Crystal Dragon- Thu 27 Mar 2008
You have written very well and you manage to keep me wanting more every time I read.

Please update this fic soon it flows rather well to the first part of this series.

Once again keep up the good work and let me know as soon as you update this fic!

Avid reader and fan

Crystal Dragon Claw

Ender_kb- Mon 31 Dec 2007
*sigh* How can you stop writing such an awesomistic story!? You're crazy! I love this story sooooo much. It turned me on to SeshKag. Does that mean nothing to you? You wrote so much of it and then you just stop? *cries* I need to see the battle with Naraku and find out what happens in the end. It's so close. *cries and bows respectfully* Thanks for listening to my ranting. XD

Michelle- Mon 29 Oct 2007
Hey I loves both stories. I would like to ask you to e mail me when you update so i can continue to read this amazing story. Thank you

Michelle- Mon 29 Oct 2007
Hey I loves both stories. I would like to ask you to e mail me when you update so i can continue to read this amazing story. Thank you

Danielle- Wed 01 Aug 2007
ARGH just when it was getting GOOD!!!!! I am goin to patiently wait on the next chapter (cause that's all i can really do) this and edge of heaven are the best fics i've read in a while. By the way what kind of art do you do?

Libertine- Sat 07 Jul 2007
I love this fic! You're an awesome writer. Update soon?

Inu-Whisperer- Sun 06 May 2007
Very entertaining. I am very anxious to read more. When are you planning on updating again?

kiukirilya- Fri 09 Mar 2007
You are such an amazing writer! One of the best I ever read! (and I read a LOT of Sess/Kag fic ^^) Still, I find your writing impassioning and pleasant, and the storyline unique and captivating, I love the way you are making the characters deal with the situations you put them into(Kagome turning youkai for exemple), expressing their sentiments, and you even manage that without them looking OOC.
I could not tear my eyes away from your "Edge of Heaven", did not take any break before beginning "Rainbow in the Night" and even now, I am dying to know the rest of the story. By the way, you just HAD to interrupt Kagome and Sesshoumaru at such an interresting moment, ne? Though, I am glad the Shikigami decided to save them(, or did they?)
Well, I saw you did not update since 2006-11-29 and I can only hope you did not stop writing this fanfic because I REALLY want to know what will happen NEXT! ^^ I want more, I am addicted...
Best of luck with your writting, it is awesome! ^^


swtdrm01- Sun 03 Dec 2006
I have to admit that I am hooked, really hooked on your story. I read the first story in it's entirety all in one day just so I can start reading the second story. I loved it. I can't wait to read the next chapter. Please update soon. Your work is outstanding.

RhiannonoftheMoon- Wed 29 Nov 2006
I'm so excited to see that you've updated, even though I'm pretty sure that this chapter was here already. I love this fic and the one before it and truly hope that you continue it. Best of luck!

Noacat- Wed 29 Nov 2006
...OMG! Update! I love this story. I love you vicariously for writing it! *huggs fiercely*

Jenny- Fri 06 Oct 2006
Now I've spent several days reading this fic (and the previous) to here, and I do seriouisly hope you plan on continuing it! Or else.... ;)
I really like your style of writing, changing POV's every now and then. You keep them all in character most of the time, and that's always admirable. I really like the story. Most fanfics with Kagome turning youkai are so boring and predictable, but not this one. A quite unique story. I'm thinking I might try and do some fanart as to what I think Kagome looks like in this.
Oh, and please remember to put dictionaries at the end of the chapters in this story aswell, I keep forgetting some of the words and expressions. *blushes*

Cynthia- Fri 15 Sep 2006
I wanted to send you a review, cause I find your story absolutly addicting! It beautifully written, has a awesome plot, and I truley love it. I hope you will continue with it soon, as I am on the edge of my seat waiting. Thanks for the awesome read, and please continue soon!

Neko-Lady- Mon 07 Aug 2006
Interesting story! Guess I need to read the first one to find out why Sesshy is so determined to call Kagome, Toshi. Keep updating!

Faerie Maia- Sun 04 Jun 2006
nooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you leave me in suspense!!!!!!!!!!!!! i must know if they live!!!!!!!!!! well, really, i guess i do know hat they live, because that would be a sucky end to this fic, and i know you wouldn't do that, but, but, but still!!!!!!!!!! aarrg!!!! either way, i'm dyin' for an update now!!!!

Amber Wolf- Thu 01 Jun 2006
oh man ya know i was just thinking to myself that i really missed this story and then you update it. YAY since i missed the update before i must say both chapters were wonderful. Sada and Hakudoshi really really need to die. man how are my two fav charries gunna get out of this. oh man he tried to shield her it was so cute. Hmmm...Inuyasha and co are looking for them maybe they find them and get them out but they are probably too far away....they dig themselves out? thats alil tough. man please update soon the next chapter looks like it is gunna be kick ass.

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