Reviews for To All Things by ShadyMinion

killingperfection- Tue 06 Mar 2007
after first i misunderstood the meaning of this story, but towards the ends tears filled my eye......with was very good.

sunkissedemerald- Wed 01 Nov 2006
On "To All Things"

My initial reaction to seeing the title was puzzlement, but towards the end, I understood the reason behind the title. It's beautifully written. I was literally left breathless and teary.

One thing worthy of note is the way you (ShadyMinion) wove the elements of the story - the way you revealed the reason behind whatever was happening. I mean, it could've been just an ordinary story, but I guess what I'm saying is that it's very artistically done. I'm impressed. Flashbacks (I'm not sure if I used the appropriate term) were employed efficiently. It was also interesting the way you handled the characters. "To All Things" literally kept me on my toes - I never knew what to expect. The tension the story created was effectively and timely relieved.

I'd have to say that "To All Things" is one of the best I've read so far.

Kudos to you, ShadyMinion.

jestergirl- Fri 19 May 2006
This was such a good story, i loved it. it is sad and yet has a finalitiy to it, a resolve. I liked it very much.

swasdiva- Thu 18 May 2006
Oh my....holy....

*glomps ShadyMinion*

If ever there was a story to come out of hiding for, this was definitely it. Brilliant, wrenching piece. Absolutely compellingly brilliant.

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