Reviews for Ownership by Kags21

-BloodyJack-- Tue 26 Feb 2008
this was an awesome fic
i love ALL of your work!!

Sakura Samora- Mon 05 Nov 2007
loved it, didnt love the ending. When people end that way it feels very rushed. I would have liked to know how the rest of the people who worked with sess would have felt and reacted, and if naraku got a divorce, and so forth. Also, i think you made kagome way to young. In real life sess would have been arrested and if he works for the mafia, his enemies would have attacked and slandered his name. It was good but could have been better.

SakuraSamora- Mon 05 Nov 2007
you know in a previous chapter kagome made it obvious she knew she was a demon. When sango told her he would know she lied b/c he was an inu demon, she said oh yea.

Megan Consoer- Thu 13 Sep 2007
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?

Blue_Ditz//- Mon 03 Sep 2007
... i have to say. i'm kind of dissapointed of the last chapter. everything else was awesome, but the last chapter had too much something.. and too little something.. anyhoo, overall, the story was great. thx for uploading!

Megan Consoer- Sun 02 Sep 2007
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?

Koiishi_Beloved- Sat 01 Sep 2007
Wow, that was really good. I'm glad I had went back to read it to day! ^_^


Vicious Grin- Sat 01 Sep 2007
that was a cute ending.

but... now its over. :'[
thats not cool.

this was definitely a favorite

Angelisa Collins- Sun 19 Aug 2007

marquishawright- Sat 11 Aug 2007
i can't wait for the last chapter i so luv this story and i hope u update soon i wonder what will happen in the last chapter

Koiishi_Beloved- Fri 10 Aug 2007
Woot! I know I've been waiting for this chapter! Nice one as well! ^__^


tilayha- Mon 23 Jul 2007
im liking this more and more.
please continue

BeautifulDeception- Wed 18 Jul 2007
I Realli Like This Story! Please Update Soo. Sessho Is Sooo Abusive He Needs To Work On That!

tilayha- Mon 25 Jun 2007
ohhhh goodness. is the *%#$ gonna hit the fan or what!!! hee hee cant wait to find out

demon13o- Mon 25 Jun 2007
._. i can just imagine their reactions now... now that is amusing lol

Please hurry and update soon okay!

Ja Ne!

hazel- Mon 25 Jun 2007
so boldly

Sesshy's angel18- Sun 24 Jun 2007
This is a good chapter but you said the baby was a he not a she. Love your story update soon.

Aki-kawa- Mon 28 May 2007
I hope to get more chapters soon.
Yours Truly

Koishii_Beloved- Sun 27 May 2007
I'm so glad you updated! I've missed this fic for so long! ^_^


brandy- Sun 13 May 2007
hey great story so far i like it alot

brandy- Sun 13 May 2007
hey great story so far i like it alot

demon13o- Sun 13 May 2007
awesome chapter!! hurry and update real soon okay!

Ru-Doragon- Mon 23 Apr 2007
I read a story of yours on and you really just like Sess to be violent don't you?

Favi- Sat 21 Apr 2007

ms WeIrDo- Sun 01 Apr 2007
I have a question, is there any posibility that kagome and sess to be together now that the character of sessh in this fic is like a father of hers? and has kagome replaced rin?

Midget- Tue 27 Mar 2007
hey, Nice fic. I was following it yesterday till I had to get off, And I forgot hwo wrote it and I was like, who was it, argh!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then i saw kags21, and I think you're on the yahoo group thingy?? The A single spark one?? So I was like, hey that author sounds familiar, and I clicked on it, LUCKY!!! Lol. I'll have to write you down, I have so many favourite fics and all.

Anyway hope you update this soon, if you ar estill on going with it, and thanx!!!


Koishii_Beloved- Mon 19 Mar 2007
I enjoy reading this fanfic! I cant wait to read more!

