Reviews for Madman by Rinseternalsoul

KagomeFreak 28- Sun 09 Mar 2008
ok ... that was ...................

Please update ASAP! I really want to find out what happens next to the newyl couple. Great chapter and awesome job making this story seem real. Not an easy feat., Im sure. LoL!

Frances- Fri 10 Aug 2007
hey! i loved this story that you wrote! it had alot of action in it and some intense moments,which i like,alot. i was wondering if there was gonna be another chapter to madman?
if so, can u please tell the name of it?

sysclp- Thu 12 Jul 2007
I just read what you have so far and really enjoyed it. I have read most of your stuff and you are one of my favorite authors. I hope you plan to finish this one soon. I really want to see how it all end. :-)

lilmoe31- Wed 11 Jul 2007
GREAT F#$%$*% Story. OMG I'm fanning myself for the last chapter. Please you have to finish this story. You are on my top list of favs "The Portal" being my up most fav. I am a really big fan of yours, reading and re-reading your fics givings me hope that one day I'll get off my keystr and write one. But until then I just enjoy reading your Fics. You're the Best. Thank You so much. YOU ROCK and then-some.

Kanazawa- Wed 20 Jun 2007
OMG soooo good!! What a plot!! I am always impressed with your stories... wherever I see 'Rinseternalsoul' I know that story is bound to be a good one!

Danielle- Sat 16 Jun 2007
U ever gonna touch uo this fic or has it lost its luster? Hope it hasn't i really liked this fic, neway later!

Alandrias- Thu 22 Mar 2007
great story i loved it :D *favorites*

shioriimaru- Fri 23 Feb 2007
Oh wow, this was a story and especially the end, that was so vivid how you wrote it.
I think it's me who needs a cold shower now LOL.

Tana-san- Tue 30 Jan 2007
Hey Rin, I'm sure glad you post this here as I really want to tell you how very much I'm loving this fic and might I say ALL of your fics!!! You make me one very happy lady with your writing. I told you once before on AFF that you keep me so entertained as I am pretty much confined to home due to a few disabilities. Well, I just wanted you to know that I am totally addicted to your work. You surely give alot of indepth description and you don't overdue the dialogue by filling in with the same old stuff. I can totally immerse myself into your writing that I feel as though I'm there in the action and even when nature calls I don't want to stop reading until there's no more to read. There are about a handful of writers that can hold my attention and continually pull me much that my husband says he wishes he never bought me the laptop to start with. Hmm...can't help if Rin and her friends have me hook,line and sinker. I truly loved the last 2 chapters[17&18]. The rescue was really good. The monkey dance was everything I knew it would be. You are a totally phenomenal writer when you do sex scenes. Wow, Rin, you gotta know how good you are at this. Can't ever tell you enough. Thanks for everything, Rin!

Twilight Garden- Tue 16 Jan 2007
These chapters were just great I really enjoyed them. The lemon was just awesome. I hope that you update soon .

itachiiyoubastard- Mon 15 Jan 2007
HOH MY JEEVUS..!?!?!!?


*otaku shriek.. faints from otaku shriek*

Jenna- Sun 14 Jan 2007
Wow!! This fanfic is awesome!! Keep up the great work and upload soon. I can't wait to find out how Sesshomaru thinks of Kagome's wild side :D

PLEASE UPDATE SOON!- Sun 14 Jan 2007
Oh wow! That was a great chapter. I really liked the idea of Kagome being Sess' first woman to give him a blow job. i really thought it was cute. I wonder what made kagome go wild in bed? Im sure that sess loved it though. :) I really cant wait to see how this story ends. PLEASE UPDATE SOON!

Risa- Sun 14 Jan 2007

Risa- Sun 14 Jan 2007
How sensual! I was so thrilled that I visualized me bowing to you in thanks,for the long awaited lemon. Finally, the l-e-m-o-n, I was so excited- then the MUHAHAHA. Kouga. Must. Die. Damn it, he's got youkai senses-he knew what they were doing. Damn fool!
Okay, I'm done now.
The lemons continue part 2. YES!

Chaos-and-Serenity- Sun 14 Jan 2007
I humbly bow down in awe to the Queen of Lemony Smut! I want an exotic ice cream sundae too!

