Reviews for Trapped by sesshou_lover

Silver_Drache- Wed 30 Jul 2008
I love this continuation. it was a good way to shove things into Inuyasha's face, show how Kagome's and Sesshomaru's relationship has changed, and put in some good sex.

Sapphire- Thu 10 Jul 2008
I like this story too!! Please remember to update this one too!! This is a one-shot stories, right? It should be quick, right? Well, quicker than your other stories anyways ...

mirokuschildbarer- Fri 20 Jun 2008
One shots are truely an art. 4 u 2 do all these is amazin! thanks for the entertainment

smutlover- Thu 05 Jun 2008
I love these stories. I'm kinda hoping for maybe a full story out of the vacation series. Like maybe Kagome's thinking about settling down (and with someone else) and Sesshoumaru is upset.

blair- Sun 01 Jun 2008
so i think this is my favorit!

AkiRen- Sun 01 Jun 2008
Hi! ^_^
God I had sooooo much fun reading these short stories of yours. They're really great. I was also somewhat amazed to find, there is someone who shares almost exactly the same naughty mind as me! haha..These one-shots contain _A Lot_ of the same elements I have in my smut fics! They're still kept as drafts though and having read yours..well..lez just say they'll prolly stay drafts :P
Again..they're really good ^_^
The only thing I would like to complain about is...they're too short!! XD ...I felt so deprived each time they ended. :P But thankies for sharing. You're truly an amazing smut writer. ^___^


daapatemysoul- Fri 23 May 2008
I don't normally review in the middle of reading a fic, but I felt the need to comment on this "chapter"/fic. I almost skipped this chapter, expecting to not like it. But a sense of fairness made me read the whole chapter, and I found it rather interesting. The idea itself, as well as the way your wrote it.

Suicide- Sat 03 May 2008
Hahaha. That last one made me laugh. I feel sorry for the car.

Kiara Walker- Sat 03 May 2008
Oh my goodness you are an awesome artist i love your work. I had gotten bored with my usual authors. but i loved pack dynamics i really believe that should be a fic on its own. Now i see why this wan a nom for best lemon ;)

Renee Mannings- Sat 26 Apr 2008

lex1621- Thu 24 Apr 2008
I loved the first story that went along with this and I definitely love this one! You have outdone yourself and I can't wait to read more of your stories.

eloquent dreams- Thu 24 Apr 2008
yay i'm so glad you finally updated! i love love loveeeeeeeeee your work & hope you continue writing! =D

Erneica- Thu 24 Apr 2008
I loved Return Vacation. i so wish you would continue it. Actually i love all your trapped stories. please update soon with all your stories.

AW555- Thu 24 Apr 2008
Amazing as always ^.^ but then again everything you write is XD

Aimee- Wed 23 Apr 2008
I recognize this somewhat, the idea matches Daughter Of The Blood alot

Kim- Wed 23 Apr 2008
I love all of the one shots. You do an awesome job.

Kim- Wed 23 Apr 2008
I love all of the one shots. You do an awesome job.

Cooper- Wed 23 Apr 2008
lol. Hot tub...

Megan Consoer- Wed 23 Apr 2008
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?

emmaren- Wed 23 Apr 2008
I like your work. It seems to have a way of breaking away from the norms everyone is using. I will definetly be swinging over to your journal. I am excited to see what your imagination has cooked up.


DarK Seduction101- Sun 20 Apr 2008
you should write a story about this story line.

tir3dgurl- Wed 26 Mar 2008
LUVING UR ONE-SHOTS!!!!!!!!! i hope u write more bcuz ur writing is amazing! :) ^-^ ;]

tif- Tue 25 Mar 2008
hi can u make another chapter for the last one shot pls... its really nice..............

Taje- Sun 02 Mar 2008
This is my favorite chapter! I love it when Kagome is in a story where she takes care of Sess's pups. This one really got to me because she has strong mother instincts that even against the pups own mother I admire how she took up for them. Great Chapter! Peace!

Amoraluv- Sun 03 Feb 2008
I luv your one-shots. I hope you write some more.

orchid- Mon 21 Jan 2008
'all my children' was very sweet... good job...

orchid- Mon 21 Jan 2008
'all my children' was very sweet... good job...

orchid- Mon 21 Jan 2008
will there be a part three for pack dynamics...

Patricia- Mon 21 Jan 2008
i aboslutly love everyone of these short storys!!! please make more!!!!

Mlmonty- Mon 21 Jan 2008
another good one. Congrats.

Megan Consoer- Thu 17 Jan 2008
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?

kiba- Thu 17 Jan 2008
LOL you're one horny writer! but i guess that would make me a horny reader. lol ;P

love your work! unlike many others, your stories are well-written and well-paced :P

lex1621- Mon 14 Jan 2008
I love the new addition and hope you will continue it! I hope you are well and I can't wait to read more of your stories!

Dark_Twinkle- Sat 05 Jan 2008
I love all you one-shots! I look forward (as usual) to your next very entertaining story.

ally- Fri 04 Jan 2008
i keep re-reading your stuff! they are AMAZING! haha.. anyways.. do you think you could indulge me (not tt im terribly important.. but its a hope!) and do a follow up on 'Strands of Honor'? Would love to see further development.. sighh... forge on with your great works! haha!

MomoDesu- Thu 03 Jan 2008
I would love to see this last one as a full length story. It's a great one shot either way, definitely one of my favorites (right up there with Copy Room). I adore this series.

clock-winder- Thu 03 Jan 2008
please continue the last one.... I bet it would be great if you make it into a full blown story! XD

TONI- Thu 03 Jan 2008

kinkylady- Thu 03 Jan 2008
i so luv the new one sot that u add to the ckollection and it was really really really great

cloverbabe- Thu 03 Jan 2008
glad you updated.
ahhh. thats so cuute how the boys love her, and i'm sure sessho gave a pretty good lovin' too.

AccidentalGoddess- Wed 02 Jan 2008
Interesting...I liked it. I would really like to see a continuation. It's a concept with so much potential. Maybe make it a two parter like with Pack Dynamics? I would love that.

AW555- Wed 02 Jan 2008
It was cute ^.^ I liked it. Glad you updated! I love your stories when I saw you had updated this I got soooo excited XD Keep up the good work and Happy New Year!

Trice- Wed 02 Jan 2008
I am so glad to see that you are backe to writing. I really enjoyed reading your work. I look forward to reading updates on your other stories. This last story in your Trapped serious was interesting to say the least dealing with all the childern. It seems it going to be a two part one-shot due to it seemed left unfinished. I have enjoyed reading all the one-shots in this series. You are a very talented writer especially when it comes to your lemons. Like I said before, I look forward to reading more of your work.

Kat- Wed 02 Jan 2008
i would make this one a multiple shot... it's very well written and there are loose ends that would be able to be tied up with a least a sequal if not more.

demonlordlover- Wed 02 Jan 2008
I"ve come to appreciate the 'real' feelings that are displayed in some fiction vs. sappy endings.

I love sappy, don't get me wrong. But the way Kagome looked at the situation so ... factually ... reminded me of real life.

You already know I like it, so any overhaul you do will be welcomed too, but I think you've definately got a great headstart to getting back into S/K.

