nickel- Tue 06 Mar 2007
I loved every sentence. "The Train Ride," it was so... I don't know, tender and poignant? Pretty? Hopeful? And though I can safely say that I am very much in love with the rest of Pseudomonas' stories on A Single Spark, this fic moved me to review. Open endings and obscure settings are things that need to be executed by a good hand- the results are not easy to find, which is a shame because they both suit Kagome and Sesshoumaru very well. Cheers to Pseudomonas!

Sarasa- Tue 01 Aug 2006
I really love this fic^^
Don't really know why, it is kind of ordinary, but I love it.
Maybe because I once had a similar idea about a girl riding on a train towards an unknown destination (she got on the wrong train) and meets a stranger there.

I am also going to read your other stories. And your grammar is pretty good, but mind the adverb- adjective case!

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