Fav line: "The females in my past were untrustworthy bitches with fangs." I laughed so hard!

As always, you leave me wanton and itching to pick up the phone - lol! But it ain't gonna be like THAT! If only...

This story has been a pleasure to read and your stories always end so cutely - and HOTLY. I swear Kagome is one lucky gal. See you next time!

Chaos-and-Serenity- Sun 14 Jan 2007
Favorite line: "Your body weeps for me." I about weeped and melted into a pile of mushy goo when he said that! I could smell the lust in the air and that's why I still bow down to you as the Queen of Smut! ANd you naughty, naughty author fooled us into thinking the deed was about to happen! A little patience never killed anyone. In fact, it makes the deed all the more enjoyable!

Now onto the real lemony goodness!

Laini- Sun 14 Jan 2007
YAY an update...and a very nice update at that! *wins* lol. Great update AND lemon. Cant wait to read whats left! GO RIN!! *cheers* ^_^

swtdrm01- Sun 14 Jan 2007
I loved the new chapters. Thank you for not only updating but also for giving us two chapters instead of one. I can't wait for the next chapter. I love reading your stories, your creations are wonderful.

annemarie89- Sun 14 Jan 2007
yea you posted another chapter i was hoping that you would! i lovw it! i cant wait untill you post your next one!

ItsNotMe- Wed 10 Jan 2007
O.O PLEASE! I just began reading this story!! I need an update! :D You are an extraordinary writer, and most assuredly one of my favorites! Please update soon!

Rose- Tue 19 Dec 2006
I can't wait!

And congrations on becoming an aunt! I hope you spoil him rotten! ^-^

Forsaken Faith- Sun 17 Dec 2006
I love this story a lot! it is very well written. Other authors, along with myself, tend to put too much talking in the stories. You don't. i like how you go deeper into the character's minds and hearts. I'm glad it was your intention to make it sound like the battle that Inu no Taisho had with Takemaru because that's exactly what i thought of. Sess is going to save his love.....Inu no Taisho was going to save his. It was an awsome idea to put that in the story. My only complaint is that i want to know a little bit more about what happened to Inuyasha. I bet that Kagome's past with him is going to come into play soon for sess. idk. I'm kinda rambling. ANYWAY!!! I love your story and can't wait to read more. Please update soon.

Twilight Garden- Fri 15 Dec 2006
This chapter was just great and I enjoyed it very much. I also enjoyed the rest of the story but its always true that madmen always have a vision that is totally distorted but them it makes perfect sense. Anyhoo great story and please update soon.

Mrs_Sesshomaru- Sun 10 Dec 2006
La-la-la! Yeah I'm a lil late with the review... sorry! It was awesome! I think Hokata's (is that right?) death was too easy. Sesshy shoulda killed him, brought him back, let Kouga kill him, bring him back again, & then let Rishou kill him the last time for ruining his apartment! That woulda been GREAT!! Yay lemon up next... Mmmmm...

Risa- Sat 09 Dec 2006
What a rescue! Hot action, hot men, hot girl, hot madman and hot Kanna. It was hot, hot, hot! Oh, and romantic, too. The punch to Kouga made me laugh out loud.
I loved it!
Thank you so much for the dedication- I am truly honored.

Silver_Drache- Fri 08 Dec 2006
Very nice battle scene. I like how you inplemented Kanna into the fight, sometimes a beautiful woman is the ultimate weapon of destruction. I also enjoyed Sesshomaru's reaction to Kouga's statement. Nonchalontly rendering someone unconcious is what I could easily see Sesshomaru doing. Very nice.

PLEASE UPDATE SOON!- Fri 08 Dec 2006
AHHH! OH MY GOD! That was a b-e-a utiful fighting scene. I loved how Juria had her arm cut off. To tell you the truth I really did laugh out loud. I was so happy. I loved how everybody in the story came together and fought for Kagome and the entire world. OMG! I cant wait for the lemon scene. I hope its down right filthy. :) I really hope that Kagome ges a chance to Sesshoumaru in his pants the one that shows his hip bone. Lord have mercy so much sexiness. I hope Kagome can handle it.

