eternally_yours- Sat 08 Sep 2007
thats a pretty awsome piece of work there, i'm jealous of ur talents.
i was glued to the screen from the first line, til the last
im surprised there arent many reviews!
no matter, it was really really good, there was no typical plot to it, and the characters seemed to be portrayd perfectly.
overally impressive.

HavoK- Wed 01 Aug 2007
Wow... This was amazing.
It was so different and so perfect!
This was by far the best Sesshomaru protrayal I have ever read.
It wasnt the typical Sesshomaru is a freaky stalker that is madly in love with Kagome cause hes in heat or something and then they fall in love the end.
This was absolutly outstanding work! Please update soon!

katie- Wed 11 Jul 2007
this is me :) this is me after reading this :' ( .... yah thats right crying like a little girl. i loved it the whole way though!

Kanazawa- Mon 02 Jul 2007
yep, just beautiful. not excessive in any way... just perfect.

Kanazawa- Mon 02 Jul 2007
wow! Beautifully written!! If SS were running the awards right now I would nominate this fic for best Sesshoumaru portrayal, best Kagome portrayal, best everything portrayal! I started reading this bc I saw it on the recommended fanfics list, and I am sooo glad I did. On to chapter 2!

BreathexThexSnow- Fri 20 Apr 2007
I have been here before, and am genuinly disappointed to find that your update rate is such a slow one. I look forward to the next installment, however all the more so if it comes with a shorter time interval than has been the case between the first and the second chapters. (The intensity and enjoyment derived from former chapters tend to fade in time, and I would hate for such a beautiful piece to be unjustly under-appreciated)

clock-winder- Sun 04 Mar 2007
oh my i really cried. this is great! my God it broke my heart......

chthonicdirge @ Thu 01 Mar 2007
What can I say ... this is a beautiful piece of writing.
You have a true gift.
I've not read a fanfiction so true to the characters before. While a part of me wishes it were longer, in earnest, I don't think I'd prefer it any other way.
Thankyou for writing this.

Gold- Mon 12 Feb 2007
I just spent 50 minutes reading this first chapter, and they were most enjoyably spent. Congratulations on being so literate and captivating an author as you are.

Langus- Sat 10 Feb 2007
I thoroughly enjoyed reading that. I could go on singing your praises but I've stayed up until 3:30AM reading this so I'm going to make it a night. I look forward to reading whatever else you've written. Cheers!

Nilee1- Tue 30 Jan 2007
Absolutely wonderful--so poignant.

Sola- Thu 18 Jan 2007
"Beautiful. No, she wasn’t beautiful. Beauty was superficial, unimportant, trivial. He didn’t care for it, he didn’t trust it. He had seen many beautiful women and beneath their perfectly crafted appearances he found emptiness. Their beauty masking the nothingness inside."
and with that line, I knew that this fic would be different. Beautifully crafted.

magnificentchaos- Sat 13 Jan 2007
this was beautiful I loved it I am suprised that no one has left you any messages. I wish I could read more things as beautiful as this.

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