heather- Mon 23 Jul 2007
i love this story please update soon

hime jun hi- Mon 26 Feb 2007
What happen's next?

black moon inu- Sun 11 Feb 2007
I don't like thinking its our fluffy. So sad, of all the people in the group to get raped, it shoul have been inuyasha..... hey there's an idea maybe I'll put that in my story. I'm going to thank you and go start a chap for my story thank you and please post soon I have to know what will happen to kagome and sesshoumaru.


alexa- Sun 10 Sep 2006
This was REALLY good, plz do write more, and hurry up with next chapter!

Fallen-Angel's-Love- Wed 06 Sep 2006
SWEET!!! Plz Update ASAP!!!

Sa-Sa15- Sun 03 Sep 2006
who was that? was that Sesshomaru? no, He's to noble to stoop that low, it can't be Inuyasha, because he's training, but then again Sesshomaru is in the forest, and left for awhile and left Jaken to watch Rin so it had to be him, but he would slap Kagome, and right after he was done with her, just up and leave. please update soon.

hellspixie18- Sun 03 Sep 2006
awesome story so far. can't wait to read the next chapter. your grammer could use some work but other then that the story was very well written. update soon.

Kris- Sun 03 Sep 2006
well who was it?

Kyo-Chan-Lover- Sat 02 Sep 2006
Wow! Kagome got raped? I was not expecting that. I hope it wasn't Sesshoumaru...

Sesshoumaru's FIend- Sat 02 Sep 2006
this story is very very good!!
i really enjoyed it!!
please udpate really soon!!

gothic_xXx_moon- Sat 02 Sep 2006
please go with more chapters

Jay FicLover- Sat 02 Sep 2006
Poor Kagome-chan. Write more! I want to know who did it! *Puppy eyes*

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