missyDee- Sun 18 May 2008
This is so so sad! Poor Kagome ):

KagomeFreak 28- Sat 12 Apr 2008
poor kagome

wabbit- Thu 17 Jan 2008
waah...so sad...I'm a sucker for tragic endings. It's also romantic in a sense though...waah...must go to bed and sleep

Michael- Fri 13 Apr 2007
This was the best tragedy fanfic i ever read on a single spark and faffiction

nilee1- Thu 05 Apr 2007
I loved this story, but you can't leave it as a one-shot. There is so much more that you can do. Please reconsider.

judzea- Sun 21 Jan 2007
Very interesting and sad story. Even though I like happy endings, this one was pretty good. Of course, if you decided to re-write it someday and change it around a bit to make it a happy ending then I would be all smiles :) Great job anyway!

DarkMiko6Decortiquer- Fri 03 Nov 2006
That is such a sad ending...and it is 1:26 in the morning and i am going to sleep now.

Good story!

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