them) here can't wait for Sesshomaru to show up , will it be the same at other sites you post at? Have loved all your stories. Keep up the good work!

inugurl620- Mon 26 Feb 2007
luvs the story. thanx for updatin soon. and even if it was gonna be a toga/ kagome fic i wouldnt have minded. update when u can!

inugurl620- Mon 26 Feb 2007
again thanx for updating so soon!!!!

Seli- Mon 26 Feb 2007
Ugh, I cant believe the people that are forcing this on you. I would love to see a slight TogaxKagome bit going on before the true pairing came out. Dont the rules state that the final pairing -has- to be SessxKag...if that's so, then what's the problem with a little Toga?...unless I miss read the rules.

I've read most of your stories, and loved them all so much. You are a wonderful inspiration, and I am pissed that there are those out there who cant get their thinking straight. This is a SessxKag site, and you are definatly no first time writer on this site..*sighs* Alas, we cant kill the morons draging down the collective intelligence of society.

Another good chapter, and hopefuly you can continue this plot close to what you had originaly planned.

Three cheers for being a frigid bitch! Woo! xD

Dream Catcher- Mon 26 Feb 2007
You seem absolutely obsessed with this fic.

I love it.

Update soon =D.

Lady Ashira Taishou- Mon 26 Feb 2007
Okay I don't see how this story has anything to do with kagome and sesshoumaru getting together so far it just has Toga and kagome acting like buddies can you please explain to me how exactly this pertains to the site rules.But it is good and all I'm not saying its bad but it doesn't make sence to the rules.

judzea- Mon 26 Feb 2007
Excellent...another story from one of my favourite writers.

Hmmm...will this fic be a little tie-in to "Tears of the Fallen' or completely different? Possibly the interaction with Toga and Kags will have an impact on Sess and Yasha's outlook on life and each other.

I'm so glad you started this I'll have another good fic to read. As always, you rock! :)

Lady Ashira Taishou- Mon 26 Feb 2007
Okay I don't see how this story has anything to do with kagome and sesshoumaru getting together so far it just has Toga and kagome acting like buddies can you please explain to me how exactly this pertains to the site rules.But it is good and all I'm not saying its bad but it doesn't make sence to the rules.

Lady Ashira Taishou- Mon 26 Feb 2007
Okay I don't see how this story has anything to do with kagome and sesshoumaru getting together so far it just has Toga and kagome acting like buddies can you please explain to me how exactly this pertains to the site rules.But it is good and all I'm not saying its bad but it doesn't make sence to the rules.

Tana-san- Sun 25 Feb 2007
See, just as I've said, only you can bring this character life!!!! He is every bit Sesshoumaru but, InuYasha's more reasonable side is there too. I am honestly impressed with your flare for keeping us guessing. You do indeed live up to your name. Great beginning my friend! As always, I'll be checking in tomorrow. Yours was the only story I got up to check in on today as the fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue has reared it ugly head with a vengence today. I can only hope it will only give me a reprieve as I honestly hate the solitude it leaves me in. TTFN, my friend.

EvilLilVixen- Sun 25 Feb 2007
People amaze me sometimes with their demands for pairings. Is it not obvious that if it is on this site that the main pairing will be Kagome/ Sesshomaru? But enough of my ranting, I love a good Papa Inu fic. There are just not nearly enough of them out there. I have read one good Kagome/InuTaisho fic but they are just so hard to come by these days. Keep up the good work, your chapters inspire my days.

taylor- Sun 25 Feb 2007
its very good write more soon ^.^

Seli- Sun 25 Feb 2007
Mmm, yes SessxKag. No doubt that your love for the TogaxKagome pairing will shine through for a moment. Alas, if only the site allowed it.

The title made me think of something. Perchance you've heard of Emmerson, Lake, and Palmer? Meh, it's a part of one of the songs they sing that I love, and it brought the thought about.

Hehe, you and your obsession with Toga. This is definatly going to be a good story, and I cant wait for Sesshoumaru dear to come a waltzing into the plot as a young happy care-free child that later has a traumatic experience with Kagome that hardens him to the prick he is today. *sigh* Hopeful not too cliche? As much as I love the whole 'back in time' plot, begging over here not to make it cliche. PLEASE :D (Im not saying Tears is cliche either!!)

Speaking of which...nah nvm

Good story, and I am excited to see how the plot unfolds.

DarkMiko6Decortiquer- Sun 25 Feb 2007
OH! But this would be such a good Toga/Kag! Pity...anyhoo update.


helikesitheymikey!- Sun 25 Feb 2007
SO *counts on fingers* Toga is from 200 years before Sessy's born and right now he and Kags are in the time when Sessy's 300 years I right??