Incredible chapter and I hope you UPDATE SOON!

anime pixie- Fri 08 Dec 2006
AMAZING chapter. It was a wonderful fight scene that was definetly worth waiting for. Juria getting sucked into the mirror was unexpected but she deserved what she got. I can't wait until the next chapter is posted. Happy writing

Tana-san- Fri 08 Dec 2006
As always Rin Girl, you're the greatest. That battle scene was very descriptive and I even SAW the shrapnel flying and hoping I ducked in time. Guess I did because here I am to give you my review!!! Can't wait for the lemon(my daughter and I call it the mad,wild,passionate monkey dance and you ARE well known for doing great monkey dance scenes. So, I'll be here with my mind's eye expecting the sweet sexy torture of our beloved Lord Seeshoumaru.

Kim- Thu 07 Dec 2006
I haven't missed any of your stories so far, hope you post another chapter soon! It seems like forever between them! PS - Loved Honor! This one is really good and very different, it is nice to see a new and interesting involvement between the two

Laini- Thu 07 Dec 2006
YAY he saved her! and she confessed! ahhhh love,isnt it so grand sometimes? Did i just hear a lemon...yay time for lemonade! I cant believe this story is almost over.*sniffle*...but I enjoyed it i always do w/ ur fics Rin,keep up the great work! ^_^

nostalgic-maiden- Thu 07 Dec 2006
wow, great chapter! i loved it, it was great, please continue to update!!!!!=D

Vulcana- Thu 07 Dec 2006
Go Kanna! I really liked that part. It was unexpected but oh so useful.
I look forward to the next chapter.

Sesshomarei- Thu 07 Dec 2006
Encore! This was the first Fic I had started reading w hen i discovered a-single-spark... I've been waiting for you to continue for a few days now I love it :D hehe.. oh and congrats on your nephew :D

Naka- Thu 07 Dec 2006
You know, you're an amazing writer. This story is just so good! Look forward to reading more works by you.

Jenn- Thu 07 Dec 2006
WOW you are good with action sceens I deeply enjoyed the story so far please update soon!

sesshou_lover- Thu 07 Dec 2006
I loved it. Congrats on the new nephew. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Tang- Thu 07 Dec 2006
OMG!!! Yay!! Another chapter of this glorious story!!! This story (also your other ones) are so beautifully written that i refuse to stop reading until the end! Keep on going please!!

PLEASE UPDATE SOON!- Wed 06 Dec 2006
I hope you update soon!

shioriimaru- Sun 03 Dec 2006
Oh, oh, poor Hotaka hehe, he has no idea where he got himself into, having a very pissed taiyoukai trying to kill you is not that what I would call comforting. Aw and Sesshoumaru confessed to himself that he is in love with Kagome.
I'm curious what you will do with the clones they already made, I mean they will destroy them or somehow Hotaka will be maybe able to let them fight against Sesshoumaru and Kouga? That would be of course very interesting, Sesshoumaru vs. Sesshoumaru.
I'm sure the next chapter will be very explosive.

Risa- Sat 02 Dec 2006
Great Cesar ghost! This is awesome! A+

Ninja Rikku- Sat 02 Dec 2006
update puhleeese!!!!!!!! I'm totally diggin this story and it makes me feel good since my bf is being a dick >. So be nice and update kay? I'll give you a cookie!

Ninja Rikku- Sat 02 Dec 2006
update puhleeese!!!!!!!! I'm totally diggin this story and it makes me feel good since my bf is being a dick >. So be nice and update kay? I'll give you a cookie!

Silver_Drache- Fri 01 Dec 2006
I love your story and I always have. I think my obsession continues to grow each time I read a little more. I do have one guess of how Kagome is going to survive. If her soul is to much for a magical mirror, who says a piece of machinery can handle her powers magnified by the Shikon. I say a big boom is going to happen, well at least hope it will.

RedRoseRuby- Fri 01 Dec 2006
AAAAAAAAAAA how could you why oh why did you stop it was getting soooooooooo good!!! please update soon

anime pixie- Fri 01 Dec 2006
wow. sess is really pissed off huh? i cannot wait for the next chapter. PLEASE don't make us wait so long next time for the update!!! this is still an amazing story and i am waiting on the edge of my seat to find out what happens next.

