Reviews for Bitten by Rinseternalsoul

Kelly- Mon 13 Aug 2007
This was a great story! I always love stories where she turn into a demon... i gues bc she can have cute little demon babies with sessou...anyway love the story and can't wait to read the others you have written!

Tiegrsi- Mon 12 Mar 2007
*claps hands furiously* Another well done story! I have to admit, you are one of my favorite authors on this site! I have read almost all your stories now, and they are all so wonderful. Though my favorite so far is still "The Portal". *bows in respect*

ItsNotMe- Fri 19 Jan 2007
I'm a little saddened by the lack of positive reviews you recieved from this story. I was impressed with it, as I know that I could never write something so creative. :D Keep up the good work on all your fics!


angel- Fri 05 Jan 2007
omg ur such a wonderful wrighter i have read alot of ur stories and compared to soooooooooo many others making there charachters so ooc u actually kept with there actual character im immpressed thanks for making stories worth reading

Raven- Tue 31 Oct 2006
Well this isn't your best work. I didn't feel the love between Kagome and Sesshomaru and with "As Death Gives Life" and "The Portal" I really felt it. In this one it feels more like you're telling us instead of showing us what is going on. I don't really feel a connection with the characters and I must say I am disappointed.

Random Reader- Tue 22 Aug 2006
I've noticed that you often spell 'Nuraku' instead of 'Naraku' in quite a lot of your works, I was just wondering if it's a typo or intentional.

Kimberly- Fri 14 Jul 2006
Excellent story. I truely enjoyed it and stayed up late to finish reading it. Thank you for sharing your story

Tsuki Doriimaa- Thu 06 Jul 2006
aww Bravo! Bravo indeed! I'm finding I like your stories very much. ::chuckles grinning:: such unique ideas and workings. I luv 'em! ^_^ Okay, off to read another one now. JA!

LutherianAngel- Sun 21 May 2006
Change Nuraku to Naraku.

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