K.M.- Wed 02 Jan 2008
I really don't see nothing wrong with the story. I like it, no real errors, and it's a one-shot a plot, but not a full one....yea everythings there. What's not to like?

Priah- Wed 02 Jan 2008
that was awesome. I loved it. I think you either have to turn this into a full fic or so a sequel, it just can't be left alone. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!! hehehe *jumps up and down in excitement* I really really loved it.

dsm1980- Wed 02 Jan 2008
Although I enjoy your "Trapped" one-shots very much, this one ("All my children") seemed a little off. The writing style was good as usual, but the story seemed to lack the "trapped" element. Anyway, keep up the good work.

lissa5- Wed 02 Jan 2008
nice Its always good to read ur fics

anonnie mouse- Wed 02 Jan 2008 just gotta continue the last story!!!! All my children or w/e it was called....I wanna see mroe ofit....pwease??*puppy dog eyes*

Elisa- Wed 02 Jan 2008
it's been so long since i've read a fic and felt completely satisfied when the chapter ended. it was long, well written, and wonderfully put together. thank you for the update!! you have seriously made my day!! ^_~

sysclp- Wed 02 Jan 2008
I am so glad you are back writing. I really enjoy your stories and look forward to more of your work in the future. Thank you so much for another enjoyable chapter and I hope this one gets continued for at least another couple of parts.

yummyness- Tue 25 Dec 2007
please at least conitnue the chapters of Pack Dynamics they're awesome

lex1621- Sat 24 Nov 2007
I absolutely adored all your one shots and your not so one shots. They were incredible! I loved every minute of them and can't wait to read more of your work!

Niki- Fri 05 Oct 2007
that was all teriffic.

sleepy_tuna_fish- Thu 27 Sep 2007
Loved it! have you been reading Anne Bishop lately? xD

lauraa- Thu 13 Sep 2007
wow! i read all the chapters, an i must say, i'm impressed. i really like the way you write your stories! i enjoyed reading them, and i hope to see more!

mariel- Sun 09 Sep 2007
you should do more chapters/story on my savior!

mariel- Sun 09 Sep 2007
you should do more chapters/story on this!

Nanami Hikari- Tue 04 Sep 2007
This would make an awesome story! Have you ever thought of expanding it?

orchid- Wed 29 Aug 2007
hope that you have a part 3 to pack dynamics... kag must get even with yash and sango.... a little ass kicking would be great... pack disband.... must make know what yash and sango done was wrong.... punish punish punish.. i want to see some punishment, heheheheheeeee please update..... thanks

Amadoni- Fri 17 Aug 2007
Please, please. More stories from trapped and copy room.

BlueMoonDog- Mon 30 Jul 2007
Awesome one-shot story!
Loved the whole pack idea.
Can't wait to read the next addition~ :]]

Aria-Chan- Sun 29 Jul 2007
I so love your short stories. I do not know how you manage it but every one short has the feel of a very good drawn out story in which the characters are well developed. Thank you very much for writing a couple of my favorite stories. I wish you all the sensual pleasure and fun with your writing. Thanks again.

Xxxx Aria-han

tilayha- Thu 26 Jul 2007
i am so glad that u have updated trapped. this latest enstallment was wonderful!! very unexpected having the packs set the way u did. it was refreshing. (and the lemons were great too lol)

Nellie- Tue 24 Jul 2007

ok i know you did another chapter for this in here, but i really think that this could make a cool story....

You should think about it.

Anyways bye!

attackedbyangrysocks- Tue 24 Jul 2007
Are you planning on making that into a story. That was awesom!! The best one in my opinion ou of all the other Trapped stories. ^^

Red-smartiez- Tue 24 Jul 2007
L-O-V-E-D IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CANT WAIT FOR MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



whiteinu1- Tue 24 Jul 2007
I love these stories so keep going ^_^

crystalangel- Tue 24 Jul 2007
That was truly amazing. You make the characters fly right out of the computerm. You make them real for me. Thanks for the updates. I am totally in love with your work.

marquishawright- Tue 24 Jul 2007
so luv the new updates i think the 2 new updates u did is my most favorites i just luv all the lemons and kagome kicks ass i hope u make more i really enjoy your writing hope u update soon

darkmoonlight- Tue 24 Jul 2007
I love it!! It was steamy and the whole way through I was saying "Sango is such a whiny bitch". Very hot!

orchid- Tue 24 Jul 2007
"innocence...a deadly sin" this is by far my favorite.... i like sessh's ending line in keeping kag on way or another.... all of these one shot have great potential..... right now i am very interested in your latest one, "pack dynamics".... "breeder" have great potential as well... i know i'm repeating my self... i just wanted you to know how much i love this fic of one shot.... please don't forget to update the long version of " broken promises".... thanks... alright i'm done, i'll leave you alone... good luck...

orchid- Tue 24 Jul 2007
"copy room"... this part 2 to original "trapped" has potential of a story... sessh just have too much freedom with kag... what happens when she decides to quite..... just an idea......

orchid- Tue 24 Jul 2007
"breeder" is another good one.....

kiki- Tue 24 Jul 2007
i love all of them so please update soon or i will cry

kiki- Tue 24 Jul 2007
i love all of them so please update soon or i will cry

Mei_Koi- Tue 24 Jul 2007
wow i like all these storys alot, please continue... wow ur doin a great job!!


Risa- Mon 23 Jul 2007
Unique and interesting! I loved it ! Well done!

toni- Mon 23 Jul 2007
great story!!!!!!!!

*A-Kay*- Mon 23 Jul 2007
Wow! That was so cool... I liked it. So unique... as all your ideas are. Keep it up! You Rock!

demonlordlover- Mon 23 Jul 2007
I loved the Pack story! It was nice, showing how Kagome and Sango differed as alpha females, and that Sesshoumaru wanted Kagome after they were together long enough to know one another.

Keiko was an added bonus, for some reason. I liked the notion of Sesshoumaru having pups before, so that Kagome was more than a baby factory.

orchid- Mon 23 Jul 2007
ohhhh.. love "pack dynamics".... would there be part 3 where yash get his ass kicked and punish along with sango.... i love it love it love it... please say there's a part 3 and more.... love your fics... keep up the great work.... thanks

naru- Mon 23 Jul 2007
Update!!! soooo good.!!! Ja

Ana- Mon 23 Jul 2007
SWEET! ENCORE! Love it! In yoh face Inuyasha! HAH!! Too bad Sango had to be the bad guy, but, whatever!! Nicely done! Lookin' forward to your next work, and I hope that your hand gets well soon ^_^ Bye bye!!

Tiegrsi- Mon 23 Jul 2007
"Sesshoumaru had an icicle stuck up his ass so far he shit crushed ice. "

Bwahahaha! I loved the second part of that story. Thanks so much for entertaining me!

Red-Smartiez- Mon 23 Jul 2007
well...wat can i say....i...LOVED IT!!
Cant wait to see wats going ot happen in Sesshomaru's room?


