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If it doesn't let you see it search deviant art for SessKag + condoms
By the way, the names of chapters are names of colors in the crayola crayon box!!!

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Amber Myst

Momo.- Tue 11 Jul 2006
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update sooooooon!!!!!!!!! ^.^

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Pleaaaaaase, continue!!!! It would make me happy!!!!!
Really, this sentence:
"Sesshoumaru may have been a complete ass, and it looked like he had a nice one, too..."
was one of the funniest I´ve read so far....
Can´t wait for the next chapter!

Jan- Mon 03 Jul 2006

This really wants to be more than a oneshot. Sesshoumaru wired on chocolate, Inuyasha finding out he's been beaten so Kagome can go get shampoo for big brother... There's soo much potential there.

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