Seli- Fri 01 Dec 2006
Haha... Sesshoumaru went Rambo xD

Laini- Fri 01 Dec 2006
OH my goosyi have missed this fic! So glad u decided to update lol. Loved the chapter,man i hope he reaches kagome in time! *bites nails* You have GOT to update this ASAP,im goin nuts here! ^_^

OMG! That was a great chapter :)
You have to UPDATE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! AHHHH! That was so the shit. I wonder how Kagome will act once she sees her Sesshoumaru in black? LOL Dont leave us in suspense.

Fluffy Owner- Thu 30 Nov 2006
Luv Owner of Your Fluff

Chaos-and-Serenity- Thu 30 Nov 2006
AH! My two favorite men from Inuyasha (sorry, Yasha, what can I say?) are going into battle together - with combat boots! I LOVE IT!

Fav line: "Heck, it took five centuries before she could even have a decent conversation with the guy." I also adored the description of Kouga while he was driving and how he responded "Puh-lease." Or something like that...

Since I first read your stories, starting with The Portal, I've always thought that your writing read like a movie and even played like one in my head. Intriguing, deep plots and well rounded characterizations; killer action scenes balanced out by nice descriptions and bouts of humor - hon, you got skill! And let's not forget the steamy sexual tension and fiery lemons you always bless us with either! Basically, reading your stories is like going to the movie theater to me - lots of fun! - and my money and time are never wasted.

Keep it coming 'cause I'm itching to read more!

Metis- Thu 30 Nov 2006
Way to go Kagome and the Three World's help their opposition. They're going to need it! (evil laughter) Thanks for the update! YES!

Chaos-and-Serenity- Thu 30 Nov 2006
GREAT CHAPTER! I love Kouga and his flippant tongue! He always makes scenes so interesting. Fav line: "Something stunk, and it wasn't Sesshomaru's un-fucking-believably clean penthouse suite."

The excitement is definitely running through my veins and I'm anxiously awaiting the unraveling of the plot!

Chaos-and-Serenity- Thu 30 Nov 2006
Oh gods...the image of an enraged Sesshoumaru is just too much for my innocent little mind to handle! Did I say innocent? Oops.

The action sequences were just great and the momentum has definitely built up and I'm sure it'll be one helluva thrill ride when goes after her. I can't wait!

But I have the advantage of a 'next chapter' button! Waiting is sometimes good!

Chaos-and-Serenity- Thu 30 Nov 2006
Ah...if only a man that sexy would care to turn me on!

I've been out of it for a while - it's funny that life's gotten busier now that I'm out of college! - and so I was so happy to see updates for my reading pleasure! And pleasure it will be as read further into this hot little ficlet!

Risa- Wed 25 Oct 2006
Review of ch 14: OUTSTANDING!! Really an excellent chapter! A brilliant combination of suspense,action and romance. You deserve to be recognized on a professional level.

UPDATE SOON!- Sat 21 Oct 2006
I hope you UPDATE SOON! I really cant wait! AHHHH! HURRY! LOL

Rhonda- Sat 21 Oct 2006
Hi, Just finished chapter 14 of Madman and have to say I have really enjoyed it. So many questions.... like are the ones locked up in the military installation Youki??? If so, you COULD make one of them InuYasha, I mean Sess did not actually see him killed and they weren't close, he could have walked away and kept going.... saw the world so to speak... came back after/during World War II to check on Shippo, etc.... and fell in with Hotako which is HOW he learned about youki...hmmmmm. Then since it has been so long, he would still have some feelings for Kagome, but lots of things have happened and he can still vow to protect her (could love her like a sister) and still help his brother bring down the bad guys.... It could happen.... Also, are you going to maybe branch out Kagome's powers and let her figure out a way to purify the hearts of evil men??? That would be great.
Anyway, just thoughts running thru this mind of mine and thought, hey.... it could happen... OR Rishou could be the reincarnated InuYasha... hmmm, not as good as the real InuYasha being alive, but hey... I could go with it.

Well, anyway, I love your story and look forward to the next chapters. I have enjoyed ALL your stories so far and look forward to all future ones.