Define-Naughty- Fri 23 Feb 2007
OMG! I didn't know you wrote this...*hits self in head* I am so dumb...LOL Plz update this. I love this fic!!

heather- Sat 10 Feb 2007
I cant get enough of the story i hope you update it really soon

emmyjenny- Sun 14 Jan 2007
wow!!! WOW!!! this is such a great story :) i can't wait till the next chapter :)

demon13o- Mon 08 Jan 2007
-gets the the part saying:
"Sesshomaru pick right now. If you lay a finger on her, you will lose me as well." Kagome told him in a voice that wasn’t her own.-

-eyes are wide and mouth drops in shock. slowly turns head all the way around to face Kags21-
you ended it on such a cliff hanger! please hurry and quickly update i just have to know what happens and in the mean time i'll read tired of running!

~Ja ne!

-Able-jay-Insane-- Wed 06 Dec 2006
holly shit I love that! omg omg....*gasp* ohhhh i cant wait for the next chapters there should by like a rape seen...or lol well anyway i love the story Please KEEP IT UP!!!=O

-Able Jay insane-

-Able-jay-Insane-- Wed 06 Dec 2006
holly shit I love that! omg omg....*gasp* ohhhh i cant wait for the next chapters there should by like a rape seen...or lol well anyway i love the story Please KEEP IT UP!!!=O

-Able Jay insane-

Megan Consoer- Tue 14 Nov 2006
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?

katie- Thu 02 Nov 2006
wow i like it please keep going

katie- Thu 02 Nov 2006
wow i like it please keep going

Aurora Potter- Thu 02 Nov 2006
wow that was good

Skye- Wed 01 Nov 2006
hey I really like the chapter I can't wait to read the next chap. Please update real soon!

katie- Sun 29 Oct 2006
wow i like it please keep going

TaiYoukai- Sun 29 Oct 2006
Damn, that girl is a spoiled bitch!! I hope you let me know when you update and I hope it'll be soon.


Skye- Sun 29 Oct 2006
Hey I really like the story...and what is really wierd is that Naroku's last name is the same as mine...wierd...

Lady Sesshomaru- Sat 28 Oct 2006
I loved your new chapter!! How about a chapter telling about what Sesshomaru did to his sis in the past. Sort of like a filler chapter. Just a suggestion, not a comand.
Ja ne
Lady Sesshomaru

Anonymous- Sat 28 Oct 2006
Will her parents do anything to Sesshomaru, when they find out?

Kagome might lecture him a bit.

Please update ASAP

MelancholyVoice- Thu 05 Oct 2006
Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I love this story, also all of your other ones. Keep up the good work, and of course I have to say "Update soon!" Lol.

Emmyjenny- Wed 04 Oct 2006
wow i love this story i can't believe i didn't read it sooner more please can i please have some more :) please update :) i spent all night reading your story so make me do it all again when you update :)

Kurairyu- Mon 25 Sep 2006
How could you leave me hangign like that come on and update!!!!!!!!

Megan Consoer- Sat 23 Sep 2006
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?

becky bystrak- Sat 23 Sep 2006
wow thats was good so far i love it
i never knew he was gonna tell her now,please finish its good

Catofhope- Sat 23 Sep 2006
Cat: MAFIA!!!
BCat: sweet im getting some stuff from him OH FLUFFY!
Fluffy: one word "shit" *gets mobed by BCat*
Cat: we loved it ..... some more then others

katie- Fri 22 Sep 2006
wow i like it please keep going

debra_loves_sesshomaru- Fri 22 Sep 2006
OMG HE TOLD!!!!!! >>>>>>>>>.<<<< I can't believe it. OH well wil she go byebye or stay.

shalicia- Fri 15 Sep 2006


katie- Sat 09 Sep 2006
wow i like this please keep going its geting to good

Alexandra- Sun 03 Sep 2006
I started to read this story in but then it stoppe din the pool scene, but this is way cool! I love your Naraku character. Evil/kind father, hehe! Next chapter inuyasha and kag can become closer friends -no attraction-but he realizes that Kikyo isn't worht it.