P.S. lemons lemons lemons pwez =)

pamm- Mon 23 Jul 2007
you should make a story on the cahepter of Pack Dynamics i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiegrsi- Mon 23 Jul 2007
I like this little mini-story (you did say you were going to do a part 2, right?) I'll be looking forward to the next part.

clover_babe- Fri 20 Jul 2007

i really have no other words to use. hahha. i love reading each and every one of ur one shots from time to time. just wanted to take the time to say that you are my hero. and im one of ur fanatics.

im also glad that you continued on with this one shot series. they make me giddy.


clover_babe- Fri 20 Jul 2007

i really have no other words to use. hahha. i love reading each and every one of ur one shots from time to time. just wanted to take the time to say that you are my hero. and im one of ur fanatics.

im also glad that you continued on with this one shot series. they make me giddy.


kinky_lover- Wed 18 Jul 2007
i haven't finished reading this yet, but i was sooo ecited i had to write a review. Tell me, Did you get your inspiration for this story from the Black Jewels trilogy; Daughter of blood, heir to the shadows and Queen of the darkness?? B/c i just read them not long ago and I LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!*high pitch girly squeal* them, and your backround info sounds just like it came from the book. ok sorry, i am soooo excited. alright. well i have to say, I LOVED!!! your other one shots before this one and i can't wait to finish this one^^

Priah- Wed 18 Jul 2007
OMG!!!!! I SOOOO LOVED THAT!!! You have to turn Breeder into a full out fic!!!! I got to know what's gonna happen. Ohh and please whatever you do NEVER stop writing these smut-shots!!!! I love it!!!! WTG!!!!

Turning one-shots into stories- Wed 18 Jul 2007
I just wanted to tell you how much I liked this story. But more of these lemons (i.e.
Innocence…a Deadly Sin) could be turned into some great stories! Have you ever thought of turning more of them into stories? If you do, I will definitely have to check them out!

KittyBoBo- Tue 17 Jul 2007
Breeder Review: WOW!! That was an awesome one shot! I would love it if you continued! I want to know more about the war and what the demon race is going to do with all the offspring that were breeded, and what it will be like for Kagome, Sess and their child living in that time! I understand if you dont continue though... either way it was a great story, i love the characterizations - you portray their personalities perfectly, and i love the way you write! This entire one-shot series is cool and ive been reading it since day one! So keep up the good work, i hope to see more of your work soon!

sally- Tue 17 Jul 2007
Amazing work

whiteinu1- Tue 17 Jul 2007
Keep going ^_^

Lady Kio-tye- Tue 17 Jul 2007
I really like this series of oneshots. I just wanted to give my opioion that if you were to turn the 1st oneshot into a story, it would be a hit. I just love office stories with sesshoumaru and kagome!!

NightStarr007- Tue 17 Jul 2007
You finally updated again sweet. Loved the Breeder. I think that it could have been a story story but whatever floats your boad not my business. Anyway I hope that you post another one soon. I think that you write some of the best lemons for Sesshoumaru and Kagome. Update again soon.

demonlordlover- Tue 17 Jul 2007
Loved the Breeder fic. THAT could have been a full fledged story, or you could continue it from the perspective of Kagome and Sesshoumaru's fight to battle the bad human government.

ANYwho...the lemon was spicy and quite delicious. Can't wait for more.

*A-Kay*- Tue 17 Jul 2007
As usual I love your one-shots. This was great. The idea was wonderful, I mean I never heard anything like it. OMG... that was so good. Update soon!

Friendlyasafrog- Tue 17 Jul 2007
Help i want to join your yahoo group but i cant find it.

kinky panties- Sat 14 Jul 2007
luved this chapter. hope u'll add more to this part of ur oneshots!

Skye- Fri 13 Jul 2007
I love the one shots very good...I haven't read a one shot that good in some time. Please update soon ^_^

aleka- Tue 10 Jul 2007
i don't know how to join a group so can you send me the directions to my e-mail i would really like to join

Chaos_Queen- Wed 04 Jul 2007
I think that Broken Promises would make a great story and i think that you should definately continue it.


Aeries- Sat 16 Jun 2007
Hey, I just had to drop you a review about your story. I love the situations you put your characters in. I think it is so cool and fascinating. It kind of makes you want to get stuck in some of those situations. However, I do have a question for you. I have read Trapped so many times; however, one of your chapters keeps making me wonder. In your chapter titled Innocence: A Deadly Sin, I was wondering where you got the inspiration for that story. The reason I ask is because it reminds me of Anne Bishop’s Blood Jewel Trilogy’s. Those three books are hands down my favorite. I swear your story and hers could be the same story with one or two minor things changed. If you have never read her books you really should. I think you would be amazed to find out how close the two really are. ESP or something I am telling you. I mean the females ruling and the virgin night and everything. You really should check them out. However, if that is where you got the inspiration for the story cool beans, I never would have though of taking those books and making them a Kag/Sess. However, if you did get inspiration from those books you might want to make a note of that. I know there are some people on this site who can get really anal retentive sometimes. The stuff I have seen people complain about is so stupid. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you I really like the one shots you have going. Very cool!


Mizuki- Sun 10 Jun 2007
It was good, but it really was fantastic, but I can't say fantastic after showing this site of lemons/limes to a friend who's a boy who likes K/S couples AND is practically being horny right NOW in MY ROOM on MY BED doing something with his THING with his HAND in his PANTS?!? THAT'S TOO GROSS!!! He's daydreaming right now so this is my chance to say "I love the stories, but here's my hint of advice which is: Never show great lemons/limes to horny at-the-age boys" (Yes, random, but currently I don't care seeing I need to get out of my room RIGHT NOW!!! Maybe I should kick him out instead?)

christten- Sat 19 May 2007
I Luv yur fuking story it iz da best i ever read i can read it over and over This story iz sooooooo SEXY

sesshous_girl- Fri 11 May 2007
I can' wait for more stories. I love this thing I think it is so awesome. You are the first person to come up with the idea of a story of lemons and it's awesome.

mhs02- Wed 09 May 2007
kick ass...please keep it flowing....

Kris- Tue 08 May 2007
I can't wait for your updates!

ElegantPaws- Tue 08 May 2007
One word:


Risa- Tue 08 May 2007
Your AWESOME for dedicating your time and sharing your gift with us! I understand about paying bills. Your A/N was very thoughtful and I am very patient. :-)
Congratulations are your awards!

Ravenmaid208- Tue 08 May 2007
Yay! New stories and good luck with writting your books

shalicia- Tue 08 May 2007

Nightstar007- Tue 08 May 2007
To bad about the bill but i cant wait for you to update again. The real world is complete evil. Don't rush though the computer isn't going anywhere. Good luck with the bills and your story ;)

Solaira- Tue 08 May 2007
Congrats on the ASS Award. Don't worry about the long absence, a good fic is always worth waiting for.

Samantha_Shelby- Sun 06 May 2007
I have heard this story in it's real-life version and it was kind of cool to see it made into something like this. It fits really well together. I wouldn't have even begun to connect that story with the Inuyasha manga and anime.

Asian Gurl- Mon 23 Apr 2007
Okay! I'm Asian Gurl, nice to meet you. I do like this fic, but I think the one shots are pointless lemons. I do enjoy them, but I don't really enjoy those kinds of lemons, and I think thats the resons the are flaming. You have exallent writing skills though.

