savewolf the angel of death- Tue 31 Jul 2007
you better continue with the story and maybe add a lemon on the next chapter or maybe two and with not only sesshomaru but naraku too and a lot ot inuyasha bashign please oh and if you have yahoo add me so we can send eachother emails and maybe even be friends ok with you well anyway i give this fanfic a 10 out of 10

blue_ thunder_ dragon- Mon 14 May 2007
this seems pretty good continue plz

sesshoumarus_bestfriend210- Wed 12 Jul 2006
Jess: you so have to continue this fic.....its so funny.....*starts thinking hentai thoughts**drools*

Miyoko: uh oh......we just lost jess.....but yea i agree with her continue the if you excuse me...*knocks jess out and drags her away*

Jess: @_@

someone- Fri 09 Jun 2006

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