Irish Black Rosie- Sat 02 Sep 2006
AAAAHH!! --beats head-- Why did you have to cliffy it?! T__T OOOh WHHHYYY?! I'm crying over here! ;_;
Well I really like this, it's most def original! ^_^
Keep up the good work, and I look forward to the following chapters!!!!

Samantha- Fri 01 Sep 2006
Update soon! Peace.

kambri_Jade- Fri 01 Sep 2006
Ahhh!! big cliff !! you have to update ASAP. i love this fic.! Keep up the good work.

demon13o- Thu 31 Aug 2006
noooooooooo i should shoot u for the way u ended that... u must hurry and type so i no what happens next now hurry i order u to hurry!!

LOri- Thu 31 Aug 2006
Aw come on why stop there i was so ready for more nice chapter can't wait for more update soon plz!!!! :)

helikesitheymikey!- Thu 31 Aug 2006
Ya know it was going good until that big space and at the bottom of that space it said
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WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

IS KAGOME PREGNANT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I HOPE SO!!!!!! THAT"LL BE INTERESTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I honestly forgot but is Shippo in the story yet? If not Kagome should find him and adopt him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE UPDATE THIS STORY VERY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I WANT TO SEE SESS'S DAD TRY TO KILL HIM FOR ROBBING THE CRADLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ShadowChick- Thu 31 Aug 2006
ok totally crappy cliffy i dont like those at all O.o

sesshomarulover87- Mon 28 Aug 2006

demon13o- Sun 27 Aug 2006
wow that went great!! hurry and write more i'm glued to the pc waiting for more!!!

phxazkyote- Sun 27 Aug 2006
Nothing like a good lemon before bed! good chapter keep it up!

helikesitheymikey!- Sat 26 Aug 2006
So...being that he bit her neck while they know...does that make them mates??
I want them to have pups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pretty Please
*puppy dog eyes*

PLEASE UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark Angel- Wed 23 Aug 2006
Loved it. This was a cool story. It had my name in it. Narakus wifes name is Savannah and so is mine. Update soon.

becky bystrak- Sun 20 Aug 2006
heyy i love the story so far please add some more chapters i love it and i would really like to know what kagura and kikyo are planning but when will kagome and sesshomaru do it?

kambri_Jade- Sun 20 Aug 2006
Another Great chapter!!
Q. So Sesshomaru told Naraku about kagura & Kagome ?Thats how he knew she was planing something?
Anyways it was awsome , so plz updat ASAP. Kambri_Jade

heather- Sun 20 Aug 2006
I love the story i also like how well Sesshomaru and Kagome r put together.

demon13o- Sun 20 Aug 2006
okay here's an idea okay well they tie her up and gag her and throw her into an unused room with something in there scarring her sensesless all night, sesshomaru is getting worried so he files a missing person report but in the morning someone finds her but before the person finds her the thing in the room is telling kagome that she is to disappear if she wants to remain living and that she needs to never see inuyasha or sesshomaru again that she is to runaway and never come back

^^ i'm evil aren't i maybe i'm evil but i'm nice too OO never a good combination together!!

phxazkyote3507- Sat 19 Aug 2006
::Sigh:: high school drama.. lol brings back memories. Good chapter. I bet that Kikyo and Kagura are planning to somehow expose sesshomaru and kagome. probably by a horrible way of bad seduction.. lol after all teenagers are..... well.....yeah.... haa haaa

helikesitheymikey!- Sat 19 Aug 2006
Kikyo/the girls slip something in Sessy's drink and the dumb blonde {forgot her name. the one that made the big scene at Kag's birthday party} is in a compromising sitch with Sessy. Kag sees and maybe runs.
I wonder when Fluffy will lose control of his beast when Kagome's around {in heat too}.