Rhonda- Sat 21 Oct 2006
Hi, Just finished chapter 14 of Madman and have to say I have really enjoyed it. So many questions.... like are the ones locked up in the military installation Youki??? If so, you COULD make one of them InuYasha, I mean Sess did not actually see him killed and they weren't close, he could have walked away and kept going.... saw the world so to speak... came back after/during World War II to check on Shippo, etc.... and fell in with Hotako which is HOW he learned about youki...hmmmmm. Then since it has been so long, he would still have some feelings for Kagome, but lots of things have happened and he can still vow to protect her (could love her like a sister) and still help his brother bring down the bad guys.... It could happen.... Also, are you going to maybe branch out Kagome's powers and let her figure out a way to purify the hearts of evil men??? That would be great.
Anyway, just thoughts running thru this mind of mine and thought, hey.... it could happen... OR Rishou could be the reincarnated InuYasha... hmmm, not as good as the real InuYasha being alive, but hey... I could go with it.

Well, anyway, I love your story and look forward to the next chapters. I have enjoyed ALL your stories so far and look forward to all future ones.

Ari- Mon 16 Oct 2006
I love your but I hate you
*runs away*
*comes back*
ok, just ignore that and try to update soon

*sniffle* poor sesshy T.T

Ja ne =D (--- superfalse happyface mask)

Metis- Mon 16 Oct 2006
Nice! I especially like the humans little ringside seats to possessive youkai confrontations. Didn't know the world as well as you thought did you? heh. Get to her before they do something medically nasty to her! Hmm, I wonder just how large his true form is now? heh heh. May they live a Long time and repopulate the Inu species (I will always beg for full youkai pups, but that's just me. ;) ).

wynter89- Mon 16 Oct 2006
yay!!! an update... Its a great chapter, Kouga gave it a bit of a twist. i loved it... "What havent you seen a youkai before?"... pricesless....

Good luck
i hope you udpate soon

anime pixie- Mon 16 Oct 2006
wow! i cannot wait for the next chapter!! that overview leaves me wanting to read the next chapter immediatly. PLEASE update soon!! you are doing a fantastic job with this fic. it is truly one of the most clever and original ones that i have ever read. happy writing.

UPDATE QUICK!- Mon 16 Oct 2006
The plot thickens! this was a great chapter. I have to admit whe I first read this I didnt think it would be all that great. Now i cant stop reading it! HAHA!

Anyways I really HOPE that you update SOON! I cant wait to see what happens when Sess comes to rescue HIS miko. UPDATE REALLY SOON!

swtdrm01- Mon 16 Oct 2006
I enjoyed it very much. I hope you update soon. I don't like waiting, but I guess 'good things come to those who wait' is true because your chapters are getting better and better. I'm so excited.

Ja Ne

AkaiKurai- Mon 16 Oct 2006
*makes strangeling motions in Rin's general direction* You'd better update soon! This cliffie's worse than the last one! Urgh > Hotaka pisses me off, and we haven't really even seen a lot of this guy yet. He just reminds me of Hitler and that guy I did not like. Stupid nazi, made a Buddhist symbol a bad thing >

Please update soon or I might pop a blood vessel. *insert sad puppy dog eyes here*

phxazkyote3507- Mon 16 Oct 2006
Woot! Dang this is intense. I want more. Must have more!

Irish Black Rosie- Sun 15 Oct 2006
Teehee Sesshoumaru's going to make them pay. >:D I really like your story, it's so captivating as well as your protrayal of modern day Sesshoumaru. Lovers it. ^__^
Okies me go now. :D

Laini- Sun 15 Oct 2006
LOVED IT! ugh but u just HAD to end it there!...*sigh* guess i gotta wait now lol.Love the story update soon plz. ^_^

OMG! Oh wow! That was awesome! Watch out Rishou THE Sesshoumaru is back! I cant wait to see what happens to everybody in the next chapter! OH MY GOSH! This was so cool! YOU HAVE TO UPDATE ASAP! Im dying of suspense here!

UPDATE SOON! PLEASE!- Wed 04 Oct 2006
WOW! That was a GREAT chapter! I cant wait to see what happens next to Kagme and Sesshoumaru! PLEASE UPATE SOON!

anime pixie- Tue 03 Oct 2006
holy crap!!! that was one hell of a cliffie!! i love the story thus far. lots of adventure and danger and wonderfully written. it makes this story difficult to pull away from. kepp it up!! i cannot wait for the next update! i pray that it's soon!! happy writing.

