Reviews for Oden Shop by Murasaki K

Crimson_Regret- Wed 25 Jun 2008
You are the best writer ever you have to keep up the good work i loved this story

Alexandraya- Sun 06 Apr 2008
...Le gasp you forgot green tea pokey...the stuff is horrid theres no argument in that but if you are going to buy EVERY pokey there is you MUST remember the green tea.

I did that when I was in Japan by the by. I was in a candy story helping my beau and they were all sitting there and I had the money so... It's kind of fun to be able to say you have tasted every pokey there is...(mens is SO the best. Dark chocolate for the win!)

Er yah
~Alexandraya Belu~

helleboros- Sat 26 Jan 2008
Thank you for this story. It was a wonderful idea executed very well. You played the angst very well, and I near tears myself at Sesshomaru's desperation while Kagome was lashing out at him. Nicely done.

Crystalline Twine- Tue 05 Sep 2006
Heh. I just had to review after finishing the story. I got so caught up in it, I was almost late for work.

Anyway, the story was very well-written, if a bit more angsty than I'm used to. Great job!

yuya- Mon 07 Aug 2006
heheh, Kikyou is a man...and a stalker. XD


Seli- Wed 26 Jul 2006
Beautiful story. Though albiet confusing at some points, I managed to get it. OOC ness, but the years which were so unforgiving on Sesshoumaru I can see definatly changed him. I spotted something from a game. Perhaps you have played it. Or, you could of just put it in there without knowing it has a game reference. Talkin bout the sword mentioned. Muramasa, the sword from a certian area called Cross Bone Isle? A certian cursed sword from a certian game named Golden Sun perhaps? As I continue to ramble....Anyhoo, beautiful story, keep writing new ones.

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