Ren Taisho- Sat 05 Aug 2006
hi kags21 my review lost some words soo if something doesn't make sense srry

Ren Taisho- Sat 05 Aug 2006
ohhh kagome and sesshoumaru go somethin' going kikyo and kagura are a bunch of slutty bitches that have sex with other men then their boyfriends !?! kagura is a jealous bitch kikyo is just a plain revenge bitch love story though kinda odd cause sesshoumaru is like her guardian and it is just like odd to me but that is my opinion ok soo still really really really reallly awsome story please tell when next chappie is up ok kags21

Aurora Potter- Fri 04 Aug 2006
Fluffy a pedophile and a mobster!!!! Very cute. It was great reads

helikesitheymikey!- Thu 03 Aug 2006
I really Really REALLY HATE KAGURA AND KIKYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>.
I want to see by the end of the story Fluffy and Kag's puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!(as in kids)......please? *puppy dog eyes*

sesshsmate101- Thu 03 Aug 2006
oooo... kagura and kikyo are such bitches!! grrrrrrr!

demon13o- Thu 03 Aug 2006
awesome chapter ^^ hurry and update soon!

sesshsmate101- Thu 03 Aug 2006
wow! i really like this story, but i'mkinda worried about how other people will react to them... but idc cuz it really cute!

Trapped_Butterfly- Thu 03 Aug 2006
YEY i love this story so much i cant wait to read more

DeJanea M. Steward- Thu 03 Aug 2006
It's abut time u wrote another chap. I was beggining 2 think u stopped writing 4ever. Since that is not the case I am pleased 2 c ur work once again being on my favorite website.

mitch- Thu 03 Aug 2006
YAY!!!!!!u posted another chapter!!^.^write more!i lov this story!!

Kita Tsuki- Thu 03 Aug 2006
This story is awesome! Update soon! Peace.

Sesshomarus_Goddess- Wed 02 Aug 2006
luv it

Judy Hernandez- Tue 25 Jul 2006
wow your fanfiction is really great. I really want to read more. I thinking of doing my own too. Hope you finsh the story soon because it is amazing.

devotd2sesshy- Thu 20 Jul 2006
i only have one word to say.... UPDATE!!!!!! -sigh-

Kambri_Jade- Thu 20 Jul 2006
I loved This story so much ! I hope that You will udate Soon!

Soul of a Woman- Wed 19 Jul 2006
Update please, Your story is so good

brittany- Tue 11 Jul 2006
i love this story its great i really hope you post the next chapter soon. it would make me happy. *gives big grin*
thank you for you hard work so far,

vam-girl- Fri 30 Jun 2006
please do more soon!!!!

devious fox- Fri 30 Jun 2006

ashley- Thu 29 Jun 2006
don't you mean he was 29 because 15 and 14 is 29 so they are both 29 years old.

BECKY BYSTRAK- Wed 21 Jun 2006

mitch- Sun 18 Jun 2006
um,i think this is how u review??(i've never reviewed before)but anyways i like ur story*ownership*keep writing!!^,^

Megan Consoer- Tue 13 Jun 2006
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?

phxazkyote- Mon 12 Jun 2006
*Hangs Kags21 off a cliff by her toes* There! See how you like cliffies!!! I thought you died. Write more!

Kit005- Mon 12 Jun 2006
OMG that was good!!! You have to update soon!!! Plzzz!!!

UUU know- Fri 09 Jun 2006
Short chapter but good

Sharr- Mon 05 Jun 2006
UH youre just like shichan 2 and mute shadow never update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but make new stories and dont update those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

becky bystrak- Thu 01 Jun 2006
heyy love ur story please do continue the story

vam-girl- Thu 01 Jun 2006
please do more soon!

brittany- Tue 09 May 2006
i love this fic it is so cute please write more soon! please!!!

Denierure- Tue 09 May 2006
I Love your story, but when are you going to update. I can't wait to see what else happens.

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