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Kenzi- Wed 18 Jul 2007
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Dreaming_Of_Falling- Tue 03 Jul 2007
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whiteinu1- Tue 26 Jun 2007
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Renee Mannings- Tue 06 Feb 2007
Ok. Cliff hangers are the devil's plaything. You can't stop there. My goodness. It was getting so good. Update soon please and if possible add me to your update list.

Renee Mannings- Tue 06 Feb 2007
Ok. Cliff hangers are the devil's plaything. You can't stop there. My goodness. It was getting so good. Update soon please and if possible add me to your update list.

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wynter89- Tue 30 Jan 2007
One of the best continuations from a One-Shot i have ever read...
good luck
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rakuen- Wed 17 Jan 2007
omggg~ please update soon .

that was completely awesome~! definitly need the next chapter soon!

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