Inusbabe- Tue 03 Oct 2006
This is good hope to see more!

wynter89- Tue 03 Oct 2006
oh man ... i hope Sesshomaru gets better soon... i wonder if his youkai self is going to take over him... poor sesshomaru.

I am soo sorry that i havent read this in soo long... i've been so busy.

good luck
i hope you update soon

you write the most amazing fics... good luck in the 3rd quarter...

phxazkyote- Tue 03 Oct 2006
Welcome back rin!!! I have been re reading your stories. always a joy! Poor Sesshomaru that splat had to hurt!!!! Demons don't bounce very well.. ha haa. please write more!

localsamurai- Tue 03 Oct 2006
I love this story! Update again soon.

Mrs_Sesshomaru- Mon 02 Oct 2006
Yup you win! I officially nominate you for one of the meanest cliffies ever! Hmmm... I wonder if they'd really make such a catergory. Anyway! I was kinda expecting Kouga to catch him as he was falling. They got Kags! WTF? Alright Rishou, time to kick some ass. *dangles bag of Halloween candy* So if I offered you a bribe, how fast could you update? That Juria bitch... man I can't wait till she gets hers! Hasn't she shot Sesshy twice?! The nerve of that whore! Oh the absolute horror!! I don't even know who I want to kill her... maybe once Sesshy gets Tensiega back he could bring her back to life so everyone could have a turn to kill her... That would be great! Update, update, update!

Risa- Mon 02 Oct 2006
Well done!!. This chapter was moving,and exciting. Wow, Rishou Hojo has changed. Three cheers for the Anime King! Shuu/Sess is going to be pissed!

AkaiKurai- Mon 02 Oct 2006
Boo-ya! Go Rishou! That was so cool, I did not expect that. Lack of inspiration my butt. You gotta update soon, I wanna see how Rishou deals with an incredibly pissed off Taiyoukai. Oh, and how many pieces Juria gets ripped into. And...hey, what happened to that detective guy?

Update soon Rin! Too many questions, not enough answers!

amy- Mon 02 Oct 2006
hi! nice to hear from you and a cliffie too?!!! i hope kagome could kick juria's ass! update soon! will be waiting for you!!!

Dianna- Mon 02 Oct 2006
awsome chapter!!! can't wait until the next one!!!=)

Laini- Mon 02 Oct 2006
OMFG!!! URGH DAMN CLIFFIEEEEEEES!! lol. Loved the update,but u HAD to leave it there?! *cries* damn it all. I need know whats gonna happen next! Update soon please..^_^

sesshys_jaded_samuri- Mon 02 Oct 2006
Oh My GOD.... that was one evil little cliffhanger you left us with.... you are so evil....hehe...that's why we love you.Any wya, I uderstand about the lack of inspiration....hell, I am going throught he same thing with 'L & A' right now. It will come to you eventually... Byt he way, congrats on your nominations and deserved them, and I see that 'Madman' has been nominated yet again, and not only by myself. you truly deserve the recognition.

and one final note... I absolutely love that scene where Rishou is popping off rounds at the enemy soldiers in his PJs, yelling "You fucked up my shit you sons-of-bitches!" THAT, my dear, is PRICELESS.

RedRoseRuby- Fri 01 Sep 2006
PLease do updat i do eversomuch like you story, i do pray you continue writghting this parchment of yours.
good day my humble author

Paris- Sun 20 Aug 2006
Hey Rin Rin! I am back! hehehe. Finally got settled into my new place and got everything hooked up, ie, internet, mobile, satellite. It feels soo good to be back apart of civilization! haha. Oh wow. Love this story!!!!!! I especilly broke out into a huge grin at Kouga's appearance, hehehe. And ah, The never ending amazing humor!! I adored the "dont hurt my dress with your claws" part. Perhaps because I saw some one me in that phrase.. Not that I have ever said that exact thing-- but the ideas hold true, haha. And mmmmm, gotta love a freshly showered Sesshoumaru! *serious face* maybe there should be an illistration of him stepping out of the shower.... hehehe. Where did that thought come from? hm. hehe. Can't wait to read more! As always, you are amazing!!! I must now run off and try to find the new house of lemons that i am waaaaaaaaaay behind on! haha. Ciao! xoxo Paris

Flightoffancy- Mon 07 Aug 2006
This was a GREAT chapter and I loved the lemon, you little hentai. They are pretty twisted but as long as it is not me hanging there its okay.