Lookin good!!!!!!!!!!!
PLEASE UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vampire Katie the Human Slayer- Sun 25 Feb 2007
I love Toga too!! And you have to totally update soon and I'm so glad you update so quickly it makes me so very happy!!

Jenna- Sun 25 Feb 2007
Yay!! We learn his name...even though I knew it already. I'm so excited about them traveling together. I wonder what's going to happen now and where they will go. Update again soon!!

inugurl620- Sun 25 Feb 2007
thanx for updating so soon!! toga is so grumpy but i luvs him n e ways. update when u can!!!

Reis- Sun 25 Feb 2007
It IS a lovely title btw.

clavira- Sun 25 Feb 2007
you'll make Kagome have an... affair with Toga and later get together with Sess? Ewww......

Suicide- Sun 25 Feb 2007
... I hope Inu no Taisho doesn't have a fling with Kagome. Tehehe. That'd be just weird.

inugurl620- Sun 25 Feb 2007
thanx for updating so soon!!! the story is lookin good so far!!! update when u can but pretty plz dont 4get about tears of the fallen.

Sesshy's_true_love_1818- Sun 25 Feb 2007
You just love to send Kagome farther into time dont you? Well I dont mind I rather like that idea and I like InuTaisho too!! Hes um...nvm pretend you didn't hear that. Anyway update soon I really like this story

AnimeFanime18- Sun 25 Feb 2007
If you do not update soon, I will kick your ass!

DarkMiko6Decortiquer- Sun 25 Feb 2007
Interesting way to portray Toga, I like it.


update soon

inugurl620- Sun 25 Feb 2007
YAY!! i am so happy you started on the story with toga in it cuz i absolutely love his personality in tears of the fallen!!! UPDATE ASAP

Blue Saiyan Angel- Sun 25 Feb 2007
I'm so glad you decided to put this out. Finally, something different and unique. One, question though. If Sess was 800 years old and she went 500 more years in the past, that would mean Sess has been born and around 300 years old. Similar to the age of Inu Yasha when she first met him. Is this right? Or am I just missing something? TTFN!

Tana-san- Sun 25 Feb 2007
I just knew you'd put this new fic with InuPapa out before you finished "Tears of the Fallen". I'm soo glad too that you are doing a fic with him as the base character. You have done such a fantastic job with him that everyone else is naming him Toga in their fics. You've started a trend! Can't wait for more. As I said before, he is a character with such a wide potential that there are many ways you can write him and I just know that only you can do him best. Rock on, Shadow!!! I know this too will be a fun ride as all your fics are!! I'll be looking for you tomorrow then...Ta!!!

chicke- Sun 25 Feb 2007
Great story so far can not wait to read more!

Metis- Sun 25 Feb 2007
(claps hands) There are more and more stories with their father coming out. And they're all so unique in their own right. YAY! I love it!

Metis- Sun 25 Feb 2007
Hmm. The title is ominous but the description is reassuring. And then, there's the fact that YOU are writing this. (looks amused) Let's see what tricks you have up your sleeve this time.

Jenna- Sun 25 Feb 2007
Yay, another wonderful story! While I'm sad that you aren't going to be updating 'Tears' for awhile, I'm glad that I'll be able to read another wonderful example of your writing. I can't wait to find out what happens. Keep up the great work!! :]

karla- Sun 25 Feb 2007
hahaha!! now shes 1000 years in the past! with an arrogant ass to boot lmao!! keep it up love your stories!

coquettish-zala- Sat 24 Feb 2007
YAAAAYYY!!! more new stories! ah,that was a rather interesting starting you had there! i read your comments at tears of the fallen about you wanting to write a story of inu taisho with kagome and you really did! it was pretty fast!! can't wait to read more stories coming from you!! :P

Cochrann- Sat 24 Feb 2007
Cool start!!

Sereneth- Sat 24 Feb 2007
Ooooo! I know who it is! It's Sesshomaru's Father!!! Toga!!!!

Well... I think that's who he is. Lol, he's my favorite character.. Though I think there definitely aren't enough fanfictions with the Kagome/ Toga pairing. This new story of yours looks interesting. Good luck!



hasu- Sat 24 Feb 2007
oohhhhh, when you mentioned another fic in the works in Tears of the Fallen i didn't think you'd get it up so soon! lol, i really love how you portray Toga, haha, you're getting me obsessed with him too! i like this so far though, definitely something different. i hope you continue soon cause i can't wait to read more!

Reis- Sat 24 Feb 2007
::clapclapclap:: Yay! This is exciting~

Vampire Katie the Human Slayer- Sat 24 Feb 2007
Oh my gosh Oh my gosh!! Is it Is it InuTaisho?! I like this its really good and that why you should update soon!! Like totally please

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