The Happy Hentai- Tue 17 Apr 2007
You are a fantastic writer. Your imagination is boundless. Disregard all of the nastiness. Whoever writes that nonsense is a jackass. If they can't handle stuff like this they shouldn't be reading it. That is why there is a rating system. I hope you continue to keep writing. Your lemons are out of this world. So neat and tight and sensual. You make my hentai heart beat woth joy.

P.S. did it ever occur to you that one of these flamers is probably your harrasser on If you notice we all tend to float around the same sites under different monikers.

michelle- Sun 15 Apr 2007
I really like your fics there amazing, But could you please label which one is a continueation of a previous one or if its new. Thank you.

Nightstar007- Sat 14 Apr 2007
Well, i really like your stories and if they don't enjoy your fics they should find something else to read. Anyway i like the plots for your one-shots and i hope that you will write another one soon there haven't been to many good lemons lately.

Crystal Redemption- Sat 07 Apr 2007
i love ur stories and dont let those mean peoples get u down because there are plenty of people that do love and support ur work! yay! plz update at ur leisure...and i cant wait for the time that u do update!

N/A- Fri 06 Apr 2007
Thats just..sick, theres something wrong with you if you think that was anything more than your own hentai fantasies.

Sango- Wed 04 Apr 2007
Hey man, I love your one-shots, i think they're great! They're so entertaining, and i can't believe people are actualyl leaving bad reviews. I feel i have to make up 4 that- i wouldn't mind if you continued, but I added this link to my faces.

Congrats, i love ur fiction.

Dendelion- Mon 26 Mar 2007
Your "trapped" collection of one-shots is great :) I'm sorry that many didn't know how to apreciate it, ant rated it low..hell, I rated it the highest :}
Anyway, I was hoping you would continue to write this and the other story that is a continuation of one of your one-shots :)

Thanks for your stories ^^ they make my day happier, you're a great author, dont let yourself get bothered by this :)


Kamilah35- Tue 13 Mar 2007
I've been reading your story from the beginning and I loved them all the have such great scenerio and hot sex seen. Who ever think your story are not great must not read alot. Keep on writing cuz the other are just hating cuz they can't be like you. Much luv! right more please!

clover_babe- Sun 11 Mar 2007
aw. that's a shame.

i really enjoyed ur stories.

but if u ever change ur mind, i'll be SUPER HAPPY if u continue.

Xeila- Thu 08 Mar 2007
im sorry that people are leaving you bad reviews. i personally like your stories and if i feel that i might not like something i dont read it or if i read something i dont like i might comment saying why i didnt like it but i give props to any author who can post their stories. I will continue to read your stories

angei- Tue 06 Mar 2007
i'm really sorry if people have left nasty rewiews but i really like your stories i think you have talent and i would like to keep reading your stories maybe you could continue each of them because i likethem all and i would like to know what happens after. keep up the good work

Lena- Mon 05 Mar 2007
I love this fic!!! well fics... my favorite was the latest one and Innocence…a Deadly Sin and Trapped and Some Vacation, they were great!!!!!!!!! i can't wait till the next installment! Some of the fics like Trapped and strands of honor have a VERY good potential for a fic....but that's just my opinion, i love the smut!!! ANd please do a second for Strands of honor!!! ...IF you want that is....hehe i love tis fic!

ElegantPaws- Sun 04 Mar 2007
Fabulous!! Wonderful! Sexy and Satisfying....

Matimay- Wed 28 Feb 2007
do'nt listen to those flamers your stories are wonderful. as for that one shout that you aid was going to be part of a story? go for it.

Eternity- Mon 26 Feb 2007
I LOVED THEM ALL!!!!!!!! They're all great stories. Can't wait till you update. Bye for now.

robnik- Sat 24 Feb 2007
This is super, please continue.

SesshysChic23- Fri 16 Feb 2007
I really like this story. I knew it way back when when it only had two chapters. I hope you write another one soon! ^_^

Black Feather- Wed 14 Feb 2007
I really really like your stories and I can't undestand why people hate them. I really think that they are either blind or something! Keep up the good work

Midget- Sun 11 Feb 2007
Bummer, who woulnd't wanna read your stuff?? I think it's good^^ Bad hentai mind!!! But hey, I like it!! I re read them when i feel like it. That last one was new so I had fun reading that too^^ I thought it was funny. So by all means, ignore those bastards and keep writing ^______^

Midget- Sun 11 Feb 2007
Bummer, who woulnd't wanna read your stuff?? I think it's good^^ Bad hentai mind!!! But hey, I like it!! I re read them when i feel like it. That last one was new so I had fun reading that too^^ I thought it was funny. So by all means, ignore those bastards and keep writing ^______^

Eirias- Thu 08 Feb 2007
i love your one shots. It keeps it interesting. Its fun logging in and being able to read a different chapter every week or so...
Im gad you don't care what those other people think.. they can go shove it and read another bloody story, its not that hard to click the exit button

zohar- Sun 04 Feb 2007
Don't you pay attention to any of the nasty reviews. You write very well and nobody is forced to read the stories, are they?:) If they don't like it, they don't have to look. As for myself I find them very entertaining and can't wait until you write another chapter.

Love the Fluff- Tue 30 Jan 2007
honey you said it if they have a problem then they don't need to read the fucking stories you write i peronally enjoy them they just seem so real

Kris- Thu 25 Jan 2007
I have no problem with your stories, I love them, please continue!

Lingering Nostalgia- Tue 23 Jan 2007
Hah, join the party, I'm also being bitched around by this immature little idiot from That's great that you're not letting this get you down.

Seriously, people just have to keep their own crap to themselves and just learn not to read a story if they know it will offend them. Just keep your head up high as one of my reviewers told me, and don't give a crap about those little shitheads because they're really not worth the dirt under your feet.

And I don't really mind author notes. Honestly, they're cathartic and they give a message to the shitheads out there to just fuck their own selves instead of fucking around with other people with their petty insecurities and bitchiness.

Hope you come around again, your fics are great so don't worry about those immature idiots. They're simply not worth your time and energy. ;)

Addah- Tue 23 Jan 2007
I Personally Love Ur Stories And Those Have A Problem With Them Need Help. So 4get Them And Keep On Writing. :-)

KuraiTenshi- Tue 23 Jan 2007
Sorry to hear that you get bad ratings. You are one of my favorite authors. I wouldn't pay attention to them if I were you.

PhoenixBlade- Mon 22 Jan 2007
I realized that this is similiar to a story that I read long ago while I was in high school. Nonetheless, still very good! (especially the lemon scenes!!! (^_^))

PhoenixBlade- Sun 21 Jan 2007
Why would anyone want to leave you crappy reviews? I think your stories are great (even the lemon scenes! I love'em! ;p) I think you doing a one-shot series is a great idea! I like one-shots as much as I like long stories but you hold well to the theme. Continue what you're doing, because it's all worth it, right down to the periods. There's bound to be some tough and bitchy critics out there, but you know what, it's life. Not eveyrone'll be happy with what you or I, or anyone else for that matter, do. Your writing is splendid and your lemons even hotter. Keep going, cause your fans will always be supporting you! (^_^)

sakura- Sun 21 Jan 2007
i really like this story of one shots. i also read the broken promises continuation..i think that you should also make a continuation of innocence...a deadly sin....i really like that one as well. i like all of you fics so far and i hope that you will continue to write them. cant wait for the next update!

lily- Sat 20 Jan 2007
tells thoses fuckers to fuck off^^ u rock baby!! your fics are awesome and^^ and i'm soo happy that you are deciding to share your thought wit us ^^ and if the batards are still giving you trouble than send em to me ~_^ Marshal Arts chick should beable to kick their punny asses ^^ as i said you go humn! and keep updating for the pleasure of youself and while you wrtie remember us loyal loving fan of your !!
muah ( aka kiss)

explicitshirwen- Sat 20 Jan 2007
I'm sorry that people are giving yoiu a hard time with your stories, but I find them quite stimulating and they are great reads. You make lemons so yummy, especially when I got tired of reading other lemons in fanfictions. I find them oh so boring. I really appreciate your writing and don't let anyone bother you. Can't wait for an update. I especially love your Trapped Series, its freaking awesome.

