Megan Consoer- Sat 31 May 2008
I really like this story alot. Can you please write some more chapters?

alwaysAfan- Fri 06 Jul 2007
It have been years since i read this story of yours. I had, and always will remain to be, a Sesshoumaru (Fluffy-chan) and Kagome pairing. You can even say out of all the fan pairings out there, these 2 click like a diamondo life span. I will reread this story within a week or two since i really love it! I was searching the fanfics (since i forgot what your --and some other-- titles was). I found A Smart Kagome with no effort, but yours remain hard, that is until i log in and read my profile, stating that my first and most fave is, well, this great story of yours!! Cheers. Hmmm...wonder if you submitted any other fanfics. Better go check...

Kawaii_Kilala- Sun 13 May 2007
Ooooooooooooo! You did a wonderful job on this story! And! I only think one thing of it that you could have improved on...MORE LEMONS! not just limes! LEMONS TOO!!!!!
And! if you could possible maybe, if you dont mind...maybe you could make a sequel? PLEASE!!!! It would look and be so great! and you left us on a cliffy at the end damn it!!!
ah well! Thank you for a wonderful read and story!

Tiegrsi- Sun 04 Mar 2007
I really like your story...but I wonder how Mrs. Higurashi and Souta got back through the well. You said at the begining that it didn't work anymore...
Everything else was great! :)

jen- Tue 16 Jan 2007
wow nice like the ending i hope you wright a sequal to it

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