Lady Of 09- Thu 21 Dec 2006

mangadreams- Thu 21 Dec 2006
luv it:)

MoonlightRose09- Tue 05 Dec 2006
nope. i dont mind the party girl thing at all. infact i like it when writers drop kagomes naive thing sometimes. great chapter btw. can`t wait for the next one. clubing eh?

kat- Mon 04 Dec 2006
no but i have gone clubbing in windsor... well more like bar hopping with a casino thrown in for good measure. it's amazing what mischief a bunch of american tourists can find when they are staying only 10minutes from the border in detroit... the border patrol almost had a cow over the liscense plate we had in our van that we had found belonging to a friend of ours...... it's hilarious now but it wasn't then....

great story can't wait for more

Shadow's Angel- Thu 30 Nov 2006
nope not crazy (though i was real close there) oh really on i might just i hav to read it there then =P ok on second thought nevermind about the crazy thing i just realized.....i was crazy all along

swtdrm01- Thu 30 Nov 2006
Thank you for bringing this beautiful story to this site.

jadeprincess- Wed 29 Nov 2006
Good job so far, can't wait until your next update. I can't wait to find out how they meet...

~frozen phoenix~- Tue 28 Nov 2006
OH MY GOD!! you have to update ASAP as in today!! this is amazing and i cant even explain it! i love it!!

luna- Mon 27 Nov 2006
wow you really thought this through, keep the good work so far the fic is exelent.but even so i can't wait to hear about how sess.. comes into the pic, maybe in a reunion?or something like that.

Shadow's Angel- Mon 27 Nov 2006
u stopped writing the chapter.........but its cute............................youve got to up date this soon or ill either start crying or go crazy

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