Laina- Sat 20 Jan 2007
I love your fics and I hope you keep 'em cummin! No really they are great- the style, the wording it is all very tasteful and at the same time very provocative! Nice job!

J- Thu 18 Jan 2007
You're work is very good, in fact, it's one of the best I've read, so please go on with you're wonderful one-shots ^_^

shalicia- Thu 18 Jan 2007
your work
i just love these stories!

Ikaru- Thu 18 Jan 2007
You are a wonderful authoress, and any one who flames you should be shot. You warn them at the beginning and everything. this is one of my favorite stories, the strands of honor one was a little different but still an awsome read. don't let the flamers piss you off, just keep writing these wonderful stories!!

motoko007- Thu 18 Jan 2007
you're good ^.^ i want more! now!

black moon inu- Thu 18 Jan 2007
...............That was sooo purrrr-fect I really admire how you can write fantastic lemons. Your deffidently on my fav author list. WOW. I feel like its 90 in here. As far a flamers go they can go suck. You warned them its their own falt if they read it. FLAMERS SUCK.
Don't let them piss you off. I know their annoying. but keep writing for us hopelessly hooked hentia sp? well my perverted mind has been appeased for the time being. THANK YOU.

AW555- Thu 18 Jan 2007
Don't worry about it, I had the same problem with my story Absolute Sesshomaru. I think something is wrong with this site because honestly on I hate almost 200 reviews and only 1 or 2 were bad but on here I only had 33 reviews and half were critisizing me for stupid stuff until finally I just gave up. But anyway, like I said don't worry about it cause I love this story and look forward too it ^.^ i even have it saved to my pc's favorites and very few stories have that privledge. Keep up the good work and ignore those buttholes!

evilchild- Wed 17 Jan 2007
your a very good writtr just ignore all the bull people say who don't like your stories because you have others just like myself who ar som of your biggest fans

Robb Tripp- Wed 17 Jan 2007
Flamers have nothing better to do with their time, so it is best to ingore them. This is always something to expect on a public site.

Kudos for the one shots.... I like the elevator ones the best and second up with Strands of Honor.

CottonCandyIceCream- Wed 17 Jan 2007
first time review for your fic, but i do enjoy your writing so i rate, anyway, i do normally enjoy your one shots but the last one, well it wasn't as well writen as your past ones.... Not that i'm flaming, i'm just saying it wasn't as good, so that could have brought your rateings down, but keep up the good work i love reading your fics, and i can't wait to read your next one:D

elise- Wed 17 Jan 2007
i freaking love your stories. it's really refreshing to have the kind of sesshou/kag action and not have the stories be 47 chapters before they finally get together. i would also personally like to thank you for writing lemons so freely. i was very unsure of how to approach sex in my own stories, but i have a lot more confidence with it since reading your works. keep up with all the stories, you are an amazing writer. and to hell with people who don't like it, they're just jealous they can't write like you. :)

rachel- Wed 17 Jan 2007
i just read your a/n and i hope this makes your day just a little less annoying. i love your writing and the way you tell stories. i always look forward to your updates. so thanks for making my days better.
your appreciative fan

BirkysSpy- Wed 17 Jan 2007
I have read every chapter you have written for Trapped. I have to say that they are one of my favorite stories. I can't wait to read your next chapter ^_^

SomethingsWicked- Wed 17 Jan 2007
I absolutely love your writing - you're very talented; don't let jealous people take that away from you. ;) You do a fabulous job.

Vanessa- Wed 17 Jan 2007
I LOVE your writing! Fuck the bastards flaming you!

Vanessa- Wed 17 Jan 2007
I LOVE your writing! Fuck the bastards flaming you!

Risa- Wed 17 Jan 2007
I've just read Strands of Honor, and loved it. I also read you A/N. I am sorry that some people don't know how to act. When I saw the update of this series, my smile was bigger the Jokers. Haha.
Seriously, I love you what you write. I'm glad you share your thoughts with us.

amy- Wed 17 Jan 2007
don't mind those flamers. they just don't have anything constructive to do. i love your stories. keep up the good work! i hope you'll update speaking without word next...

Kiaya- Wed 17 Jan 2007
Pleassssseeeee! continue! i love ur stories sooooo much. the're very yummy! lol and i agree if people have a problem go somewhere else its not there story, its urs.

Ravenmaid- Wed 17 Jan 2007
I personally love your stories, and so does a friend of mine. I always have to tell her when you update. Exspecially the ones in Trapped and I hope that you keep writing them.

EternalSpark- Wed 17 Jan 2007

Please ignore said people in your AN. They have no life and nothing better to do than insult other people's work... Anyway, I love your series and hope you keep it up!

A Mindless Sess-Kag Hentai Lover... >_>;;

linjcon- Wed 17 Jan 2007
I have notice this on other stories as well. There are some petty fools here or lurking. They are running into the same problems at AFF. Trolls,flames,etc...

Cricket- Wed 17 Jan 2007
Normally, I'm one of the people that don't leave reviews. I never know what to say, and if I try to leave constructive critisism, it usually taken the wrong way.

I like this series of stories: a page out of the like of Kagome and Sesshoumaru. You don't feel the need to beat the idea senseless and continue on way past when you should stop. Some of these chapters can be full stories in themselves, but do not need to be. Its refreshing and I would like you to continue.

Thank you

star_ruler_eve- Wed 17 Jan 2007
I know how you feel, I get that all the time over my stuff, and I don't even write lemons! [wish I could but I blush too much....] Just keep writing cause I love reading them!

SesshomaruCrazy- Wed 17 Jan 2007
You tell them... I love your stories..
And i like how your imagination goes for writting smut... ITS GREAT.. I put you up there with KogalsAngel and Beautiful Silent Death and Striking falcon as one of my top favorite authors.. So don't let them dumb asses that don't like it get you down... Your a good writer and remember the rest of us enjoy your stories...
Just had to have my say...
I hope you continue with this series..
I like the last one it fit Sesshomaru perfectly he didn't get what he wanted from her so he proved to her that he was gonna get it anys... Too orginal.. Loved it... Had me calling him all kinds of name's... Kags too I would of purified the asses but what the hell.... Makes for an ineresting story...
Please let me see more the is great stuff too read.. Love the smut... and iam not a sicko either.. I just enjoy the reading and like what people can do when they use there imagination..
Sorry for the cussing .. My Bad..
Take Care
Add me too your notify list.. Here's my email

An Avid Reader- Wed 17 Jan 2007
Just read your A/N note. I've read this series of one-shots and some other works of yours. Please don't let the detractors get you down. If they aren't intelligent enough to ignore your stories if they don't like them, then they aren't worth your time responding to them in A/Ns or emails. I really enjoy your stories and the stories of other writers on this site. Some people honestly have nothing better to do than write negative comments. Screw em. LOL.

