Reviews for Cup of Tea by DragonFly

BlueMaru- Fri 19 Oct 2007
awesome! story update asap! cant wait !!!! (~-~)

tif- Thu 18 Oct 2007
ow... interesting i hope u updat eagain soon thanks...

Noacat- Thu 18 Oct 2007
OMIGOD! This story is awesome and it only has one review!! WHAT THE HECK PEOPLE??! Oh, this kind of thing makes me nuts! I hate seeing stories that are just wonderful, imaginative and inspiring, yet they only have a smattering of reviews -- while other stories that are less deserving have thousands!

Oh, it breaks the heart.

Anyway, I love this story and I encourage you to continue. I'm your own personal hyperactive fanfic cheerleader.

midnighthellesdemon- Thu 18 Oct 2007
cool iam the first to reveiw this is very well wrote can't wait for the next chapter

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