This is the first time i have seen Kagome's mom get a little action and I am thrilled. He sounds delicious. The ones that hold themselves deep inside are the ones that really explode, I can't wait.

I love all these little threads that you are slowly bringing together. Koga/detective, detective/mom, kags/mom,kags/sess...this is very well thought out and clever. I highly anticipate the next chapter. Love ya.

TIl next time, Deb.

swtdrm01- Mon 07 Aug 2006
I love the story. I hope you don't make us wait too long for the next chapter.

Laini- Sun 06 Aug 2006
YAY the review button works! lol.Loved the update rin,u rock!! Thank god Kagome is back(Well duh i mean this IS a Sess/Kag fic lol).U go Sess,protect whats yours!! lol.Update soon,cant wait to read more!! ^_^

RhiannonoftheMoon- Sun 06 Aug 2006
Great chapter! Hotaku is quite the sicko, isn't he. And Sesshou is so cute with his butt-watching and jealous growling. I love it!

Also, thanks for the plug in the House of Lemons...such a fun house to visit! The bathing suit one was SO HOT! But I thought it very funny that we happened to be on that same wavelength - when you mentioned it in your review, I had no idea that it was about the sunbathing. It was the song, wasn't it? Traveling the airwaves...kami knows where...

Strange and amazing, though I've had that happen before. I'm truly honored to have shared a hentai wavelength with the Queen of Smut herself!

sesshsmate101- Sun 06 Aug 2006
i was reading this on ASS and now that I found it on here,I gues this is where I'll be reviwing an stuff... but love the story, and I'm glad that i found it again

KogasGirl- Sun 06 Aug 2006
Please update as soon as possible!

Wow this is a really great story. Reading this is a joy. Please Update Soon!

Mrs_Sesshomaru- Sun 06 Aug 2006
It's me again, sorry. *sweatdrop* But I like the thing with Kag's mom & the cop. Are they gonna have any lemons? I meant to ask that in my last review but I was so excited about Kouga.

Risa- Sun 06 Aug 2006
Review of chapter 11
I love the budding romance of Maya and Naokai. The jealously arising within Shuu/Sessho over Rishou was hilarious. Especially, the growl that Sessho/Shuu did. Rishou is obessed with anime-Kami that's made me laugh of loud-literally. The lemon between Juria and Madman was a nice surprise. Secretly, I'm glad he didn't "give" into her request. Well done.

Mrs_Sesshomaru- Sun 06 Aug 2006
Weeee! *happy dance* Love the new chap. Good, so now Kouga is on the case - so to speak. He'll find Kags & Kami help anyone who hurts her while he's near... heh-heh *evil grin* But I'm sure by then Sessy will be totally bananas for her. All the better! Two taiyoukais to kick some ass over Kags instead of one. I love it! Get 'em Kouga! Ummm... off the wall question buuuut: Is Shippo gonna show up? Update, update!!

Danielle DaCosta- Wed 26 Jul 2006
YOU'VE DONE IT AGAIN!!! YOU'VE CREATED ANOTHER CULT CLASSIC FANFIC!!!! I wish i could kiss the tips of those talented finger tips! i can't wait for the rest of this fantastic fic, it looks like it's gonna blazr some real fire. I wish i could send you some A grade weed as a present from here...alas it is illegal. well the wish i there I you right i book i'll buy three copies no prob!!! Patiently waiting fro the next chappie your devotee Danielle

media- Wed 05 Jul 2006
This is as good as The Portal.

ltsonya- Tue 04 Jul 2006
Another fun chapter! You do such a great job writing Sesshomaru and Kagome's character, but in each story they're a little bit different. You don't reuse the same character molds but come up with a little something to change the past, to change who they are. Which then leads to readers who, like me, can't stop until they get to the end of the chapter.

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rhonda34- Sat 01 Jul 2006
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