Elisa- Wed 17 Jan 2007
I figured something was up when I saw the ratings for this fic go from a 9.8 something down to like an 8. It's sad that people would do something like that instead of just not reading a fanfiction if they don't like it. I know that there are a lot of people out there who love this fic, including myself, so don't let anyone get you down. You're a great writer. And I can't wait to read the next update. ^_~


althea- Wed 17 Jan 2007
who gives a damn if its vulgur that is wat a lemon is and its freakin awesome!!!!!!! i love ur stories alot alot alot alot!!!!! so please update soon

Amoraluv- Wed 17 Jan 2007
I tried to make ur rating go up cause that last story waz too hot. I read that thing twice in one day!! Keep doing ur thang and don't worry about all these haters out here.

jestergirl- Wed 17 Jan 2007
If it makes you feel any better. I love your stories, keep them up. You are a great writer. People should just read the warnings, and read another story. They are not forced to read yours.

Chibimethos- Wed 17 Jan 2007
Well, I for one like your stories. Please keep writing.

silvermoon- Wed 17 Jan 2007
just want to let you know how much i enjoy your writing,dunt let jerks out there bring you down. Keep up the good work, i'll do my part and vote too =)

Sariel- Wed 17 Jan 2007
Ok. People need to chill and remember if you have nothing constructive to say then say nothing!! I happen to like your stories. You made not pretense that your storeis are supposed to be all happy and such. Geesh! Don't let other people bug you. I wish i could write lemons like you can. It took me three months to write one because I couldn't figure out what to write. Keep going. I'm looking foward to your future installments.

Rowen- Wed 17 Jan 2007
:( Too Bad I was hoping to get spoiled with another story!

Demonlordlover- Wed 17 Jan 2007
I read your an and know what you're saying. I went through this all the time. Each new story brings new nasty people. I went to this one site and it explained about trolls and their behavior.

I don't know if you read it, but I wrote an AN for A Sentinel Mother addressing the hate mail I was getting. After going to the site I took it down because they said it actually feeds the troll egos by giving them a sense of accomplishment. If you ignore them, then they will settle for just little things.

The rating thing, I can also relate to. It sucks to work so hard, then watch your rating drop until it's ridiculus. I'm not knocking another's efforts, but when a story that is littered with errors, plot holes, and is little more than a copy of someone else's work, but rates higher than mine I tend to get a little put out.

I assume you would feel the same as I enjoy your stories and hate to see the ratings drop as they have. I hope it won't disscourage you from writing. I decided a long time ago to let it go. I hope you can do the same. Just know that there are others out there who love your stories and ignore the pests.

It's kinda like penis envy. Yours is bigger than theirs, so they get bothered and strike out to diminish you. LOL

kat- Wed 17 Jan 2007
let me at em!!! these one shots rock!!!! especially innoncence... and my savior that one makes me cry at the end, i love the changes you made to it by the way

A Sinner's Wish- Wed 17 Jan 2007
I still love your stories. I look forward to them everyday!!! I shall be waiting for more!!! -MUAH-

Steph- Wed 17 Jan 2007
I love all of these one shots & your other work that you've done. and don't let what other people opinon bring you down. as long as you're doing your best in these stories, then that's all it matters

alatera- Wed 17 Jan 2007
Love your stories but isn't there one missing? I read reviews and noticed one refering to the dark jewels trilogy and I was wondering if it would be reposted . Keep up the awesome works! Felt for poor Kagome in the last one. Maybe one story or a continuation she can turn it around on him for a change? hee hee

Lilla- Wed 17 Jan 2007
Hali! Would you mind to make another chapter for the Innocence…a Deadly Sin? I would like to see (read) Inuyashas reaction for example. Or a whole story if you have time. Thanks
You are the best!

Solaira- Wed 17 Jan 2007
This is an incredible story, you just have to continue this chapter and turn it into its own full blown story. It's just to good and can so easily stand on its own. I am more than willing to beg here, but please don't make me.

orchid- Wed 17 Jan 2007
yay... another installation.... however, everytime each one ends, it feels like there should be a continuation to it... the ending left you wanting more... oh well, they are still very good and well written.... until next time...

toofar- Wed 17 Jan 2007
That last one was revolting and vulgar.

She's a freaking MIKO!!! So instead of letting him have those sluts in bed with them, she could have bloody PURIFIED the whores. It doesn't make sense for her to put up with it, when she could have prevented them from being there.

And why were his needs more important than her own? I think Sess gets his way a little too much, and Kagome should (and could) have stood up for herself. Just shameless.

Tori- Tue 16 Jan 2007
Whoa...That last story, I was left on a pinncle, I was left hanging in the air, sitting on my seat, and Man I tell I was hot indeed... But boy that sure does feel like a danm good trapp story to um you gonna do another one? I feel um full but not there... another*begs* Please? You don't have to but I'd love another one.

aeze- Tue 16 Jan 2007
theres gonna be a sequel to this 1 right? RIGHT?? =] lov;ey job.

Honey- Tue 16 Jan 2007
Why... Why oh why do you always end off with a possibility that you'll continue only to state that you won't?! That's cruel and unusual torture! You're a great author! Keep up the good work.

Elisa- Tue 16 Jan 2007
That was good...really good. I feel like I need another shower now that was so hot. *sigh* Great job ^_~

fluffy darkangel- Sun 07 Jan 2007
okay the frist two chap c i get but everything else i don't when did all this other stuff happen!!! i lost here plesz tell what happen

Jacques- Fri 05 Jan 2007
will you be writing a sequal?

Michelle- Wed 03 Jan 2007
Yeah you should totally continue on with chapter 7. I forgot what the name of it was already, but I'll be looking forward to you writing more.

unidentifieduser- Tue 19 Dec 2006
these stories made me hot

Midget- Mon 18 Dec 2006
hey i liked that fic heaps, the ending was like, wow. i loved it. Thank ya!

Zecon- Sun 17 Dec 2006
I absolutly love ur fanfic of Some Vacation. It is both Kinki and intresting to read. Please continue on with others like this. I want to read more kinki things! MOre! Muahahaha!

Fluffy_Lo23- Tue 12 Dec 2006
I really liked copy room and broken promises. But I thought it was kinda messd up for Sesshounaruu only to use Kagome for sex in opy room. And I can't wait for you add more chapters to broken promises.

shadowcat- Sat 09 Dec 2006
sesshoumaru is really mean in the elevator. psh, and kagome's going to let him just use her like that is she?

