Reviews for Hear Me by SilverYoko

BloodyHues- Fri 14 Jul 2006
I have been waiting for another chapter to come out for some time but, alas, it looks as if the evil time demon has gotten to you as well and will not allow you to update. I do love your story, though, and I wish there was more to it. It intrigues me. Update soon, please.

rubber_ducky_of_doom- Tue 06 Jun 2006
Hey, I really like this one-shot! I wish I knew what happened next...could you make it a two-shot?

clavira- Sun 04 Jun 2006
well, it sounds like this could be a cery interesting story, but I can't really say anything, since there's only one chapter.
I hope you update soon though!

Debra- Sun 04 Jun 2006
I really loved your story. I gave it a 10 outta 10. And feel honored I amlost never give reviews. LOL

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