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I am a Baylor University Student in wako Waco Texas. Sic'em Bears! Though Baylor's mascot bears are brown bears my apartment is decorated with LOTS of Panda bears hehehe at least it's a bear. Also my indearment for my mother is "my mommy polar bear" after I watched Artic Tale. So I'm her "Lil' baby polar

Baylor bear, panda bear, polar bear

I am a History Major and thinking about going on to grad school. Did you know a history major doesn't have to become a teacher some go on to be succesful lawyers, bussinesmen/women, and writer. Many of the skills learned as a History major are researching, fast at retaining information, punctual, writing, analysis, and thinking outside the box. These are rare skills and so are valuble to companies searching for workers.

Right now I am at The End of Season 4 in my Inuyashadvd box set run the small moments of free time.

Find I Like Sesshomaru because I like older mature men I guess. Plus who can resist the pointed ears even Inuyasha's are hard to resist. Odly though I'm not a dog lover. I almost to the point of hating them..okay only certain breeds. And that's mainly because of owners. I live in about the only appartment complex near school that allows multiple pet AND no wieght limit on pets. And untill resently Every speck of grass was covered in doggie leaving. They ain't so cute then. Also the owners don't keep leashes on them which I found out is against the law. I'd be walking along and here comes a massive dog runing towards me.....I'm a cat person. They love you, they cuddle, play, POTTY TRAINED, and can chill by them self. Now I bet Sesshomaru is nothing like these common strays.



"No matter how savory the meat’s been prepared, the bones of truth run under the surface"

Essence of History

that's it for now if I think of more later I'll add it. bye

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okay hello, I'm an avid reader. If I wasn't I'd be in trouble because for each history class I have like 5-6 books a semester; so If you need a proof reader I've become very apt at finding errors or confusing sentance structures. This is mostly because I'v come across it in my own writting for papers or in the readings for class. Yes published writers have grammar mistakes. It is very annoying to. I payed $$$ (and I'll only get < $ when I sell them back) for this book and you didn't even spend time or money to have it proof read. Just give me enough heads up. Right now I have a paper due Nov 20th so I need to focus on that first.

Okay thanks for stopping by at my profile bye.


The kitty in the pic is my family cat (who now lives with my sister) Noel. (Got him at Christmas) I call it Noel in control


I got a 94 on my Civil war history paper!!!!!!!!!!! it was called Dresses among Trousers and delt with female nurse entering military hospitals- motivations to become nurses, public opinion of them, the hostility they met, their responsibilities, their trials, and their contribution as a whole.

Also I got all A's and B's for the Fall semester


Please visit my fanart challenge click here


I have won the battle agianst my neighbor's 2nd hand smoke!!! I found this magical substance that expands and fills the holes around the pipes in the wall that we share and now the smell and allergens are gone!!! *does a gig looks like a highland dance,..Falls to knees* God trully I thank thee.  


Hi I'm at my wit's ends I have plugged up every visible hole with expanding caulk--that was fun, bought two air filters/purifiers, repeatedly talked to my apartment manger, and just plain sucked it up to deal with it till they move out or I move out.
......But I can suck in no longer. Please pray that this will stop or I'll find a new place to stay. Or what ever miraculous way God will help me from this foul second hand odor of death. I so hope the caulk stuff will start to work better. I may even ask to go and use it in the neighbors apartment and cut it off on both sides.


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Created On: 08/22/2010 19:47:46

Thank you hun!
I didn't expect them at all!

Awee NOEL! Give him a hug for me!


Created On: 02/23/2010 21:57:08

I wanna see if he's tickelish

LOL. Thank you for commenting on the coloured version of 'Let Sleeping Dog Lie'. Please, help yourself and tickle him!


Created On: 02/19/2010 17:45:30

How you doing?


Created On: 02/18/2010 20:58:54

"No matter how savory the meat’s been prepared, the bones of truth run under the surface."

That's pure forthright. It seemed the sort of thing Hisoka-sensei would say. ::twinkle::


Created On: 02/07/2010 11:23:04

You are right! I can't believe I've never made an attempt to take over your wall! Lol! And happy Chinese new year to you to!


Created On: 02/02/2010 05:23:37

Hi Amy!
Thanks for the amazing review and inputs for US latest chapter. I just love it! Sorry to have bothered your reading for your class
I found the song "Tradition!" you told me to find and yeah tradition is something like that. No one really know where they came from.
And for the newborn to crawl.. Well it's not exactly crawling, but he would use his hands and feet to drag his body toward his mother's breast. Thank you for reminding me to make an explanation for that and please read my additional information at the AN for further information

Thanks so much Amy!

Kira kuni

Created On: 01/12/2010 23:44:18

By whatever means you can cut out Kagome and put your face there instead . Thanks for the comment!
Feedback from Amy: welcome


Created On: 11/15/2009 11:02:15

Thanks for faving my art! Glad you liked it!

Hoshi Phoenix

Hoshi Phoenix
Created On: 11/13/2009 20:30:59

Yay for History majors! I got my degree in this subject as well!
Feedback from Amy: yay!! what do you do now?
any advice?


Created On: 11/13/2009 16:21:21

Thank you for commenting my fanart 'Ya know, I hadn't noticed, but she does look like a Bratz doll huh? No worries, I respect your opinion and am grateful for your criticism
Feedback from Amy: fhew, its hard to give negative critism on the internet because it has no tone. You can mean something in a nice way but the receiver may read it and pick up an agressive tone. Or vice versa.

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