Jaded alone x- Wed 06 Dec 2006
Wooooooowww! That would an effing GREAT story! Omg, just like you other great story... Omg! It's good that you're continuing it. You're a pretty amazing author at writing lemons. I swear, in all my experience in reading fanfic (which is a lot), No one's lemons have been as hawt as yours. I swearrrr to gawd, you know how to make a girl a little hot!!! ;_; I am being totally serious. And to tell you the truth, I'm a pretty mature person when it comes to reading all my lemons and everything else :D

Shinigami Clara- Wed 06 Dec 2006
i hope there's going to be a follow up O.O kekee die inuyasha die!! mwahahaha that's for being an evil jerk :D great story! please update soon! looking forward to the next chapter^^

~Shinigmia Clara

shinigami Clara- Wed 06 Dec 2006
this story (chapter 3) remindes me of the dark jewel triology by ann bishop.. :D only instead of power ranking in jewel colours it's humans, mikos and youkais ^^ it's a great story! i love it~ thanks

Kurairyu- Mon 04 Dec 2006
I swear that if you decide to leave this as a one-dhot I'll go insane!! LOL!! I've notice all the really good authors have a habit of leaving you waiting for more! And I want more!! Keep up the good work and update soon!!!! May Inuyasha suffer for all the pain he put Kagome through(laughs maniacally) ok I' dome
ja ne

Rei- Sun 03 Dec 2006
Ok, that was strange. Is this chapter a one-shot because that last sentence seems more like a cliffhanger. And because that sentence was there, my brain is going into overdrive and thinking about the sequel to that chapter. If there is no sequel, please don't torture me like this from now on. lol,

Metis- Sun 03 Dec 2006
Here's to hoping her Condition will allow her to have full Inu pups and not irrational unstable hanyou. (crosses fingers)

Silk_Worm- Sat 02 Dec 2006
I absolutely love this fic! Please update soon and keep up the good work!


Addah- Sat 02 Dec 2006
This is good. Keep going, i wanna kno wat happens wen inu-poo cums back in town.

shalicia- Sat 02 Dec 2006
OMG! i F***ing LOVE IT!

IT's Mmmmazzzing!

Haiden- Sat 02 Dec 2006
i like the knew chapter. i think it'd be great as a full story. =)

LocketzVc- Sat 02 Dec 2006
omfg, i love it, i love all of your trapped series one-shots.

dsm1980- Sat 02 Dec 2006
Oi! Where's the rest of it?!?

AW555- Sat 02 Dec 2006
I love them all! Can't wait for the next one!

bluemoon_175- Fri 01 Dec 2006
This sounds like it would be a fatastic story, keep up the good work. Can't wait to read more of your future stories.

Dark Topaz- Fri 01 Dec 2006
can't wait

sesshoumarus_bestfriend210- Fri 01 Dec 2006
wow i loved that last story
i read that you wanted to make that one into a story
well i encourage it because its really good!!
i want to see what will happen when that baka hanyou-

Inu: HEY!

Jess: SHUT UP!!oh ahem...i'll continue....

...that baka hanyou returns to town...

i look forward to it!!!!

MomoDesu- Fri 01 Dec 2006
I really love this series. Keep up the great work!

jazz- Fri 01 Dec 2006

Elisa- Fri 01 Dec 2006
I think this would be a good story on it's own. And this is a great start for the first chapter. I really do hope you consider continuing this particular chapter as it's own story. ^_~

Risa- Fri 01 Dec 2006
Wow, what a desease! I love it, can't wait for more.

localsamurai- Fri 01 Dec 2006
I love your one-shots. Sounds like this will be a good story.

Risa- Fri 01 Dec 2006
I love, love it. Thank you! Sesshoumaru is a trip. You got me thinking on the what if. What if Kagome actually quit and moved. She should have a lot money saved up. What extremes would he go through to get her back? This Trapped interlude is a wonderful, an unexpected surprise. Again, thank you!

amy- Fri 01 Dec 2006
loved it

Cricket- Fri 01 Dec 2006
Broken promises is definately worth more chapters. Could I persuade you by sending cookies?

Sesshy's angel18- Fri 01 Dec 2006
This is good.Update soon.

anonnie mouse- Fri 01 Dec 2006

Darkme- Fri 01 Dec 2006
Oh I like this, can't wait for more chapters when you make it a fic, though I can't help but hope that Kagome doesn't still want Inuyasha now that she has Sess-God.

beii16- Fri 01 Dec 2006
omg i really love your stories. You really are an amazing writer I like how you describe the characters emotions so well. Well I can't wait for the next chapter update soon

orchid- Fri 01 Dec 2006
that was such a tease....... hope you will be doing a follow up to 'broken promises'... if you do a follow up... please have kag give yasha hell..... want to see some ass kicking from her.... well anyways, great one shots... i am enjoying them immensely... my favorite one is still 'innocence...deadly sin' and 'broken promises' is second, although, it really depends on the follow up if there's one... good luck...

mimikitty- Fri 01 Dec 2006
Well, hello again. I do not review often, but you got me hooked..., once again. I hope you continue 'cause, as usual, it's great!

Kags21- Fri 01 Dec 2006
oh my god I love this series so much

Dark Topaz- Thu 30 Nov 2006
I am not expecting romance from the office duo but I would love to see Sesshoumaru get possively jealous

AnimeFan69- Thu 30 Nov 2006
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Okay so i might be a bit pervy but thats not the point. Anyway, please update soon.

anonnie mouse- Thu 30 Nov 2006
SO when will Kag get pregnant from all those "work"-outs? I mean 3+ months basically every's gotta happen sometime.

mimikitty- Thu 30 Nov 2006
Helle darling, another update huh? Thank you so much! You don't no how much help you've given me these past days with your steaming fics. Finals are right next door and I've been stressing way too much. Your stories give release better than a vibrator. Of course, it's not as good as my boyfriend, but since we broke up, it's the next best thing in my sexual life. Number six was really something. I have to admit that it's really one of my favorite. Number seven was a bit short but thank you for making a sequel to number one. Anyway, just to let you know that you are doing a great job and I hope you continue to write. Basically, I beg you (and I mean BEG) to update more often, and with your other stories too.

Shinju- Tue 28 Nov 2006
so far have read up to chapter 3. chapter 3 is my favorite. It was the most intense.

ice- Tue 28 Nov 2006
Hey chica, I love your stories. But, I think you shoud change your summary to let people know that it's a series of one-shots. That way, if they don't like the plot of the first one, they could find something else they like. Why, am I telling you this? I almost didn't read, because your summary didn't match what I was looking for, but I gave it a try anyway. I'm so glad I did. The first story was okay, but I really liked the second, and sixth.

Rei- Tue 28 Nov 2006
Yeah, I'd have to admit you're a bit rusty. The story is good, but it lacks the intensity that's in the one-shots before this. I was really happy when I saw that this title was updated! Hope to see more soon!

Metis- Tue 28 Nov 2006
Ah, this series is back. I always did prefer it when the want is mutual. Although I don't usually like reading about a helpless Sess, I am glad that Kag is the person she is. Welcome back series! heh

Yuki Asao- Mon 27 Nov 2006
Nevermind, I changed my mind. That one, the last chapter, is the best one so far. Out of all of them. Great job! Update soon please.

Yuki Asao- Mon 27 Nov 2006
Aww I loved chapter 3, it was such a beautiful chapter. You are a very talented writer.

sweetkijo- Mon 27 Nov 2006
ok. this one hit home. Although it was fulled with lemony goodness it also had a great message. My valadicorian a few years after graduating high school went into a shooting range and killed multi people and then himself. It pains me to know that our kids/teenagers go through these type of situations. Your lil ol story was fantastic, maybe it will touch someone. Thanks for the read. Take care until next time. Ja ne!

AnimeFan69- Mon 27 Nov 2006
I LOVE CHAPTER 16!!!!!!! Write more and more one shot stories. I wish one day you will make these one shots into stories, like chapter one (I WOULD LOVE THAT!!). Ja ne

AnimeFan69- Mon 27 Nov 2006
I LOVE CHAPTER 16!!!!!!! Write more and more one shot stories. I wish one day you will make these one shots into stories, like chapter one (I WOULD LOVE THAT!!). Ja ne

Risa- Mon 27 Nov 2006
I love your Trapped series, as well as everything else you write. I enjoy it..Very touching.
Thank you!

Seli- Mon 27 Nov 2006
God, I am such a perv, but your one shots...holy shit...a thousand suns have got nothing on them. I love the 4th chapter the best, dont ask why, I just do. The most recent addition touched my heart really (once you got past the hot sex x3 ) Suicide is never a good thing, and it really warms my soul when I read a story about someone's kindness preventing such a horrible act. Your writings are beautiful, please keep writing!

shalicia- Mon 27 Nov 2006


christine- Mon 27 Nov 2006
aw! that story was based on a true story right? i heard the true story once before

what a coincidance that u updated, i was just thinking about your stories the other day

nice job, update soon

Lady Kio-tye- Mon 27 Nov 2006
OMG! I have been waiting for this for a long time and I can tell u I'm not diappointed. This great, sad, but great non the less!!!

Fluffy_Lo23- Mon 27 Nov 2006
I read all of the story's in trapped (and loved them all to add) and was surprised when you had a new one up. I read it and well I don't know if I actually like Sesshoumaru being a weak person thast is totally out of character. I did like the story. But I felt that everything was rushed.From the Lemon, to there first encounter. Just rushed. I still liked the story though.

Omokage- Sun 15 Oct 2006
these are like the best oneshots ever

Lady Kio-tye- Thu 28 Sep 2006
I really do like these one-shots you do. Please do update soon.

Tori- Mon 18 Sep 2006
I loved your short stories trapped. i mean They where great. However I find myself liking the first story and the last one. Um could I ask that they become short stories? You know continue where they left offf. Cause I mean they where so good till the story was over with. If you could, I know your busy and such but it's request.

Megan Consoer- Tue 22 Aug 2006
I really ike this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters? Or can you write a sequel to this story please?

Megan Consoer- Tue 22 Aug 2006
I really ike this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?

SesshomaruCrazy- Mon 21 Aug 2006
Another great chapter in this series.. I enjoyed it very much.. It would be really nice if there was a second part to this.. Anyways great one.. Keep up the good work..
Can't wait to read more of your stories..

DreamBeamz- Sat 19 Aug 2006
Loved it, I bet she wish she got trapped in an elevator with him 5 years ago! Sure would have made work a bit more enjoyable shall we say. :)

Chibi Miko- Mon 31 Jul 2006
Wow! All those 5 one-shots were so good. I really just love 'em. I thought 'Trapped' was the best. I too would love it if you would write a second chapter for that one. Its so addicting!

Fantasy_eyesXoX- Tue 25 Jul 2006
OMG...i loved reading your one shots

Fantasy_eyesXoX- Tue 25 Jul 2006
OMG...i loved reading your one shots

angelique- Wed 19 Jul 2006
That was so good. I am flooding my panties here. Please write more. Don't Make Me Beg!!!!!!! 10/10

kittie le sabre- Mon 17 Jul 2006
I liked this story very much & recognized the inspiration/concept from the Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop! Great job!!

Kyo-Chan-Lover- Thu 13 Jul 2006
Awesome!! That was great! Loved bloodlust. Very Steamy. You have to make a second chapter for it!! Anyway update soon!

Megan Consoer- Sat 01 Jul 2006
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?

Sariel- Sat 01 Jul 2006

gothic_xXx_miko- Thu 29 Jun 2006
may i ask you how to varify the code to get into acount
thanks love the stories

kagome15- Wed 28 Jun 2006
i really loved "blood lust" and i 1st chapter!! it would be cool if u made a second part to them!!! please update ASAP!!! trapped is 1 of my favorite stories :)

Mama Geisha- Tue 27 Jun 2006
that was really sexy, nice little plot in 'blood lust.' i really loved the first chapter trapped (when they were in the elevator), and i think you should add a second part to that certain story. great job.
love & peace

Inu_Twins- Tue 27 Jun 2006
that was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it, i love it, i love it!!

netealia foxwood- Mon 26 Jun 2006
these are really good one-shots and would be great for a second chapter for each... (hint, hint) Yeah so anyway can't wait for your next one.

jem89- Mon 26 Jun 2006
Your stories are great! Trapped is one of the greatest compilations of one shots I've read yet. Please update soon :)

Risa- Mon 26 Jun 2006
second condition!? Man, you ended it on cliffhanger? ..Well done!!!! Bloodlust and fanlust-awesome!

Inu_Twins- Mon 26 Jun 2006
U should contnuie on Innocence...a deadly sin!!! I like it so plzzz make a sequel or something!!!!

crazygirlforlife- Mon 26 Jun 2006
THAT WAS A HOTT CHAPTER!!!!!!! it would be awesome if you made another part to craving blood chapter and also the elevator chapter.

Kinnara- Mon 26 Jun 2006
Whooo-weee! That was HAWT!

Kinnara- Mon 26 Jun 2006
Whooo-weee! That was HAWT!

bluemoon_175- Mon 26 Jun 2006
Your story is really good, I wish you would contine with it. I can't wait to read more.

_Charlotte_Sometimes_- Mon 26 Jun 2006
I just LOVED it. All of them were very good please add more. They were just awesome

Kheylia- Fri 16 Jun 2006
Beautifully written. All of them. My favorite was Innocence. I think, if you wanted, you could turn that into a story and become nominated. It's very well written and the storyline is just.. romantic and sweet. I've been reading for this site for so long.. Innocence really is a story just waiting to be continued.

Megan Consoer- Sun 21 May 2006
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?

lovey- Tue 16 May 2006
That was hot domination sex!

Dianna- Fri 12 May 2006
u should make a part 2 of Trapped the one where they were in the elevator

RavenSilverKat- Tue 09 May 2006
[Sorry, that's the wrong name! So here, it's like you get 2 good-ish reviews! ^.^]

That story was ok. I liked that it was a few one shots as one story but, I'm not that into PWP [porn without plot]. Thus saying so, I think chapter 3 was the
best one. I think you should try to rewrite that one into a full story or one like it. If you did, I would be one of the first to read it. Thanks for the story!

RavenSilverKar- Tue 09 May 2006
That story was ok. I liked that it was a few one shots as one story but, I'm not that into PWP [porn without plot]. Thus saying so, I think chapter 3 was the best one. I think you should try to rewrite that one into a full story or one like it. If you did, I would be one of the first to read it. Thanks for the story!

babygirl- Sun 07 May 2006
i just love these. I can't wait for more. I do hope you have some more coming. Keep up the great work.

Kyo-Chan-Lover- Sat 06 May 2006
WOW! That last chappie was so hot! Please update as soon as possible!

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